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In the media/ Published works
As well as writing about my creative adventures via this blog I also have many years' experience working in-house within the magazine industry and have been published in a number of publications such as: Cosmopolitan Bride, Cosmopolitan Pregnancy, Mother & Baby, Pregnancy & Birth, Shopping 4 Baby, Cosmopolitan Health, Girlfriend, Girlpower, Home & Decor Malaysia, Toffee, and Stack magazine, to name a few. 
Contributed content has included everything from concept, copy, to photography, fashion assisting, making props/DIY tutorials and still-life styling.




Cosmopolitan Bride: Summer 2012:
20 Wow Wedding Ideas: Feature

Publication: Japan in A Collection

All writing, design, concept and still photography.

'Japan in a Collection'! 
Travel Japan with me in 62 mementos! ‘Japan in a collection’ is a little travel guide with a twist!
Discover the best shops for buying; character goods, stationery, books, magazines, gadgets, kawaii collectables, anime, fashion and yummy treats. Japan locations include; Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Nagano, Yudanaka, and Hiroshima.

Paper Runway Magazine:

Guest Post on Paper Runway Magazine

Cosmopolitan Health: Issue 3 2011

Fitter with Twitter: Page concept, picture sourced, edit + text title and captions.

DIY Garden: Text and sourced products and pictures.

Cosmopolitan Bride Australia: Spring 2011

Photo sourced, picture edit and caption text.

Comsopolitan Bride Australia: Photo source/editing and caption piece.

For those of you who read my blog regularly, you would probably know how obsessed I am with Japanese mt washi tape.
So it made sense to me to design and make a zine dedicated entirely to just that- mt tape!

My 'Little Book Of Mt Tape' includes collages and craft projects that include - yep you guessed it- mt tape!

'Japan in a Collection'! 
Travel Japan with me in 62 mementos! ‘Japan in a collection’ is a little travel guide with a twist!
Discover the best shops for buying; character goods, stationery, books, magazines, gadgets, kawaii collectables, anime, fashion and yummy treats. Japan locations include; Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Nagano, Yudanaka, and Hiroshima.

Eeep! I am so excited to share with you some of my favourite places discovered on my trip to Japan.

Here it is fresh from the printers, my 'Little Book Of Mt Masking Tape' zine!! 20 pages dedicated to my love of Japanese mt (washi) tape which includes craft projects, collages, gift wrapping ideas and my own little 'mt tape story'.

Toffee Magazine Issue 2.

I got to be one of Toffee magazines 'sugar coated' contributors for their latest issue No.2!
Contributing a 'Succulent' flower made out of MT tape, that appears on the contents page as well as a Japanese kawaii illustrated design as seen on the craft kit page.

This issue Toffees theme is 'forest friends' and is filled with crafty goodness like 'Little old forests' kawaii pouch designs, a doll house garden and a crochet coral reef!

Each issue is packed with profiles on indie designers, crafters, bloggers and illustrators.

Every issue also comes with a craft kit of lovely printable patterns too!

I love love my Toffee magazine!

My Life In Biscuits: A self published zine by me

'My Life In Biscuits' is my illustrated biscuit memoir. Each one of the 20 pages of this full colour zine includes stories and descriptions of the 'biscuits' I have consumed from childhood to adulthood. Sections include; How I have my tea, Hot beverage essentials, My First Biscuits, Tea at Nanna's, Little Lunch/ Recess snacks, Quality tea dipping biscuits, Luxury macarons, Japan treats, My tea cup collection & a place to put some of your 'biscuit' memories.
If your a lover of teas, biscuits, pretty tablecloths and doilies, you might love this.

Each zine comes attached with a handmade illustrated tea cup gift tag

Story about making a 'quality spot' of tea.

My First biscuits

Primary School 'Little Lunches' ....with my Dinky Diary!

My Fave Japan treats

There are 10 tea cup gift cards to collect!

A 'Home made' publication.

'My Life in Biscuits' zine & gift tags are available to buy from my 'Online Store'.

I have also made some handmade biscuit gift tags

My new Biz card!

Style Sample: Us fashion/ Blogger Print and online magazine. See below flash magazine for my interview with film noir fashion photographer Polina Osherov

Retro Glossy Review: Chik magazine

By Jenna Templeton of
My Life As a Magazine

In the early 2000s Chik magazine was Australia’s "fastest growing teen magazine". While most Aussie teens were reading Girlfriend and Dolly, Chik had secret club status for independent-minded girls who reveled (or rebelled) in challenging the status quo. The mag was positive, motivational, funny and sporty: the Chik girl could land a tail-whip on her BMX bike, ace her science test and concoct her own face mask out of avocado. She also wasn't afraid to fly the Aussie bogan flag.

Still, she was the exception rather than the rule and lost out to her brand-savvy, trendy, popular-girl counterparts in 2006. Of the closure, Morrison Media operations manager Di Josipovic says, "The readership was strong, but sadly not enough Chik fans bought the magazine to keep the income and expenses doing a healthy tango. In the end it wasn’t sustainable."

Though someone is yet to publish a book titled 'How Chik Saved My Life', there are 39 members of the Facebook page RIP Chik Magazine and the comments in answer to Girl With A Satchel’s defunct glossy poll show there is still much fervor for Chik. Will it ever make a comeback? Not likely, says Di, but the spirit lives on in the hearts and mind of any girl who has shelved back-copies in her bedroom.

The Best Bits of Chik

- Chik was the ultimate ‘Aussie’ glossy bible, flying the flag for Australian talent. It uncovered and profiled bands such as The Veronicas and Sarah Blasko for the first time.

- Many loved Chik for its random 80s and 90s pop-culture references (see: ‘The Hoff’) and affection for society's marginalised: like "rangas" and nerds. It once asked, "What would Avril Lavigne and Derek’s kids look like if they decided to procreate?"

- "Gold & Old" featured in the "Combo" section. Some of the ‘Old’ included: procrastination, glow sticks, cigarette butt throwers, coffee breath, people who leave public toilets messy, bubbles under contact, people who say "it’s not me, it’s you", socialites and fame hungry people like Big Brother contestants. Gold: Yogo, rediscovering your winter wardrobe, when you find someone who quotes the same particular movie as you do and Tight-arse Tuesdays.

- Chik encouraged reader involvement with Chik Land, a look at what was happening in the Chik offices. It also included staff and contributor Q&As. "Lettuce" was Chik's reader letters and random ramblings page, later changing to "Rabble".

- Chik fashion focused on surfer and skate looks, alternative and sporty wear. It showcased Hello Kitty underwear, charm bracelets, metallic Havaianas and jiffies, cowboy boots, Emily the Strange flannies, hoodies, stripey knits, Daisy Duke jean shorts, Paul Frank Tees and watches.

- In "Dool's World", comedian Scott Dooley’s Agony Aunt column, reader boy troubles were solved framed by his twisted and entertaining view on the world. Scott now has a similar section in Girlfriend magazine.

- How-to pieces covered changing a tyre, making a beach bag, starting a rock band, knitting a poncho, tie-dyeing, and telling your hairdresser to back off!

- Chik focused on the entertainment scene a bit more then other teen glossies, regularly showcasing indie bands like Grinspoon, Evermore, Jack Johnson, Donavon Frankenreiter, Ben Harper, Joel Turner, Wolfmother, The Beautiful Girls, Cat Empire, and Eskimo Joe.

- "Adventures of Mr Grassy Head" is memorable. His regular column focused on his adventures like finding love and attending Homebake!

Best cover lines:
"Should actors stop trying to sing?"
"Why ‘grasscutting’ is just not on"
"Can you OD on the OC?"
"Extreme ‘makeunder’- why change is not always a good thing"
"Nerds are taking over the world"
"How to avoid joining Paris' trash gang"
"Mum can I have my mini-skirt back!"
"Please explain Emo"

Glossy Posse: Fergie, Natalie Portman, Jessica Alba, Natalie Imbruglia, Rachel McAdams, Pink, Ashley Simpson, The Veronicas, Kelly Clarkson, Katie Steele aka Little Birdy, Drew Barrymore, Scarlett Johansson, Missy Higgins, Missy Elliot, Kelly Osbourne, Gwen Stefani
Glossy Bosses: editor Louisa Browett; Morrison Media
Glossy Stats: $5.99
Glossy Ads: Billabong, Emily the Strange, Purr, Kustom, French Kitty, Roxy, Rip Curl

Knowing that former editor Louise Bannister and creative director Lara Burke joined forces to bring us Frankie, I couldn’t help but ask Di if Frankie was in some way influenced by Chik? Is Frankie Chik's big sister, perhaps? “No! If they were, they definitely wouldn’t get along and would probably be pulling each other's hair out! Chik and Frankie are two very different magazines, serving two very different markets.”

Yours truly,
Jenna@ Girl with a Satchel


this is the most recent example of me being psychic: i was thinking about Chik just yesterday, and now I see this! I loved that magazine when i was barely pre-pubescent. It was australia's answer to Sassy.
I'm so glad you've brought Chik mag up for some reminiscing! I read it when it was still 'Chick' then changed into 'Chik'... I kind of hated what it became at the end of it's tenure - trying too much to compete with the other mags instead of holding it's originality ground. But anyways, bringing back some good memories :)