Magnolia Square

Saturday, November 13, 2010 0 Comments A+ a-

There was so many wonderful things at Magnolia Square yesterday, that I would like to share with you. Everything at Magnolia Square is unique & handmade from up-coming & established creatives and designers. If you love stationery, unique interior homewares, fashion - this is the place!

I have been collecting 'Lala land' cards for some time now, so it was wonderful to see all their whimsical, storybook character creations all under one roof. At Magnolia they were selling most of their card collection, calendars, postcards, unique colouring books, french inspired diaries and bags. I bought these Japanese inspired postcards below.

Cards by Otoshimono

Crochet bunting!! by Kids with crayons
I love Mae's woodland creature & tea time wall decals. I have seen a lot of her creations in Shop til you drop kids.

'Have you met Miss Jones' sells beautiful white ceramic homeware pieces. Love these shoes!

I finally found some striped twine at the Paper Couture store! This is so hard to find- I got a whole roll for $10!! Eeep! I love their cute paper buntings as well.

I got to see Melinda's MT Tape goodness 'Paperklip' store again! This time she was selling her new Christmas range- MT Tape 'Merry Christmas' buntings!

Loved 'Tres Divin's French inspired stationery. So many pretty stamps, ribbon, papers & twine to choose from!

Nikki Catalano was also there selling her illustrated prints, cards & new colouring book!

Yay! Got to chat with the lovely Thea from Spoonful zine - I also bought a copy of issue 2- issue 3 is out soon!

She was also sharing a store with illustrator Kareena Zerefos! How cute are her books & jewellery?

I love 'Bride & Wolfe's Wooden owl decals as seen in the Aussie TV show Offspring!

How cool are these cassette tape business card holders by Pigeonhole?