Japan in Sydney City

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There were so many things I loved about Japan that made coming home from my trip very dismal. Lucky I have found some of my favourite Japanese things to buy in my nearest city- Sydney!

1. Japanese Magazines: Kinokuniya bookstores are in all of Japan's major cities. It is the destination for Japanese books, stationary and magazines. There's a Kinokuniya in Sydney City in the Galeries Victoria- across the road from the QVB. As well as selling English books, the back of the store is Japan heaven selling; books in Japanese (Kanji) craft and interior decorating books are the best! They also sell most Japanese magazines my faves being Popteen, Kera, Zipper, Cutie, Jelly and travel mag Rurubu (Closer look at these titles coming soon).
2. Morning Glory: These gift stores are scattered all around Chinatown found at Market City, Hay and Dixon Street. They sell everything from; Kawaii notebooks, stationary, bags, mobile charms, clocks, homewares all covered in popular Japanese characters like Cinnamonroll, Hello Kitty, Totoro (Studio Ghibli characters) and the 'Morning glory' mascot blue bear.

3. Breadtop: Many people may not know how amazing the Patisseries in Japan are (Better then Paris!). Breadtop is a bread and pastries paradise selling unique, quirky savoury and sweet items that would make anyone drool some include; red bean buns, sausage bun, tarco toast, mousse/ cheesecakes, chocolate marble bites and my fave crepes! The crepes come in all sorts of flavours; mango, blueberry and strawberry ( a cream, sponge cake, fruit wrapped in a crepe). Breadtop is similar to the other 'on-the-go' bread stores of Japan and can be found in any town. Sydney's Breadtops can be found on Sussex street Chinatown and in the World Square building on George street.

4. Miracle Supermarkets: Asian supermarket offering everything from sweets, chips, drinks, noodles, sauces, meats, fresh food. All items are imported from Asian countries like Japan! The sweet and chocolate section is the place to be where you will find treats like pocky, kit-kats with unique flavours like strawberry and Jasmine tea! I always go here to get my Hello Panda's -biscuit treat with chocolate or strawberry cream inside. The Sydney Miracle supermarket is also located in World Square on George street, Breadtop is actually connected to the store! Bonus!

More Japan related blogs coming soon...

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