Japan Packaging

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As well as loving and being inspired by Japan magazine & book page layouts- Japan food, drink & product packaging has their very own level of cool. Packs are covered in bright colours, kawaii characters & a mixture of Japan Hiragana and Kanji.
I can normally be found at my local city Asian supermarkets running down the aisles snapping photo's saying "kawaii" with some 'oooo's and aghs'.
Their designs always get me so inspired that I just had to illustrate two of my favourites from my....Japan packaging collection (see above).
Caramel corn, noodles & biscuits never looked so good!

It's all about Typography placement & patterns

Japan packaging can even inspire shop interior design & coin banks, as seen at Tokyo store Kevin Millcu.

If your creative and love to recycle, why not build a 'package' version of Renilde scrap city from At Swim Two Birds blog!
Cleaning is more fun, now that I have my kitty sponge!

Happy Aussie Day!!

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Happy Australia Day everyone!
While we celebrate what it means to be an Aussie today, I am also celebrating my 27th Birthday - it's like one big party!

As Australia gets older....so do I!

Make: MT Tape CD Holder

Wednesday, January 19, 2011 6 Comments A+ a-

Exciting news! I have made my first 'My Life As A Magazine' craft video!
I have been busy working on some Japan craft inspired projects, so I thought I might share with you via video a sneak peek of some of my work....finally I can use some of my film degree skills.

This will be first of many more creative videos to come!

Using Japanese Mt tape, colourful paper, a doilie, alphabet stencils and some stamps I have created a...
MT Tape CD Holder!

I got crafty while listening to Japan band Lullatone album 'Little Songs about Raindrops' - 'Wake up wake up' is featured in the video.

MT Tape Printer!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011 2 Comments A+ a-

I found out via my fave Japan blog Polkaros that MT Tape have collaborated with Tepra Pro (King Jim) to produce a MT Tape printer! Eeeep! Using special MT Tape cartridges, you can create labels for journals and creative gift wrapping etc. Text includes Japanese Hiragana, Kanji and Romonji. For those not in Japan you might be able to purchase this from amazon jp (I know they ship books, not sure about other products though...)

Lucky my birthday is coming up on January 26th! (yes Australia day!)

Blog Love: Polkaros

Wednesday, January 12, 2011 6 Comments A+ a-

Polkaros is a wonderful little blog I discovered created by a lifestyle/product designer based in Tokyo, Japan.
Below are some pictures of her work and photographic travels in Japan from her wonderful blog.

1. A rainbow bridge in Odabia, Tokyo
2.Silkscreen Glee Peeps T-shirt-Kun  
3. Polkaros 'Happy New Year' bunny design
7. Glee Peeps Pouffes
8.Glee Peeps plushie dolls
11 & 12. Ttable Office pop-up shop in Kichijoji

Harajuku Crepes in SYDNEY!!

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I screamed with joy when I saw the cover of Sydney's Free monthly Chinese magazine Waiwai, which was informing me that a Mother's Crepe store ( ones found all over Tokyo, Japan) has opened up in my home city Sydney in World Square shopping centre! Eeeep!

Some photo's of Ikebukuro & Harajuku, Tokyo Mother's Crepe stores I went to when I was in Japan. Love the strawberry-choc brownie & banana toffee crepes the best! Yum!

SHOP Til You Drop Feat: New Zine scene

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click for larger image

Flicking through the latest issue (Feb 2011) of SHOP Til you drop magazine I let out a huge sequel when I came to Jade Warne's feature on 'The New Zine Scene'!
Being a zine lover...and maker myself I was thrilled to see zines featured in one of my fave Aussie glossy magazines along with mini interviews of my fave zines (My Tokyo: Fashion & Design shopping Guide, Bespoke, Spoonful, Mixtape etc.) & shops Lark, Leeloo and zine distro's Sticky Institute, Bird in the hand (where I also stock my zine- 'My Life In Biscuits').

SHOP is one of my fave publications because it is not afraid to step outside the 'mainstream' box by featuring underground trends and creatives.


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I thought I would share with you all some of my...somewhat sale purchases. Not a fan of big angry sale crowds I waited till the storm had cleared before I ventured out to the shops again.
Once again my patience paid of & I got a few good deals on the things I love most; Japanese books, magazines, Zakka, stationary & art supplies!

So ecstatic to get some sales on back issues of Spoon & Zipper magazines from Kinokuniya! Also picked up an illustrated guide on Tokyo subways, Paumes interior book & a self-made stationary guide- Japan thinks of the most unique creative, crafty things.
Other favourite stores visited included; Typo, Borders, Dymocks, Ikea, Morning Glory & Sydney Japan Yen stores.

Happy 2011!

Monday, January 03, 2011 3 Comments A+ a-

Happy 2011! Would love to thank all you lovelies for reading and commenting on my blog this year. It has been a great creative year and I have enjoyed chatting to you all.
My Life as a Magazine has been a place to write about all the things I love & has given me the opportunity to connect with like-minded, inspiring people- special shout outs to; Cookie Cutter, Dawn Tan, Lisa Loxley, L-BrewingMind, Kit-Candy Castle, Pom Pom Parlour, Yumi, Nikki Catalano, Melinda, AnneyB, Thea, Hiki, LaCarmina & Pet Sugar.

A bit upset at 26, I still have not achieved one of my main goals (a job in magazines)- I'm going to think instead about all the little, but kinda great achievements that I did make this year like; starting 'My Life As A Magazine' blog, got married to the man of my dreams, moved into my first place, attended lots of creative workshops & met some inspiring people, self-published (illustrated/wrote/designed) 'My Life In Biscuits' and most importantly....
I didn't give up on trying to obtain my dream job...no matter how hard, frustrating the process has been....hoping this might be the year!

I look forward to another great year hearing & chatting to you all xo
Now for my hopefully obtainable 'New years resolutions'!