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The Paper Convention is finally here! After attending one of the first Paper Convention workshops at Finders Keepers last year I am super excited about their upcoming workshops happening around Sydney in June at The Paper Mill & Object Gallery. The Paper Convention collective is a group of innovative peeps & emerging artists dedicated to creative paper making. Those behind the love affair of all things paper include Lox & Savvy's Lisa Loxley, Melbourne paper group Trial and Error and Matthew Roland- his illustrated work is often displayed at The Sweets Workshop.

A lover of all things paper myself....and making things with paper I am looking forward to their upcoming workshops. I have already made my booking for the 'Zine makers talk' with my fave bloggers the wonderful Anney B. and Kit Palaskas (Candy Castle)- to me she is like a paper version of 'Willy Wonka' & all things colourful. With so much unique craft talent, no wonder she has been hired as the new craft online producer at Better Homes & Gardens magazine! 

Other talented 'paper giants' include Paperform wizard Benja Harney a maker of 3d paper installations seen on music posters, ads, magazines and books. Japanese Paper extraordinaire Yoshinobu Miyamoto will also be sharing his 3d paper skills during a talk and workshop. I think I am in paper heaven!

It seems that the world...including me is going crazy for all things paper, so it makes sense to have a magazine dedicated to just that! Enter the amazing Paper Runway magazine.Paper Runway magazine is edited by paper lovers Nikki Buckland and Maree Oaten. The first issue features; Jo Neville of Paper Couture, collage artist Nicola Starr, spotlight on independent artist and designer market Magnolia Square, paper products by Rob Ryan, Mae etc. How to make crepe paper flowers and confetti dipped goodie bags by Tokketok and Jayde Leader of Little Paper Lane talks mt fave paper product! I am all ready hanging out for the next issue!


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Big Meanie
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I was waiting and waiting for Paper Runway and now it's here! I must grab a copy it looks great. :)