Friday, April 18, 2014

How.Do: Woolly-Pom Rosette DIY

Have you heard of the amazing How.Do app? Its a smartphone/tablet app designed for creatives and crafters all around the world to post and share their DIY tutorials through pictures, video and voice recordings.

When the How.Do team contacted me to ask if I would like to contribute to their April Knitty Gritty DIY campaign - I was thrilled!

A fan of a good crafternoon making rosettes, I decided to incorporate wool into the mix and have made a Woolly-pom rosette!

Use your Woolly-pom rosette as a brooch or to embellish a gift!

You can check out the tutorial here. Or even better by downloading and using the free How.Do app. More of my How.Do diys can be found here

Blush... I also made a little interview appearance on the How.Do blog - thanks to the How.Do team for the interview and lovely write-up!! 

Monday, March 31, 2014

The FB Brigade

Hello! Greetings!  
Sorry for the lack of posts eeek! 
I have been a bit busy with new projects currently in the worksPromise to share soon! I have also just entered 'Facebook' land, which you can follow here if you like. I will be using Facebook to bring you news and updates on my creative adventures and to also have a extra way to social-connect with you all too.

Let's get the 'FB' party started shall we?
(...starting with a little cat collage)

Friday, February 21, 2014

Printic GIVEAWAY!!

Today marks a very special blog occasion - my first giveaway!!
The lovely peeps at Printic recently contacted me and asked me if I was interested in trying out their new app - Of course I was more than happy to give it a go!

So what can this awesome photo app do? By downloading Printic's app, you simply, select your fave Instagram photos from your smartphone, edit and crop your most loved snaps and select a recipient to send your Printic prints to. A week or so later, like I was, you will be greeted with a lovely bright orange envelope in the mail containing your photos as polaroid-style prints!

 Not only have Printic given me the opportunity to try out their app for free, but you too! 

1 lucky duck will win 10 free Printic prints!!!

How to Enter:
All you have to do is leave a comment on this post and let me know why you would love to win 10 Printic prints? 

Competition closes Monday 10, March 2014.
The winner will be drawn at random, notified by email and announced here on the blog. Good luck!


 Congrats and thanks to all who entered!    

Most photos these days are taken and saved on our phones, so it is great that there is a new, fun and creative option to print and treasure hard copies of our most-loved photos.

 I enjoy crafting with photos, so I have come up with some creative ways to use your Printic photos in the below DIYs.

Lots of love bunting
Add a touch of romantic, decorative charm to a wedding or cute nook in your home with this bunting idea. 

Fold paper doilies in half over twine. Place love themed Printic photos over the doilies and attach with a little wooden peg. Ooh la la! 

Pet on Parade
I had a craft party and my cat, Salem was invited!!

Decorate Printic snaps of your furry friends with washi tape, craft punched shapes.

Journal of Nom Noms
Record your fave recipes by starting a cooking journal.

Collage your food Printic prints in a notebook, jotting down the recipe alongside them. Makes for a cute visual...feast!   

Snap, edit, print, delivered and its yours!!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Love Letters

Happy Valentine's Day! 

To celebrate I styled up this little love letter themed shoot for the day. Making a mail box, envelope, postage stamps, confetti, gift bow topper, heart jam biscuit notebook, washi tape rosette, love note-card and a origami perfume bottle.

I will also be packaging up some of the handmade contents into a love mail pack for a friend.

jour de valentines heureux!
 Hope you enjoyed my Valetine's DIYs featured on the blog this month too!

How to make: Chilled Hearts
How to make: A heart pom-pom

Thursday, February 6, 2014

DIY: 'Be Mine' Chocolate Box

 Remember those pastel-coloured 'Love Note' solid sherbet, heart lollies that you used to buy from the school canteen or retro lolly shop? Well, inspired by those sweets I created this 'Be Mine' chocolate box. A romantic, yummy filled gift for a friend or loved one to enjoy, this Valentines Day!

 You will need:
Red and pink cardboard
Two heart templates (large and medium)
Red Marker
Double-sided tape
Adobe Photoshop or Word program 

 Making the Template
1. To begin, you will need to make the cardboard body of the chocolate box. Draw two large heart shapes on pink cardboard and cut-out. These will be the lid and bottom of the box. For the sides of the box draw-up and cut-out four 4cm x 30cm long strips also using the pink cardboard.

The 'Be Mine' letters were made by typing the letters in Photoshop in a Cooper Std font. They were then printed, glued onto red cardboard and cut-out. 

Decorate the chocolate box lid
2. Using a red marker draw and colour a thick line around the love heart lid. 

3.Glue on the 'Be Mine' letters on to the middle of the box.

 Putting the chocolate box together
4. With the four strips of pink cardboard cut 1cm slits, 1.5 cm in length down one end of each strip. Once cut, make a fold down the whole pleat section on each.

5. Stick double sided tape along the pleat strips and onto the backside of the chocolate box lid around a smaller drawn heart shape, which will act as a guide for attaching on the box sides.

6. Pull off the white side of the double sided tape from the strip pleats and heart. Carefully stick pleats around in a heart shape onto the backside of the chocolate box lid, until you have your strips in a shape of a heart!

Note: Two of the cardboard strips will cover one full heart shape side of the chocolate box.

7. This step can get a little tricky! Using the now stuck on heart side  of the chocolate box lid as a guide, draw around it on the bottom of the box heart as a template. Once this is done draw another heart 0.5cm smaller to use as a guide to make the bottom chocolate box sides.
Repeat step 6 and you have yourself a sweet chocolate Valentines Day box! 


I made my delectable gift extra special by making my own homemade chocolates. I covered some, seen here in sprinkles and used foil as wrapping. 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

DIY: Chilled hearts

Cheers! While some of the world is covered in blankets of snow, here in Australia we are sweltering in 40 degree heat! So I am keeping cool this Aussie summer by adding a touch of 'oh la la' to my Valentines beverages, with these heart ice-cubes - love frozen in time.

Share in the fun by following this how to.

You will need:
 Heart ice-cube molds
Red cordial
Cup and spoons for mixing and pouring

1. Fill cup half with water and half with red cordial.

2. Carefully pore into heart shaped ice-cube molds.

3. Put filled molds into freezer to set.

4. Once frozen, serve in cold beverages to loved-ones and watch them smile!  

Alternatively, you could secure a paddle-pop stick into the bottom of the heart to make ice-blocks!   

Sunday, January 19, 2014

DIY: I Heart Pom-pom

 photo output_6MiTQs_zpsc3dfa83a.gif

The new year has already begun and Valentines Day is on its way.
I have lots of fresh projects in store for 2014, including some heartfelt DIY's coming up on this blog over the next two weeks to celebrate Valentines Day.

For quite some time I have been addicted to making pom-poms. Who knew this little bit of woolly goodness could be so addictive?
I wanted to include pom-poms in my valentines day crafts so,that's when I came up with a idea - make a pom-pom heart! As you can see by this DIY, it is possible to make.

Decorate romantic gifts, cards with your pom-pom heart or make a garland for a wedding!

You will need: 
Wool,fabric scissors, cardboard

1. Cut-out 2 cardboard heart shaped and make a hole in the middle of each. These will be your pom-pom maker. 

Tip: Make a heart shape by drawing around a medium cookie-cutter heart.

2. Hold the two cardboard heart shapes together and start to wrap wool around and around until you are left with a cardboard covered wool shaped heart.

3. Gently pull open the two pieces of cardboard and cut through the wrapped wool along the entire outside edge of the heart.

4. Using a separate 30cm piece of wool, slide it between the two pieces of cardboard starting at the bottom, coming together at the top of the heart. Pull tightly and tie with a knot. Flip the pom over and tie a double knot.

5.Pull off the cardboard templates.

6. Now for the fun bit - give your pom-pom a bit of a haircut!
Start snipping around the pom-pom by making curve cuts around the two top sides and cutting a triangle shape at the bottom.

Tip: To help define the curves at the top of the heart, sew into the top of the heart with embroidery floss and pull through to the bottom of the heart, and secure with a knot.

Amore! You have your pom-pom heart!

 For extra decoration I made a little arrow from toothpicks, washi tape and glitter cardboard!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy 2014!

Happy New Year!! Thanks for all the likes, loves, support and comments. May you all have a wonderful crafty and adventurous 2014!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Wrap it Christmas

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays! Hope you all are enjoying the festive season. Following on from my handmade Christmas stationery I also made gift wrap using paints, rubber stamps and even a Spirograph! Gifts were decorated with handmade yarn and tinsel pom poms and clay ornament toppers.
Each year I like to choose a fun, bright colour scheme, so this year I went for gold with hints of neon pink and orange.
Ho! Ho! Ho!