Xmas Glossy Love: Real Living December '10'

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If you haven't got your copy of Real Living December Christmas issue yet- go out and get it now!
It's an AMAZING issue packed full of creative Christmas wrapping and decorating ideas that could even make the worst kind of Grinch enjoy the 'jolly holiday' season!
I must think it's good because it has been 'bookshelfed' for keeps at my house, ready to get out every Christmas for inspiration!

Vintage Christmas paper gift wrap!

Looking at this tree- the brown paper bag is no longer boring!
Now I have another use for my posting brown paper roll.

DIY paper garlands, for the kids room......or mine!

Tips on making your own pom pom wreath andfabric Merry Christmas garlands.

Real Living xmas gift guide - as well as loving the uniquely sourced products, I always enjoy their creative layouts.

My nan collects owls, so she would love this! I'm noticing that 'owl' things are popping up everywhere of late.

When I saw Real Livings Christmas tree made out of found objects and materials I let out a big omigod sigh!! Its the best Christmas tree I have ever seen! Haha! Could you imagine what kind a tree a hoarder could make!

One of my new years resolutions is to learn how to crochet so I can make a pretty blanket like this. A crochet blanket on a bed is also not complete without a Beci Orpin pillow.

I really get motivated and inspired after looking at an issue of Real Living magazine. I would love to work at Real Living magazine and have the freedom to be creative everyday.

The next issue of Real Living is out December 13th, so get to the newsagents quick to grab your copy of the December Christmas issue - it's a goodie!

Gift Wrapping E-Glossy Goodness!

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Following my 'gift wrapping' theme this week I thought I would share with you all my fave gift wrapping e-magazines, zines and websites. First up is e-magazine 'Gifted' created by 'creature comforts' blogger Ez. As you can see by the pictures below there is a lot of 'gift wrapping' inspiration flowing through the whole magazine. Gifted's contents also includes profiles on creative bloggers, interviews with paper biz people, look into creative work spaces, DIY tips for gift wrapping & other crafts- with an amazing Christmas gift guide in this issue! I'm in e-mag love!

Great gift guide that includes MT Tape!

DIY tips from the amazing Nice Package people! (see below)

Loving and using twine for everything lately

I can't stop clicking over to Ez and Marichelle's 'Nice Package' site which is dedicated to all things paper and gift wrapping! Paper lovers will be 'creatively drooling' over their DIY tips and paper creations.

Learn how to make 'pom pom flowers' out of plastic bags for your Chrissie presents!

Love their DIY inspiration kits! Ice-cream- yes please!

Gift toppers made out of colourful paper and washi tape.

I also recently stumbled upon the Spanish e-mag Kireei, as the 2010 issue included and interview with one of my fave craft blogger Misako Mimoko. Kireei includes features on crafty people, look into creative spaces, Christmas cookie recipe, DIY's on homeware, craft, gift wrapping, book reviews, gift guide and lots more.
Their gift box DIY tips are so cute!

The Nice Package peeps introduced me to 'Babalisme' blog and her amazing unique illustrated plastic clip bags! Could I have some to go please!

GIFT WRAPPING for fun & charity

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Gift wrapping has become the 'new cool craft', another way to express yourself creatively, while putting a smile on a loved ones face. This Christmas Vision Australia, in conjunction with Myer stores are giving FREE lessons in 'gift wrapping'! Vision Australia are looking for volunteers to give a few hours of their time over the holidays to  gift wrap for a cause. There are still lots of spaces to be filled in the Sydney, Australia area so all your help is greatly needed. So if you want to show your support, raise money for charity you can register your details on; 1300 84 74 66 or visit Vision Australia website. All funds raised from the gift wrapping will support Vision Australia's essential services for children who are blind or have low vision. I will be lending my support this Christmas....with my gift wrapping....expertise..
As you can see by the pictures below I have been really getting into gift wrapping of late!

Since I got a package from paper store Upon a Fold, that comes with a 'how to' on making origami hearts, I have been making and putting them on all my presents!

For this one I just used paints and textas, coloured in polka dots and stuck them on red tissue paper.

Love cats and this vintage cat paper! Added brown paper & Mt Tape for the name or address area! You could also use old children's books, newspaper or old street directory maps for wrapping as well!

A few months ago I was inspired by Kate Spades 'suprise ball' gift wrapping, so I decided to create my own version for my Nephew's birthday. With coloured streamers, textas and a Spiderman on hand, I made a......

Spiderman web- surprise ball!

As you can see my Nephew loved this and had a great time un-raveling the 'Spider web'! Such a simple thing that creates sooooo much fun!

How cute is he in his Spiderman suit & mask with his new spiderman toy!

My sister (left) and I (right) volunteering at the Penrith NSW Myer store!

Glossy Love: Minnk Journal 4

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I just loooooooveeee J-mag Minnk Journal! It's the ultimate crafty catalogue for DIY and stationery lovers, but sadly their products cannot be shipped out of Japan.
I still love my Minnk though as I get a whole heap of crafty inspiration from it's pages.
The cover is the best Kawaii camel I have ever seen made out of materials and fabrics - too cool!
I also love their DIY scrapbook like layouts!
MUST get these papers!
The BEST CD gift wrapping EVER!

I want to dance in the jewels too!
bunting, coloured polka-dots on square paper - too cute!

Talking Japan magazines & books

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As you all probably know from my regular posts on the subject, I am obsessed with Japanese magazines and books. As you can see by the pictures my collection is building, so I thought I would dedicate my posts this week to some of my most recent additions to my collection.
I even love just looking at the colourful kanji font spines!

Glossy Love: SPOON December 2010

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The December issue of Japan's Mori Girls magazine 'Spoon' theme revolves around Russian traditional costume, Matryoshka dolls, California vintage toy & stationary shop tour, as well as celebrating the release of Russian cute stop-motion Cheburashka character Ye6ypawka's new movie.

Matryoshka dolls
Spoon vintage & antique shopping Benicia, California at Blue Goose Antiques, Kindred Spirits & Camellia tea room.

Love the name of this zakka store- 'Biscuit'

Emily Temple winter fashion collection

Advertisement of New York patisserie 'Pixie Pops'- I will have to go here one day!

This issue of 'Spoon' comes with a mini magazine on 'Minnie Mouse' Couture

Note: I can not read Kanji so the magazine review is based on page observation