Mathilda's Markets

Sunday, October 31, 2010 2 Comments A+ a-

Had a wonderful day at Paddignton Mathilda's Markets yesterday with my mum, meeting and chatting to it's amazing local designers & crafters.

The girls from Kids Style Files

You don't have to have kids (I don't) to visit Mathilda's Market.
There are lots of lovely things like; interior homewares, Mt Tape & fabrics for the crafter.

OMG! I went CRAZY at Melinda's Paperklip stationery store! With lovely homemade gift tags and tapes from Japan. Just love love loved her MT Tape garlands & masking tape sticker sets- she also had a selection of other Japan kawaii tapes. As you can see by my purchase I was in heaven. Eeeep! I can't wait to put my garland up! I had a nice long chat to Melinda too, it seems we have a lot in common. She also has a blog, which will be my new everyday click.

Corrie Sebire (Notebook magazine craft room) had a Retro Mummy kawaii Japanese fabric store, which I also went CRAZY at. So many wonderful, 'hard to find' fabrics to choose from. My mum & I got some of the bambi and polka dot fabric. Great price too for only $5!
Corrie must of been on her break when I visited, but had a delightful time chatting to Melissa. Also loved Badskirt Japanese fabric store.

One of the best parts of the day was meeting and chatting to my fave illustrator Nikki Catalano! I could honestly fill my home walls with all her amazing prints. I settled on getting another one of her cards "Girl with her Bunny Rabbit" I will be framing this!
It was so lovely to meet you Nikki!

Was sooo happy to see that The Paper Tie Affair were at Mathilda's as I love their paper garlands,framed paper butterfly creations and 3 dimensional Christmas decorations.

Red designs Origami paper plane mobiles & flower lamps.

Twice designs paper doll brooches

Sock monkeys from...Funky monkey

Chi Chi La La Designs plushie owl doorstops

Had a nice long chat to Alfalfa crafts designer Katherine, who makes these delicate, unique vintage fabric necklaces & retro fabric brooches. Katherine will also be at Sydney's December, Finders Keepers.

Also loved Little Snoring's plushie french poodles, Amelie's room cupcake & sushi train wooden puzzles and Rudy & the dodo's vintage wooden toys.

Kinokuniya Bake Fair!!

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Heading to the Kinokuniya bake fair tomorrow.
Can't wait to buy some yummy treats!

They are also having a 10% sale on all their cookbooks!

Some of my fave Japan Kawaii food cookbooks.
I own Okashi Treats & La Carmina's Cute yummy time.

Everyday Matters By Danny Gregory

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After Danny's wife Patti, suffered an accident leaving her wheelchair bound- Danny turned to his journal. Here he taught himself to draw and find the beauty and colour in all of life's simplicities. Everyday Matters is Danny Gregory's first memoir.

The kitchen cabinet, suddenly becomes more interesting.

New York booths- Love it! Danny finds the excellence in the 'somewhat' mundane.

I want all my travel journals to resemble this now!

There is always something to draw, even if you think there is nothing- look in front of you.
Love the plate and fork picture.

Look an Aussie $20 note! I love illustrated products.

I will be reviewing Danny Gregory's other amazing books; An illustrated life and Everyday Matters in future posts. They all fit in my 'top 10 books of all time'!!

Danny Gregory's work has influenced me so much, that I decided to take up my journaling again.I have journals way back from childhood, through High School to the end of University.
Here is one of my current pages from my 'illustrated' journal.

Mochimochi: Kawaii Knitting

Tuesday, October 26, 2010 2 Comments A+ a-

Anna Hrachovec's 'Mochimochi' Kawaii knitted creations are just so unique!

Momchimochi Land- see more at her blog

Anna has also released a book; Knitting Mochimochi, which contains 20 kawaii creature knitting patterns & tutorials & tips for knitting beginners. Now you can make your own 'Mochimochi land!


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Just a few things I'm lovin at the moment!

Beci Orpin's creative wall displays. This photo is courtesy of Made by white blog. Beci Orpin's wall at Melbourne's Finders Keepers. You can see Beci's awesome Christmas tree wall display in the latest issue of Frankie.
This Paris cut-out pieces, Eiffel Tower Melamine plate at Cradle Rock.

Annortha's Divian art, pencil and ink 'Kawaii Explosion' illustration.

The 'Hills' are alive book releases from reality favourites Lauren Conrad & Low Bosworth.

creative gift wrapping (sorry couldn't find image source for this pic)

Kozydan's amzing Japan panoramic art works. Love 'Nakano in Spring'.

Japan store campaign posters! Best designs!
This one was for Japan's Parco stores.

Sia! I have all her albums on high rotation. She is nominated for an Aria this year, so fingers crossed she wins! More awesome 'Sia' pictures here.

The Blythe doll 'Wizard of Oz' merchandise.
The blog PomPom Parlour and their Tokyo Cafes post series.

Spending lots of time creating my first zine which will be launched in November! More details coming soon!

So what are you all 'lovin' at the moment??