Pop and things...

Saturday, November 26, 2011 11 Comments A+ a-

Here are a few things I'm loving rights now...

                                Going dotty over Jennifer Loiselle's big beaded jewellery.

Mark's Stationery Mook

Tuesday, November 22, 2011 9 Comments A+ a-

I love Japanese stationery brand Mark's, so you can imagine my delight when I saw they had a stationery mook! Its full of yummy and kawaii stationery goodies like; biscuit and polka dot notepads, Paris inspired stamp range, ice-cream and donut puzzles, a tour of Japan's top stationery stores, Christmas mt wrapping projects and how about those cool Mickey and Minnie mouse scissors? The mook also comes with four sweet polka dot clips! I always enjoy gazing at their beautifully styled product layouts.

Mail Wall

Saturday, November 19, 2011 5 Comments A+ a-

Some wonderful things have arrived in the post this year!
Every time I get something special I like to add it to my 'mail wall'. Since I rent I use pretty mt tapes to stick my mail packaging, business cards, letters, and souvenirs on with as it doesn't leave a mark. Below is a little package I received from Margaret, a cute bunting stamp, stickers and mini paper bags from her Paper Pastries store.

Zines, Zines, Zines!

Sunday, November 13, 2011 9 Comments A+ a-

Wonderful zines that I have received in the mail over the past couple of months.

Happy Things: Nenz

Saturday, November 12, 2011 3 Comments A+ a-

I got the wonderful opportunity this week to be interviewed
 on the pretty and all things happy Dutch blog - Nenz!
Nancy's Nenz blog is dedicated to posting about things that make her happy, so I was touched when she asked me to do an interview for her uplifting and colourful blog. I also designed a little 'Happy Things layout' to go along with the interview. You can read it here- so cool it's in Dutch! For those who don't speak Dutch I have translated it below.

Injecting a bit of colour

Saturday, November 05, 2011 6 Comments A+ a-

It's been a busy, but great week in my new job so I thought I would celebrate with some retail therapy in one of my fave Aussie fashion stores - Sportsgirl. Like me, it seems they are crazy about all things in neons, polka dots and crafts at the moment.
Every visit I head straight to their special gift tables covered in unique and quirky goodies.
I picked up this sweet DIY friendship bracelet kit as well as a drink bottle designed by Beci Orpin!!
I can always rely on Sportsgirl to inject a bit of colour and cool into my life!

Magazines in REAL time

Tuesday, November 01, 2011 19 Comments A+ a-

Today I want to share with you something a bit more personal. For the past three years (or more!) I have been working towards getting a job in my dream industry - magazines. Well the other day I achieved such dream and am now a full time PAID worker at an amazing Aussie women's magazine working with the loveliest team!!!

I must admit the journey has not been easy. To get here I had to do many unpaid jobs, attend lots and lots of job interviews, take risks and fail and at the same time, try to remain strong in my belief that I could do it even after getting bucket loads of rejection.

In the end I think it was my persistence, willingness to work hard for nothing, dedication, positive outlook (even after the knock backs) and my passion for magazines that really got me through....oh and luck!

Magazines is a hard industry to crack into, but if you work hard enough and have a deep love for it - you can get there.....eventually!

I think I am proof of that. I started out with no contacts whatsoever. I began by doing volunteer work at an online magazine for free, building up my published portfolio pitching to online and print magazines, networking through social media, doing lots of work experience and an internship, remaining current in the media (starting my blog), using all work experience and job interviews as a spring board soaking up every bit of opportunity I could get out of them and finding some great mentors. Phew! I think I could write a book about it!

I hope that all of you don't give up on your dream jobs and remember to believe in yourselves and know that you are worthy and if you have the passion to live doing something you love....Go get it!!