Bookshelf: Diary of an Edwardian Lady

Monday, August 30, 2010 2 Comments A+ a-

From a young tween to teen to young adult I have kept a diary/journal. Until 2002 I had recorded my everyday life filling over 20 journals. Now I only use this blog and a non-everyday journal to record thoughts, loves and ideas. The point that I am trying to make is that I have always had a huge interest in Journals and different forms of recording life, currently I have been getting into illustrated and watercolour journals.

Chatting to my nan about my current hobby she went to her bookshelf and came back with this treasure of a book! The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady by Edith Holden an naturalists illustrated/watercolour diary from 1906- to me it's like the 'Secret Garden' has been opened up, as Edith shares her poems, beautifully inked observations and watercoloured drawings of wildlife and flowers.

The Blurb

Glossy Love: Girlfriend (September)

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Loving the new September issue of Girlfriend magazine!! Its Katy Perry Kawaii, flower cover is beautifully fantastic and will be going on my study inspiration wall when done reading :)

This months issue is also guest edited by the wonderful Katy Perry and her Aussie buddy Ruby Rose. Must get my hands on some of the antique wrapping paper from Lark as seen on Girlfriends Quick Fix page.
Great to see that Entertainment Ed. Rob Moran scored an exclusive interview with Katy Perry!
Lisa Stern is all for flower power fashion, which is a style I have been rocking myself. Also loving the Fashion week photo spread on pg. 35
Lot's of different and quirky features this month like; how to be a good friend in 25 words or less pg.43, Keep, alter, Chuck (great title!) on how to do a wardrobe spring clean. Laughing at Carina Rossi's Your guide to the crappiest Phone apps pg.58 and Ruby Rose shares how she overcame bullying in the GF Gets real section.
Beauty Ed. Sarah Tarca has also informed me about my next must have beauty buy- the Body Shops Delipcious tinted lip balms!

Great issue of Girlfriend!

Retail Therapy: Officeworks Kawaii Buys

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Everyone has buying weaknesses with mine being; magazines, DVDs, anything Japan or Kawaii related, stationery and art supplies! As you can see below I couldn't stop myself from these Kawaii purchases at Officeworks today!
It's not proper Japan MT Tape...but close, plus it has Kawaii cats, clouds, ghosts and love hearts on them!

Goes with the tape! I will be using this as a scrapbook to write out my Japan trip :)

Could Sudoku beeeee anymore cuter?

Bits 'n' bobs stuff I'm loving

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I mentioned in my last post that I haven't posted in a while due to a bad flu, still a bit sick, but finally seeing the light at the end of the sick homebound tunnel. Thought I would share with you a few of my favourite and most wanted things of the moment on my cool love radar- let me know if you like them too :)

Going crazy over Katy Perry 'California Gurls' video clip! It's like a kawaii Willy Wonka land!
Can't wait to get my hands on her Teenage Dreams album that is released on the 27th. Apparently the cover is a scratch 'n' sniff! The pink clouds on the cover are meant to smell of cotton candy, however Perry says it smells more like a My Little Pony....that's OK with me! Speaking of all things smelly nice- Katy is also releasing a perfume too called Purr out in November. Being a huge fan of all things Japan and Hello Kitty, inspired the look of Purr which will come in a cat shaped bottle with jeweled eyes!! Squeal! I cant waits!
Check out some of these kawaii colourful screen shots from Perry's 'California Gurls' music clip I found on her official site.

Russell Brand & Katy Perry would have to be my fave celebrity couple. I wish them all the best for the future. As well as being a fan of Katy Perry, I think Russell Brand is hilarious! Reading his first memoir My Booky Wook, gave me insight into the man behind the comedy mask and all his life struggles- I just wanted to give him a hug after reading it. It's honestly the best autobiography that I have read and Brand really has a smart way with words. So obviously I'm looking forward to the release of his follow-up novel; My Booky Wook 2: This time it's personal out 30th September.
More on books, would like to eventually read Jessica Watson's True Spirit (Hachette Australia). I watched her documenatry on ONEHD and I still don't know how she did it! A true hero.
Fashion bunny Fifi Lapin also has a book coming out titled; What shall I wear today- you can pre-order a copy from her website. Also loving this childrens book A Bad case of Stripes by David Shannon.

A bit late on the uptake I know, but I can't stop listening to Sia! Got a copy of her latest album We are born as well as her past albums; Some people have real problems and Colour the small one. Sia's music is laid back and peacefully meldolic. Just love her crazy colour Crayola scribble covers too!

Getting into Sarah Blasko's As Day follows night album- how cute is her illustrated video clip for No Turning back!

I'm obsessed with the Target We Love Kids ad and song too- does anyone know who sings the song on this ad? I can't find it anywhere! The clip is crazy awesome too with its moving stop-motion quilts and patterns! 'We Love Kids' TV - We Love Kids - Target

Japan Glossy Love: MINNK Journal

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Hi all! Sorry I haven't posted for a week! I have been struck down with a terrible hasn't been good- I still have it :(
So just a quick post to say, I'm still here and to share with you some scans of another fave Japan magazine of mine; Minnk Journal. Like Krasco I love it's crafty layouts!!

Kawaii Gift wrapping

Also found this other online Japan fashion mag; Made In Girl

Glossy Love: Krasco

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A current obsession of mine is looking at the Felissimo's Japan online magazines. My faves include Krasco, Minnk Journal, Syrup, Coutuier and Ecolor. I was lucky enough to pick up a hardcopy of Krasco from Kinokuniya. Krasco magazine includes Japan interior, Zakka (homeware) goods, fashion, Stationary and paper making ideas. Which pretty much makes this the Japan homeware shopping bible. As much as I love everything that is in it , also going crazy over its simplistic, yet Kawaii crafty layouts and typography.

As you could see by my below post- Krasco is where I became inspired to Kawaii decor my own study. I thought I would share with you some more scans from may fave Japan interior magazine.

Loving the MT Tape inspired contents page

Maybe I should Kawaii my kitchen like this next!!
At home bento plates

These are Japan's Rice Onigiri sandwich I want!
These bento makers remind me of the Mickey Mouse pancakes I had at Tokyo Disneyland

This really puts the fun into a simple Jam on toast!

Loving this Alice in Wonderland inspired spread!

Alice cookie making!

These lunch bag holders remind me of the 'Lunch Pail' trees in the movie Return to Oz!

Again I am in typography heaven!

Kids decor, looks like a room you would find in a Paumes book

Must haves for my zine and scrapbook making kits!

Good for the Japan scrapbook

Some more great decor ideas! Charms in shot glasses with water and dye...I will have to try this!

The Japanese are never without their face masks. They wear these everywhere to stop the spread of colds and flu's...and to avoid them. Wish Australia did this! Should of bought a box back! You can buy them in all the 100 Yen and combi's like Lawsons, which are all over Japan.