Make: Kawaii Tokyo Cut & Paste Bag!

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After reading observing countless amounts of Japanese magazines & craft books I just had to channel my inspiration into a little creative project on the weekend- A Kawaii Tokyo Cut & Paste Bag!

I basically just pulled out my box containing all sorts of scrap bits of paper, j-mag cut-outs....and lots of Mt tape!
I also used stickers created from scans from when I made some confetti bows, doilies and some pink heart bubble wrap that came with one of my UGUisU purchases.
I enjoy playing around with Mt tape, arranging them in different angles alongside each other or using triangle whole punches- I also created a Mt tape bow using two triangles.

Rather then just use the confetti I started to use the remaining bits of paper with the punched out wholes, this has been interesting to play with...I'm working on making a city out of them alone :)

Japan are really big on recycling and with their amazing Japan packaging it's no wonder they like to make stationary and gift tags using used Japan packaging. I just bought a book on it from amazon Japan that I will review in a upcoming post. Below you can see I made a gift tag from a Japan smarties box!

Hope you like and enjoy a video of my latest craft project!

My Tokyo Cafe blackboard menu

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Another thing I love about Japan cafes are their chalk blackboard menus. Something so simple becomes that much more interesting and kawaii (cute). If they are not illustrated with chalk they have paper picture cut-outs alongside chalked hiragana & Kanji text or the usual...plastic food.

Inspired by the look and design of these Tokyo cafe menus, I decided to create my very own 'cafe menu' using chalk and black cardboard! On my menu so far; macarons, omu-rice (egg omelette filled with rice, topped tomato sauce with side of lettuce ), Strawberry shortcake sponge, Club sandwich...with chips and a coffee with a cat chocolate sprinkle face.

Feeling a bit hungry now...

Gift Wrapping the 'new' craft

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You probably already know from some of my past posts that I just love creative gift wrapping. The beauty about gift wrapping is- anything goes! I have a little box that is filled with scrap paper bits, magazine cut-outs, recycled cards and B'day paper, envelopes, Mt tape, coloured papers, stamps etc. that I use for my gift wrap making. Gift wrapping has always been popular in Japan, but now we are seeing it's popularity expanding internationally- gift wrapping is the 'new'craft!

Above is one of my gift wraps that I did using the back of excess Christmas wrap, decorated with Mt tapes, words written in Japanese hiragana. Below are a few more creations....and inspirations.

1. My nephews first b'day present I made using different coloured bits of paper, letter/number in Mt tape, flower ball made out of recycled orange T2 store tissue paper.
2. A little present I sent to Thea (Spoonful zine maker) shows that stamps and Mt tape can be a good gift wrap decorator!
3. Lucky dips inspired wrapping from 'no such things' blog
4, 5. One of my fave blogs 'cakies' did a 'wrap it up' post series that included some great gift wrapping ideas using mt tape,maps, ticket stubs, lace etc.
6. Brown paper & mt tape bunting via Babalisme
7. Pretty in pink crochet granny square gift toppers featured in NEET magazine made by Danielle Thompson.
8. Milk wrapped in illustrated plastic wrap...sorry lost link :(
9 doily, lace and mt wrap via Oh Hello Friend

Official Mt Masking Tape Book

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This official Mt masking tape book (Bijutsu Shuppan)looks at the history, production, catalogue and interior/decoration ideas of Mt masking tape produced by Japan company  Kamoi Kakoshi Co. Ltd.
The Mt masking tape book is comes wrapped in a pink polka dot 'Mt wrap' sleeve and comes with 7 Mt decal sticker seals and 2 limited edition Mt tapes that have four patterns in one! This is a great book for any Mt tape lover and obsessive to have in their book....and Mt tape collection.

While Mt tape was created in 1923, it wasn't until 2006 when an email written by three Tokyo women, asking to tour the Mt tape Kamoi factory. These three women had created a book filled with different coloured Mt tapes- intrigued with interest and requests for more mt tapes in different colours & patterns, Kamoi started a 'new collection' aimed at design creatives rather then just for industrial needs. Thus Mt tape was born, now popular in Japan and all over the world!

1. Special edition Mt tapes that come with the book!
2. Kamoi Kakoshi factory in Kurashiki City, Okayama prefecture, Japan.
5. Mt tape packaging, you know you have a official Mt tape product when the words Kamoi are written in white on the inner side of the tape.
6. A Mt tape birthday
7. Mt tape catalogue
8. Mt wrap- my next purchase!
9. Mt decal stickers that come with the book
10. Mt tape becomes a great bike decoration
11,12,13. Mt ex exhibition at the LIFT gallery, Waseda, Tokyo 2009. I am amazed at the Mt tape interior!!!

frankie bits....March/April 2011

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Just a quick post to share with you some of my fave 'frankie bits'....pages from the latest issue!

1. Pip Lincolne's (Meet me at Mikes) Paper wall quilt- This is the most unique craft idea I have ever seen!
2.Dawn Tan's Milk carton illustrations
3. I've been to 'The Sweets Workshop' in Summer hill, so it was wonderful to see them featured in the latest issue. A great shop to buy zines, handmade prints & stationary.
4. One of my fave blogs 'Fine Little Day' features in frankies 'Homebodies' section.
5.Letter from Mrs Columbos fashion pages features Kloset's new manga inspired collection.
6.Claire Nereim's nature designs.

Happy Valentines!

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Happy Valentines everyone! Looking at the pictures from 8Tokyo blog post about 'handmade Valentines Day' in Japan, I wish I was celebrating it over there, with my hubby! So many kawaii packaging and unique chocolate creations!

Giri Choko (Valentines Day) in Japan is a bit different to other countries. On February 14 the girls must give to the boys, then on the 14th of March (White Day) boys return the favour giving girls their V'day chocolate treats.

Loving this little Valentines video made by homeware/craft store LOFT. Also playing it over and over again just to hear the adorable V'day tune by Bjorn & 14NZ.

One of my fave Japan novelty/homeware store is Plaza. Their kawaii ANS & Sweet Deco online mags are a must click!

Decorate the house with these colourful heart paper garlands from Upon a Fold.

Make: Tokyo Collage MT Tape Coaster

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Using a old drink coaster, Japan washi Mt tape, confetti and pictures from my fave Japan magazines; Zipper & minnk Journal- I have created a 'Tokyo scrapbook collage coaster'.

After receiving lots of lovely comments from my other Mt tape craft video, I wanted to make another for all of you to enjoy!

Music is by Lullatone 'Tiny Orchestra in the sky' from album 'Melody Design Libary'.

Moomin Bakery & Cafe Tokyo

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Along with Hattifnatt & Kate Coffee, I am making the Moomin Bakery cafe one of my next must visits when I head to Japan again.
You may remember 'The Moomins' as a series of troll & hippopotamus like characters from Swedish-Finn comics/books illustrated & written by Tove Jansson.
Main characters included; Moominpappa, Moominmamma, Moomintroll, sniff, Snork maiden, Snufkin, Little My & Hemulen- they lived in Moominvalley.

It's no surprise that these white kawaii characters have become big in Japan after being turned into an anime played on Fuji TV. Many Moomin goods & toys are also available from mega Japan toy stores like Kiddyland.

Japan are always creating characters out of food & drinks

Picture from J-mag Cutie

Moomin Bakery & cafe
Tokyo Dome City LaQua,
1-1-1 Kasuga
Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo

Design Love: Ana Serrano

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After falling in love with Mexican American born designer Ana Serrano's building installation Cartonlandia that features on the cover of contemporary art/design book Juxtapoz Handmade- I just had to share with you some of her other amazing works.

Ana's buildings are created using; milk cartons, paper, cardboard, drawing and collage of other materials. Ana's interests in customs, beliefs, architecture and fashion, combined with references to low socialeconmic positions are an ongoing theme in her work.

Below are some buildings from her collection.

Kawaii creative!

Caritas characters, also available on iPhone covers!

It's not hard to see why Ana Serrano's work is often featured in all the latest design/art magazines like; Juxtapoze,Lantino Grafico , IDN magazine, Illustration Play 2 and Lamano magazine ..just to name a few.