Paper Convention Collective Launch!

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I attended some of the Paper Convention Collective workshops at Sydney Finders Keepers this weekend. Workshops were held by Paper collective members Lox+ Savvy (Lisa), Dear Plastic (Yumi & Taka). Melbourne creative paper makers Trial & Error where also there to say hello and wow us with their AMAZING paper city display!

Trial & Error's Paper City installation introduced The Paper Convention Collective with a big wow...or Ahh!

Had a nice chat...about paper to the Melbourne Trial & Error peeps who were lovely! Nice to meet you guys! They were making and giving customers origami paper folded heart and tribal Lox+ savvy inspired headbands...all made out of paper!

Say...paper! Click!

Stationary paper goodies on the Lox+ Savvy table

Dear Plastic Milk carton paper making kits

Yumi's (Dear Plastic) handmade watercolour gift tags & zines at Finders Keepers

Paper workshops included; Flower Paper bomb making (Lox+Savvy, Dear Plastic), Milk carton paper making (Dear Plastic) and a creative gift wrap workshop!

Yumi's colourful paper flower bomb mobiles were hanged from the roof of the workshop area

Lisa (Lox+Savvy) & Yumi (Dear Plastic) showing us how to make paper flower bombs

The table was a colourful explosion of tissue paper!

Yumi showing us how to make the flower mobile

My paper flower bomb creation on the day. I decided to attach the cut-out excess paper bits to dangle down the back of mine!

Paper colourful....wonderful!

Dear Plastic never wastes any bits of paper- as you can see Yumi has made a colourful paper bunting using the leftover paper scraps from her flower bomb mobile making.

Milk carton paper making workshop area


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hello hello! what a fantastic post! thank you so much, we had such a wonderful time creating & being inspired by PAPER, we hope you did too!

// the paper convention collective xx