Studio Ghibli film makers and the Gaming world unite!!!

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So excited!!! Just found out that the famed animation company Studio Ghibli (peeps behind Hayao Miyazaki's animation films Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro etc.) have united with the gaming world collaborating with Fukoka game developer Level-5 to produce the 'Studio Ghibli' 2D animation game titled Ni No Kuni. Ni No Kuni will first be released on PS3 then Nintendo DS shortly after. This is very exciting news for lovers of Studio Ghibli animation and gaming! Just looking at the screenshots, the main character shares resemblance to other Level-5 game characters from the Professor Layton series.
Love the little yellow bean looking guy- So Ghibli! Check out the game trailer below!

I decided to celebrate the news by finally cracking open my Studio Ghibli cookies I got from the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka, Tokyo. hmmm it got me thinking....can food become a collectors item?
Love the detail in the packaging!
How cool is the big Studio Ghibli crest and Spirited Away Soot-Sprite cookies?

On a Studio Ghibli food note. Look at this amazing Bento Totoro made by Anna The Red!

Glossy Love: CLEO (July)

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The July issue of CLEO magazine is HOT HOT HOT! Cheeky Hilary Duff cover aside, once again Cleo's sassy, fashion forward, trend and lifestyle reporting content hits the spot.
Here are some of the best bits...

- Cleo's design team; Liz North, Kate Oliver, Lauren So and Jessica Martin bring inspiring retro layouts that make you feel like your reading from a photographic book rather then just a magazine- Love your stuff ladies! Liz Norths' unique design skills added something special to Girlfriend in the early 2000's, and now she is doing it again with Cleo!

- Interviews with Twilight's Kirsten Stewart, Robert Pattinson and cover star Hilary Duff who talks about her transformation from Disney becoming a woman,
- Cleo has embraced bloggers with each magazine profiling original talent from online. Being a blogger myself I do feel that Cleo is the magazine for bloggers. This month they cover 15 style websites that aren't the Satorialist. Tech heads will also love App of our eyes which is all about iPad apps.

- Confessions of a hoarder takes a look at not being able to let go of old and new possessions. This article is a great example of how Cleo makes smart image choices to go along with their articles- Love the Barbie and the Rockers doll! I had ...still have this doll. I guess you could say that I'm a childhood toy hoarder.

- Cleo always seems to know what I'm thinking...or worrying about- Is it ever okay to give up pg 82 is a great example of this. I've been persisting for a couple of years now to get a full time role in publishing and when times get tough you can't help but wonder- should I resolve? But no matter what people say or think, I push through those negative thoughts because I'm determined to accomplish my dream.

- Candice Chung's The New rites of passage, milestones that are defining Gen Y compared to past generations.

- Lol the money special accompanied with images of dinosaurs is just so random and hilarious- Love! Features include; What other people earn, How to live well on a small income and 15 ways to feel richer instantly.

-20 Things every girl should try once has become my new 'To-do List'!

- Always enjoy the Cleo staffer insight features like The Sweetest thing where the Cleo team divulges moments that changed them. The same can be said for celebrity Precious possession pg.98

- The East Enders fashion spread channels 50's Rockabilly Geek Chic, Which features Australia's Next top model finalist Cassi. (not in picture) 

- Cleo also adds their usual crafty arty flair with 'Happy day' Polaroid pictures in You're beautiful and the Insight sections Pint sized places and How to make a woolly winter water bottle cover.

- The layouts again make the men fashion and interview sections stand-out. pages106-111 As well as Cleo Health page Serves you right pg.164

-The stand-out pages of Cleo this month HAS to be the beautiful angelic illustrations by Bec Winnel for the beauty pages; The Greatest beauty looks of all time- More divine illustrations please Cleo!

This makes another wonderful issue of Cleo to bookshelf!

Reasons I have to go to Melbourne Pronto!

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Apart from the shopping.....obviously! These are some reasons why I have to go to Melbourne asap!

New York's MoMA Tim Burton: The Exhibition is now showing at Melbourne's Australian Centre for the moving image! Now we can explore the Gothic fantasy worlds behind director Tim Burton's Edward Scissorhands, Batman, The Corpse Bride, BeetleJuice,  Alice in Wonderland etc.. Burton's Melbourne exhibition includes 700 works of paintings, drawings, storyboards, puppets and costumes from a vast selection of Burton's works.

Being a fan of all things Disney, I just gotta see Mary Poppins: The Supercalifragilistic Musical that is playing at Her Majesty's Theatre in Melbourne.

A Zine obsessives trip to Melbourne would not be complete without a visit to The Sticky Institue, which is a haven for Ziners to make, create and buy!
If I get a chance to go to Melbourne and do all the above I will also take the Beef Knuckles Melbourne tour!

My Toy Story

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Like it's first and second installment Toy Story 3 doesn't disappoint. Toy Story 3 gives you laughs, new toys and sentimental moments that will pull at your heart strings (pun intended!). By the movie end I was bawling my eyes out (the other cinema goers would of mistaken me for a baby- it is a family movie). It made me feel proud that I have kept to this day my most beloved toys which are still in good condition- I was no Sid, but like Andy and Bonnie who you will meet in the new movie- they loved and took care of their toys. Toy Story 3 will get you thinking about your own toy make-believe games and those special toys you couldn't get to sleep without, the ones that helped you stopped crying and put up with your nervous chewing- they were our best friends after all. My toys even played boardgames with me....and yes sometimes I even would let them win!

In Toy Story 3 Andy is seventeen and about to leave for collage. Andy's toys fearful of being forgotten and put in the attic or worse the trash, volunteer themselves to be taken to Sunnyside daycare. At Sunnyside daycare Woody, Buzz, Mr & Mrs Potato head, Slinky, Hamm, Rex, Jessie, Bullseye, Barbie and the squeeze toy aliens meet the new toys; Ken, Lots 'o'-huggin bear (who turns out to be evil like Stinky Pete), Chatter telephone, Big Baby etc. However when Woody is taken home by the lovable toddler Bonnie (so cute) he finds out from her Toys that there is some bad toy hierarchy going on, so in Woody style he must go back to save his toy pals. Stand out scenes include; interactions between Barbie and Ken (very camp ken), Woody round-up adventure at the start that includes the 'evil Hamm porkchop spaceship and the beautiful toy playing scene between Andy and Bonnie towards the end.

My favourite new toys are probably most of the ones at Bonnie's house; Mr Pricklepants, Trixie (who get's on well with other dinosaur Rex), Chuckles the clown, Kawaii unicorn Buttercup and even Hayao Miyazaki's Totoro from Studio Ghibli film My Neighbor Totoro makes an appearance- watch closely at the end to see him grimace!

After seeing Toy Story 3 it will probably make you run out and purchase some of it's amazing merchandise like the official Woody and Buzz Lightyear dolls that come in the same boxes as seen in the film that chant their catchphrases from a pull of a string or press of a button. So tempted to buy these and the Toy Story Lego as well as the Hamm spaceship!

Feeling a bit peckish or creative by the films end why not have a go at making Bakerella's Mr Potato head and Hamm cake pops!

Or Disney's Woody Sheriff Badge and Jessie cowgirl hat cookies, which I watched being made on last Saturday's- Saturday Disney.

Julia Gillards guide to coping in a cruel Gingerist World

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Julia Gillard has become the first female Australian PM! Today Julia becomes an important part of Australian woman's history as well as joining the ranks of the 'Ginger historic hall of fame'!
I am NOT a ginger myself, but I have observed in media and social situations ginger bullying. Knowing our new PM may also suffer from these harsh taunts and remarks I picked up a copy of The Ginger Survival Guide by Tim Collins that includes 'everything the redhead needs to cope in a cruel Gingerist World'. I hope this is of some help to you Miss Gillard!

The Ginger Survival Guide contains all the tools needed to transform the average ginger whinger into a Ginger Ninja! Packed full of tips and advice for coppertops and fiery redheads including; a role-call of famous redheads, scientific facts  behind the ginger gene, ginger history, quotes, fashion do's and don'ts, orange trivia and much more is what makes this book essential reading for all our flame-haired friends.

I guess the first thing to do is ask yourself- how ginger are you?

Ironically The Ginger Survival guide states that gingers ARE more likely to be left wing when it comes to politics...

Julia Gillard now joins the 'Ginger historic hall of fame alongside; Winston Churchill, Christopher Columbus, Florence Nightingale who revolutionized the British health-care system, Cleopatra, Vincent Van Gogh, Elizabeth and the Irish Leprechauns etc.
Let's not forget some other events that would not have occurred if it wasn't for Gingers!

Some of my fave Gingers of entertainment and literature include; Ariel from The Little Mermaid, Scooby Doo's Daphne, Wilma (Flintstones), Fry (Futurama), Garfield, Jessica Rabbit, Julia Roberts, Woody Allen, 80's Teen icon from films like The Breakfast Club & Pretty in Pink Molly Ringwald, Shirley Temple, Ronald Mc Donald, Basil Brush, Pippi Longstocking, Hermione Granger (Harry Potter), Anne Shirley (Anne of Green Gables) and Strawberry Shortcake!

These are just some reasons to have Ginger Pride!

Japan & The City: Part 2

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  Here are a few more of my favourite Japan haunts  found in Sydney City!

The best way for getting around Kyoto is by bikes! Like Amsterdam it is the bikes and mopeds that rule the paths and streets. Thanks to Tokyo Bikes in Sydney city, we have a new way of getting around the city! I have my eye on the SS Limited edition as it reminds me of the bike I rode around Kyoto Japan.

SS Limited Edition
Me riding in Kyoto, Japan with my Kawaii bag & ear muffs
It was spring 'Cherry blossom' season, but it was freezing! Hence the reason for all the layered clothes!

Picked up these cool rubbers from the Powerhouse Museum Shop.
Japan is obsessed with food miniatures! I also love unique rubbers, when I was in primary school one of my friends had a huge rubber collection. We would look at them for hours!

Like Miracle Supermarket, Market City's IGA is Japan food heaven!
I could of spent hours in their candy and chocolate aisle. I picked up these yummy chocolate & sesame burger biscuits.

Love the detail they put in their packaging

mmmm...biscuit goodness!

Zakka House is one of my fave gift, homeware novelty store, located in Chinatowns Sussex street centre.

Just had to get these 'Rabbit Baby' stickers as they remind me of my first childhood doll!


I visited as many patisseries I could in Japan. The Rocks La Renaissance patisserie is yummy yum amazing! Had a chicken baguette with sun dried tomatoes and some of my husbands ham & cheese croissant. I have to say it was the best 'melt in the mouth' croissant I have ever had! Also had some dessert...

white & dark chocolate mousse on a bed of choc brownie cake, covered in a milk chocolate box!

smooth and delectable cheesecake with strawberries

The 80's are back! At the Sydney Powerhouse Museum!

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Being a fan and collector of all things nostalgia, I just had to pay a visit to the Sydney Powerhouse museum to check out their latest exhibit 'The 80's Are Back'! The 80's are back features 80's memorabilia of fads & toys, fashion, design, images, movies, TV, music, politics and audio-visuals of the best of the 80's, neon-80's (now) and other Australian history events of this iconic time. Maybe the Powerhouse museum curator Peter Cox, should of contacted me, as I have heaps of memorabilia...mainly toys & TV shows from the 80's that he could of included in the exhibit. While it is imperative that you check out The 80's are back yourself, I thought I would share with you my experience and some of my favourite things from the exhibition.

Walking into the Powerhouse museum foyer you are greeted with a big hanging white t-shirt saying The 80's are back! As you enter the exhibit you walk through a fluro tube playing famous 80's music video clips. First I spot a poster of the 1988 Yahoo Serious movie Young Einstein (why is this not available on DVD in Australia yet?) and his guitar!
A tribute to other iconic Aussie TV shows are also included; Neighbours soap show memorabilia posters, TV Guides, costumes, audio-visuals of the scene where Charlene (Kylie Minogue gets proposed to by Scott (Jason Donovan). Walls are emblazed with Aussie movie posters of Crocodile Dundee, Mad Max and Puberty Blues etc. Standouts for me was the Young talent time yo yo, Hey Hey it's Saturday book and collectibles from the Comedy Company; Con and Kylie Mole dolls!!! I'm sorry I didn't mention the Comedy Company in my Aussie 80's-90's TV at it's Best blog! I was obsessed with Kylie Mole! I had her cassette tape single of her 1988 chart hit So Excellent as well as her gum range and a Kylie Mole school folder! I also dressed up as her for a dress-up party, she was the Aussie version of a St Trinian and wore dress-up out-fits that would make Lady Ga Ga jealous! To make up for my fail of mention- here's a music video clip of Kylie Moles So Excellent and a picture of me wearing my Kylie Mole T-Shirt!

The Pac man stickers pathway will lead you to the main exhibit floor; there is a wall covered with 80's music records, a section dedicated to vintage gaming- mostly focusing on the Commodore 64. There are also arcade tables to play the original Space Invaders and Pac man games, you can purchase your own tables similar to these from Arcade Tables.

Mannequins fill the room wearing outfits and costumes of 80's music genres & fashion fads as well as iconic music, movie & TV garb like, Micheal Jackson's silver glove and Boy Georges' jumpsuit/trench.

I went crazy for the 80's toys! Rainbow Brite and Cabbage Patch dolls, Teddy Ruxpin, Storytelling Robot, Barbie & the Rockers, Strawberry Shortcake, Voltron, Trivial Pursuit board game, Rubik Cube, Hologram puzzle, Alf, Popples and the Inspector Gadget doll! (I always went to my neighbours house to play with this, and his Thunderbirds collection!)
There is also a giant  Rubik's Cube light- good for a photo op!

I was is awe of the 80's teen bedroom that featured an 80's pink bedspread, cassette player with tapes and a poster covered wall of teen 80's movies like, Dirty Dancing, The Breakfast Club, The Labyrinth and Flashdance etc.

Couldn't stop laughing a the 'yuppie' collectibles either with it's massive brick-like mobile phone (my dad had one the same!), American express card and even a Yuppie Newsweek magazine and a book called The Official Australian Yuppie Handbook by Janies Beaumont that includes words and slogans...that the yuppie community would use like; portfolio, state of the art, megabuck- gotta get this book, hilarious!

As well as pop-culture and entertainment a look at 80's politics and Aussie events also feature in the exhibit. Like Aussie fashion brand Mambo, caricature sculptures of Bob Hawke and Paul Keating.

The 80's are back also takes a look at present 80's culture in fashion, magazines, music and movies today as well as a look at Kitsch/camp nostalgia that was still around in the 90's. I loved seeing Sarah Blasko's mix-tape in the line-up!

Let me know  your thoughts on the 80's exhibit or what some of your fave things from the 80's were ?

To find out more and about tix details head to the official The 80's are back Powerhouse Museum website.