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A current obsession of mine is looking at the Felissimo's Japan online magazines. My faves include Krasco, Minnk Journal, Syrup, Coutuier and Ecolor. I was lucky enough to pick up a hardcopy of Krasco from Kinokuniya. Krasco magazine includes Japan interior, Zakka (homeware) goods, fashion, Stationary and paper making ideas. Which pretty much makes this the Japan homeware shopping bible. As much as I love everything that is in it , also going crazy over its simplistic, yet Kawaii crafty layouts and typography.

As you could see by my below post- Krasco is where I became inspired to Kawaii decor my own study. I thought I would share with you some more scans from may fave Japan interior magazine.

Loving the MT Tape inspired contents page

Maybe I should Kawaii my kitchen like this next!!
At home bento plates

These are Japan's Rice Onigiri sandwich I want!
These bento makers remind me of the Mickey Mouse pancakes I had at Tokyo Disneyland

This really puts the fun into a simple Jam on toast!

Loving this Alice in Wonderland inspired spread!

Alice cookie making!

These lunch bag holders remind me of the 'Lunch Pail' trees in the movie Return to Oz!

Again I am in typography heaven!

Kids decor, looks like a room you would find in a Paumes book

Must haves for my zine and scrapbook making kits!

Good for the Japan scrapbook

Some more great decor ideas! Charms in shot glasses with water and dye...I will have to try this!

The Japanese are never without their face masks. They wear these everywhere to stop the spread of colds and flu's...and to avoid them. Wish Australia did this! Should of bought a box back! You can buy them in all the 100 Yen and combi's like Lawsons, which are all over Japan.


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Love the post! You're so creative. Do you ever use scrapbook making kits?

June 8, 2011 at 7:04 PM delete

Thanks Leslie - no I have not used scrapbook kits. I like to make my own out of scrap bits of paper, magazine clippings, own designed backgrounds, colored paper, fabrics and my fave craft tool - washi tape, which I did a whole craft publication on.