Glossy Love: Zipper

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One of my purchasing weakness is Japanese magazines! Like I have mentioned before, I cannot read Kanji (something I really want to learn) however this does not stop me from buying heaps of Japan magazines! It will probably be a regular thing now that I share with you some of my recent J-pop mag buys, also from my page observations I will try to figure out what each issue is about and include some fave page scans off course. Today I share with you the latest issue of urban-street fashion glossy Zipper.

This issue caught my eye with it's bright yellow cover and model wearing black lace bunny ears. Zipper mostly focuses on rock/punk/urban/Lolita fashion pieces from labels; RNA, X-girl, Hep Five, Hanjiro, Monomania etc.
Japan mags and fashion have a direct focus on character merchandise so there is lots of accessories, bags, zakka with images of Jelly Belly, Snoopy, Rody, Barbie etc.

Zipper always does great new & popular store reviews, they all include links in English which helps! Tokyo shop mentions include; Virgin Mary, Poupee, Wesc etc.

The Big Bang beauty pages, shows the latest in Japan fringe cuts for short, long, medium hair.

Fashion spreads in Zipper...and most Japanese magazines always feel like snaps are taken while having fun with friends, as seen in this rock inspired shoot by fashion photographer Osami Yabuta. The more colourful fashion pages show how to take models (eating big pretzels) from looking boyish to girlish- so lots of overalls and over-sized business shirts, big bow headbands, funky clogs and Chuck Taylor's in all colours.

Zipper crafty section shows you how to make a flower lace bead broach.

The monthly black & white middle insert always includes star signs, letters to Zipper, anime strips, as well as stockists.
While the back Culture Burger section is movie, music news and reviews in J-pop entertainment.

There is a special feature on Japanese Comedienne Yoppy! Great name hey! Yoppy has appeared in many issues of Zipper, in and on the cover. If anyone knows the link to the official Yoppy website, please let me know :)

Here are a few more scans from some back issues of Zipper;