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One of my favourite place to purchase Japanese books, magazines & mt tapes is Hiki's Uguisu online store (located Tokyo, Japan). Not only are they way cheaper to buy here rather then in stores, it also only takes a few days to arrive and they all come uniquely wrapped in Japanese paper & mt tape!

I bought some Japan, Paris inspired Scrapbook books as well as some mt tapes. I have to put some of them back until Christmas though.

Purchasing from UGUiSU, is worth it just to see and receive such beautiful gift wrapping!
Hiki has wrapped up my buys in beautiful Japanese paper as well as PINK HEART BUBBLE WRAP!!- Only in Japan! They were also sealed with a selection of the latest stocked UGUiSU mt tapes; Little Garden, Decorative Purple & Blue Dotted 

I love the Japanese Editions de Paris craft book series, If you like Japanese Paumes books, you will love these! I got a copy of their latest papercraft book; Parisienne: Craft making with paper & masking tape. Parisienne features french artists from Paris; Adeline Klam, Sofia Antonvich, Fifi Mandirac and Emilie Capman. They give us a glimpse into their studios and a look at their materials as well as 'how to's' on paper & mt tape projects, which include; decorative envelopes, pouches, pull-out cards, notebooks, bags. All made using paper, mt tapes and souvenirs. Templates and some papers shown in the examples are also included in the back. Parisienne: Craft making with paper & mt tape, has become my fave papercraft book!
You can never have enough mt tapes! I got; Iron blue dots, Gingham yellow, & Ultramarine Plane.
These books; Collage with masking tapes & Scrapaholic books have been put away until Christmas- so no peeking yet!

For more wonderful things like this visit Hiki's UGUiSU online store ( I will be back buying again soon)! Hiki also has a blog about her life in Japan called Jollygoo, which include lots of beautiful photographs and Japanese book/magazine/store reviews.


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Cookie Cutter
October 22, 2010 at 2:21 PM delete

Speaking of obsession, I am totally nuts about MT tapes! I recently bought a book on it too. Hm... but there's always room for more (after looking at this post)!

October 22, 2010 at 2:25 PM delete

Hehehe! Yes, yes there is, you can never have enough MT tapes or Japanese collage books :)