How to get Justin Bieber 'Fever' hair!

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You will need:
1 x flat circle brush
1 x picture of ice-cream mascot 'Mr Whippy'

1. Take a look at your 'Mr Whippy' picture for inspiration
2. With the flat circle brush, starting at the end of hair (Back of neck), brush around hair and head in a continuous 360 degrees motion. Continue this until you reach the top of the head.

You now should have 'Justin Bieber' *cough* 'fever' hair!

"With the right equipment and inspiration you will have the 'fever' hair"

Meet Carrie before Sex & the City

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The Carrie Diaries by Candace Bushnell (Harper Collins) is out now! This is Carrie Bradshaw's coming-of age-story before, Sex & the City. The first book in the soon to be 'Carrie Diaries' series starts with small-town girl Carries' journey through senior year at high school. We will find out about one of her first loves, Sebastian Kydd and how a regular girl learns to think for herself, later evolving into a sharp insightful writer. It's through these experience's that help shape the character Carrie Bradshaw into the woman she is today.

The Sex & the City Author, Candace Bushnell tells Seventeen magazine that the reason she wrote 'The Carrie Diaries' was to teach teen girls how important it is to remain true to yourself, your dreams and keep the right balance in your daily life, no matter how small you feel in the world.

Kirsten Dunst is 'Turning Japanese!'

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Kirsten Dunst has been spotted on the streets of 'Electric town' in Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan. She is starring in the pop-artist director-extraordinaire, Takashi Murakami's new project, a music video titled 'Akihabara Majokko Princess' which features Kirsten Dunst as the famous animation Princess. In the clip Kirsten is seen dancing and singing a redux of the popular 80's song by The Vapors, 'Turning Japanese'. Murakami co-directed the clip with pop-promo Hollywood director McG, who is known for his cartoon-visual style as seen in the movie 'Charlie's Angels'. Dunst can be seen rocking a blue wig, a white pink and yellow midriff sailor shirt, pink tutu, Knee high blue/white checkered leggings and sparkly pink high heels whilst holding a fairy wand!

Living Oprah by Robyn Okrant (Harper Collins)

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I am probably one of the only women to say this, but, I never have been part of the ‘Oprah’ hype. Unlike most women, I don’t read her magazine or watch her show religiously. I think it’s great that she does so many wonderful things for people and appears to be a great role model….however I guess I feel she is on another planet altogether (Celebrity rich planet) so I’m unable to relate.

Being somewhat still intrigued by the multibillion-dollar business woman and chat show host I decided to read Robyn Okrant’s ‘Living Oprah’ a blog memoir of her ‘one-year experiment to walk the walk of the Queen of talk’…to get some more understanding of ‘O’ herself, through the eyes of a regular woman.

The Chicago blogger’s mission was to eat, exercise, shop and do anything the chat show ‘Queen’ requests, dictates to her audience while following Oprah’s mantra; ‘to live your best life’.

I believe Oprah to be the single most influential person in the media today – especially when it comes to impacting women. And many of the women in my life were judging themselves against the high bar Winfrey sets for her audience. I’ve always been skeptical whether it’s truly possible to find happiness when attempting to live up to someone else’s ideal, and yet, I realized that I too would look to television, magazine racks, and the Internet to “fix” myself emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Because Oprah, in my opinion, is at the epicenter of the self-help and personal growth movement in the media, I thought I’d put her advice to the test -- to see if following every suggestion, every “must,” every “gotta,” would actually lead me to my “best life.”
                                              -Robyn Okrant

By watching every episode of the Oprah Show, following and reading and O magazine, she discovers the true meaning of ‘Living Oprah’. There were movies to see, books to read, self-help quizzes to complete and recipes to follow, to help gain the ‘best life’. However at times Okrant finds it hard living up to some of Oprahs’ ideals as well as some contradictions in advice. One day Oprah is saying to eat only healthy food, the next she telling viewers to eat ice-cream, showing that the ‘Queen’ doesn’t always practice what she preaches. 

While Robyn did benefit from some tasks her somewhat ‘light-hearted’ project began to take over her life in unexpected and not entirely welcoming ways…..the bedroom and politics. Okrant also found herself spending huge amounts of money (that the Chicago yoga teacher didn’t have!) on items such as; clothes, cosmetics, garden tools, furniture or anything that Oprah deemed essential to ones ‘best life’.

In the end Okrant does learn to live a more fulfilling a better life through Oprah’s methods, but urges us not to feel we have to abide to all of Oprah’s rules and regulations.

Instead Oprah is here as a guide us…..kind of like a fairy godmother.
If you are looking for an intriguing read or wondering if Robyn Okrant got to meet Oprah in person, pick up a copy of ‘Living Oprah’.

Inspired by Robyn Okrants ‘Living Oprah’ I decide to list all the things I currently do or have done that Oprah encourages us to see do!

- Give yourself time outs/ read a book or magazine: I can't go a day without reading a good book or reading....and buying a glossy magazine.
- Reinvigorate your appearance with advice on looking younger: OK. not what Oprah asks but I did this in reverse. Sick of people mistaking me for a sixteen yr old, instead of 26 (my age). I cut my hair short, which makes me look older.
-Use reusable bags at grocery store, no more plastic: Saving the world here!
-Put stuff on walls that make art: Did this with my motivation heart, made with photo's (see left side of blog).
-See movies Juno, Horton hears a Who, Across the universe, Sex & the city: Done
- Read and buy Peter Walsh's book 'it's all too much': Done, ironically though it's now hoarded on my study bookshelf....does this count??
- Purchase new make-up: Did this as was getting married.
-10 things every woman needs in her closet: The items I already have include; trench coat, white T-neck, leopard print flats, dark-wash jeans, black skirt, oversized bag...key pieces of course!
- Think about how much you consume, don't be wasteful: This is any 'Queens of cheap' everyday motto. My family raised me right! It's not about being cheap, but being smart.
-De-clutter: Coming from a family of hoarders...sorry fam! I did this when I moved out!
- Make your own vision board: See my inspiration board left blog column.
-Find out how to get paid doing what you love: Still really working on this...magazines is a hard business to crack into. Will not give up on my matter how many years and volunteer work it's already taken me. Maybe this motto should be changed to; "It's not about how much a job pays, but how much you love it, that it doesn't feel like a job"...still would be nice to get paid some money to get by!
- Do what you love and money will come: Where's my money Oprah!!! because the first part of this motto seems to already have been covered!

Channeling Degrassi 'Stephanie Kaye'

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Degrassi's Stephanie Kaye was my favourite character of the 90's teen drama. Like most teen girls of the early 90's I wanted to be and dress like her, in Degrassi language she was 'so cool and totally dynamic'! The Degrassi junior high series begins with Stephanie being the shy, plain and quite girl with a crush on the super sweet blonde curly-haired nerd 'Wheels'. When Stephanie begins campaigning for president she undergoes transformation. In a average Degrassi episode, we would see Stephanie arrive at school in baggy plaid shirts then shortly after, entering the Degrassi 'washroom' to change into something more over-sexed ...colourful and 80's inspired.

Stephanie's look was all about teased locks, blue eye shadow, pink lipstick, off-the shoulder or boob tube tops, faded denim jeans, colourful leggings, pink hooped earrings, big bangles, long beaded necklaces and the must have 'Stephanie Kaye' item; blue white polka dot shoulder bag! Stephanie Kaye was the 'girly' version of Grease's Sandy!

Many hours in my local shopping centre in the 90's was spent looking for a blue, white polka dot bag like Stephanie Kayes but I have had no luck until now!

 Stephanie Kaye Retail Therapy

  • Degrassi DVDs: Degrassi Junior and high series are available now on DVD as well as 'The Kids of Degrassi street' and 'Schools out' special movie episode. Check out the first season of 'Degrassi Junior high' to get some 'Stephanie' fashion inspiration.

  • Degrassi Novels: A series of Degrassi novels were released back in the early 90's based on Degrassi episodes and characters. I looked in my local second hand book stores, markets and garage sales to get copies of the 'Stephanie Kaye' and 'Exit stage left' editions.

  • The official history of Degrassi Generations: Includes character and creator bio's, episode guide, Degrassi issues explored in episodes, Degrassi location guide, where are they now? and a look at all the Degrassi generations over the years.

  • Sassy magazine: I bet Stephanie would have read Sassy magazine. Some episodes do refer to her reading Miss Teen magazine though. It is not easy getting hold of copies of Sassy magazine, some are available on EBay but cost a few hundred dollars. Anyone want to donate some copies??

  • Notebook: Big fan of the black/white dot American style notebook. Stephanie would have used hers to write about how much she loved 'Wheels'!

  • Flower hair pin: a Diva cram flower, black polka dot hair pin would look great in a Stephanie Kaye teased hairdo!

  • Mac lipstick in Viva Glam Cyndi Lauper: To get a bold pink lip!

  • 'The' Blue/white polka dot bag: The closest I got to a replica of the Stephanie Kaye bag was the Cath Kidston 'Spot saddle satchel' and 'spot oilcloth book bag'. 

  • Marc Jacobs limited edition 'Daisy Garland' perfume: Delicious flower scent. If I had to choose another scent it would of been my 'first' ever perfume by Australis...can't quite remember the name though.

  • Cyndi Lauper 'She's so Unusual' album: Hello! 'Girls just wanna have fun'!

  • Big statement rings and colourful bangles: Love these Juicy Couture belt-style bangles. It's like a modern version of the 80's bangles and belts combined!

  • Colourful and patterned leggings: Every chain-store sell these now.

  • Ankle combat boots: from Sportsgirl.

  • Love heart glasses: Dotti sells these!

Wake up in the morning, feeling shy and lonely,
gee I gotta go to school,
I don't think I can make it, don't think I can take it,
I wonder what I'm gonna do.
But when I look around and see,
that someone is smiling at me,
wait, that someone's talkin' to me, hey, I got a new friend,
Everybody can succeed, all you need it to believe,
let's be honest with yourself, forget your fears and doubts,
come on give us a try a Degrassi Junior High!

Hilary Duff is the 'Beauty with the Briefcase'

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Hilary Duff stars in the straight to American TV release of 'Beauty & the Briefcase'. Duff plays the intrepid, ostentatious Lane Daniels, a fashion journalist hoping to score a job at Cosmopolitan magazine and find her 'magic man' (true love) all at the same time!
Lucky for Lane her photographer best friend scores her a 'pitch interview' at Cosmo! (see getting into publishing is all about 'who you know').

After meeting the Cosmo editor (Jamie Pressly)....and winning her over (everything appears easier in movies.tsk), Lane is given the assignment of 'switching careers to find love'. Leaving Lane to go undercover at a place filled with the most men in investment business company.

With her 'magic man' checklist in hand, Lane flirts and dates her way through the office in hopes of finding her perfect man.

You will love this film if you like the 'magazine movies'; Devil wears Prada and 'How to loose a guy in 10 days'. As usual Hilary Duffs wardrobe is to die for!

Bridal Retail Therapy

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The Fairytale Bride
I walked down the aisle only a few short weeks ago! Here are a few of my Bridal essentials for the big day that helped to give me that natural, fairytale Bridal look!

  • Emma Ost: Walked down the aisle to Rachel Portman's touching movie score 'The Proposal'

  • Father of the Bride (DVD): A must watch the night before the big day. Steve Martin in this film really reminds me of my dad!

  • Taylor swift: Inspired by Taylor Swifts natural curled bun and make-up

  • Hilary Duff- With Love Eau De Perfume Spray: Bridal scent for the day, love its sandalwood tones!

  • Cotton on Body Blue Knickers: My something blue!

  • Disney Couture: Wore the 'Cinderella'- a dream is a wish your heart makes bracelet

  • Natural Make-up look: Prestige Minerals powder foundation, Prestige eye shadow in champagne, Beauty style eyeshadow in lemon chiffon, Napoleon Perdis auto pilot pre-foundation primer, Maybelline Great lash waterproof mascara, Maybelline 105 superstay gloss, Covergirl instant cheekbones blush, Lucas paw paw ointment, O.P.I in Mr & Mrs with make-up applied using Eco tools bamboo 6 piece brush set!

Alexa Chung bob here I come!

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While everyone is trying to grow their tresses long, before this coming Aussie winter- I had other plans. Courtesy of SHOP til you drop magazine's picture of Alexa Chungs funky girl next door bob I became inspired to head to my nearest hairdressers for the big cut!

It seems I am not the only one inspired by this new Brit style icon as this weeks Famous magazine includes a special Style issue in the weekly gossip mag! Loving the Russh/Cream stylised cover as well as a feature on Alexa Chung herself plus; star inspired fashion spreads, trend report, 'Style essentials' and 'The A-Z of style'. Keep this up Famous! Well worth it's $3.50 this week!

Blossom is back!!

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 Mayim Bialik who played Blossom in the 90s teen comedy-drama of the same name is back on our TV screens! Not only is Blossom seasons 1-2 available to buy now on DVD, but the star of Blossom herself has made a small screen comeback! She can be seen in American teen drama The Secret Life of the American Teenager as a highschool guidance counselor and has also been spotted on the set of The Big Bang Theory playing OCD-nerd Sheldon Cooper's potential girlfriend! (Can't wait for that one!)

Who can forget the lovable Blossom! Blossom explored all of our teen worries in the 90's. The series began with her mother abandoning her family, leaving Blossom to look for guidance from others like her fast-talking best friend Six (Jenna Von Oy) and every girl of the 90's dream heartthrob Joey Russo (Joseph Lawrence) a dim-witted baseball player who often uttered the catchphrase "Whoa"!

While cringe-worthy now, I loved the fashion: big rimmed hats with giant yellow flowers in the middle, coloured and patterned leggings & stockings, overall jeans, floral dresses, stripy vests and big earrings! Blossom was the classy version of Punky Brewster!

Mad for Alice in Wonderland!

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Since the release of Tim Burton's 3d Alice in Wonderland it seems that everyone has gone 'Alice' mad! Magazine spreads, fashion, designers have each spread a little bit of wonderland around the place...

April Harper's Bazaar featured Tim Burton's Alice; Mia Wasikowska on their cover followed by an interview with the upcoming Aussie star. Another Australian actress; Teresa Palmer also featured in the 'fairytale' inspired fashion spread as an 'Alice bunny'.

 Donna Hay magazine puts the yum in wonderland....

On the food note check out these delectable cupcakes available from Hello Naomi 
  Jay Jays & O.P.I have used Alice in Wonderland has there theme for some of their new ranges.


Opening this year’s L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival were some incredible designs inspired by fairytale icons. Collette Dinnigan’s Alice in Wonderland creation opened the festival with a crystal-encrusted corset and blue tulle tutu crowned in a large pair of white bunny ears. Other designs on show included tan silk draped Cinderella from Willow; Sass & Bide’s sexed-up Minnie Mouse and a black and blue highly-structured Snow White creation from Dion Lee.  

Jewellery designer Tom Binns; has designed the latest Disney couture range which includes; bangles, rings and necklaces. Following suit is Stella McCartney; as seen in her latest Bambi inspired jewellery campaign.

If you head over to the Official Disney Pictures Alice in Wonderland site here you can find how to sheets and make your own Alice in wonderland merchandise like; Cheshire cat cupcakes, door hangers, Charm bracelets and lockets.