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Aussie 80's-90's TV at it's Best!
Is it just me, or does everyone else agree that the Australian Logies always seems to be lost in a time-warp? Watching this years logies got me thinking about my most loved Aussie shows of the 80's-90's.....which were mostly children's shows!

Mr Squiggle (ABC) aka 'the man on the moon' was one of Australia's longest running children's TV shows. Mr Squiggle, a marionette with a pencil at the end of his nose, lived at 93 crater Crescent on the moon. Each episode he would fly in his silver rocket to meet his friends Gus the snail who had a TV or flower pot for a shell and Bill the steam shovel, who would often tell corny jokes. Viewers (children) would send their scribbles for Mr Squiggle to turn into recognisable pictures/drawings, while his female assistant (Jane, Rebbecca) would try and guess......sometimes things appeared to be "upside down, upside down" the grumpy 'blackboard' would say, or "Hu-rry-u-p".

Agro's Cartoon Connection (Seven) Played on weekday mornings, Agro's a brown puppet with a mono-brow and red nose, who often made snide remarks and jokes to his female assistant (Ann-Maree, being the most re-memorable). The show consisted of competitions (always wanted to win the Nestle yellow car!) full of treats like art supplies, gaming devices, Agro's food like Agro chocolates and ice-creams. The Newspapers would often run colouring competitions for the show too. Agro's cartoon connection also played the best cartoons like; Teenage mutant ninja turtles, Samurai Pizza cats, Sailor moon, Sonic the hedgehog, Scooby doo and The Mask.

In Agro's final years it lost it's viewers to Cheez TV (Ten)! Cheez TV was like the 'older Gen' cartoon variety show, which also aired weekday mornings. Hosted by the goofy presenters; Jade Gatt and Ryan Lappin, who both often overdone facial expressions when they spoke. Cheez TV aired lots of Marvel based cartoons such as; X-Men, Transformers, Batman, Poke'mon, Dragon Ball-Z as well as; Biker mice from Mars, Inspector Gadget, Men in Black etc.

Host Jade Gatt, later went on to hosting late night music show; Ground Zero (Ten). Ground Zero consisted of music video clips and live appearances. Remember the green cage square background? Speaking of music shows, I cannot forget Recovery (ABC), the ultimate music show of it's time....oh and rage. Recovery aired every Saturday morning, hosted by Dylan Lewis (eyebrow ring, black pointy hair..) Jane Gazzo (Channel [V]) and the mysterious alter-ego 'The Enforcer'. Recovery included music video's, interviews and film/music reviews and often made references to the Japanese series Monkey, which ironically was aired in it's spot during non-ratings season.

Younger audiences were treated to shows like Plasmo the lovable shape-shifting red clay stop-motion alien (Aussie Gumby rip-off). There was also The Power Rangers, Playschool; the big clock and choosing a window is what kept me interested! Spot the dog, had all the books too, Johnson & Friends toys who came alive in a boy named Michael room when he was asleep. Each episode would convey messages about sharing, cheating complaining etc. Johnson was a pink Elephant, McDuff a blue and yellow concertina,
angry red diesel truck...called Diesel, Alfred the green fusspot hot water bottle, Robot squeaky and Victoria the orange Dinosaur.

"Mulligrubs me, Mulligrubs you, can you find a Mulligrub too? Pre-school show of different coloured or white screen, showing just the eyes and bright red lips. Some found it creepy, but to me it was memorising! Not many people seem to remember this or the show Hunter, an educational show that we would watch in Primary School, it was about a detective that lived in an orange house, who had a pet mouse (Albert) and would go around investigating things on his bike....hmm triangles were in it a lot too...."what, why, where and when, That's Hunter".

Was also shown the shows Lift-off and Kaboodle at Primary School, normally in the Library. You can buy Kaboodle now on DVD and it has a very young Rove Mc Manus in it! 
Kaboodle, an anthology series that included short stories in animation or live action. My favourite stories being; The Great Detective ('claymation', Watson the dog) and Penny Pollard's diary. A girl who was crazy about horses and would often visit an age-old home and eat heaps of yummy creamy sponge cake. Lift-off had backpacks that would come to life and talk, Rocky the lizard, crazy characters at 'Wakadoo cafe' and the main girl would carry around a white canvas doll (EC) that had no facial features also now available on DVD. Lift-off had everything, it was a mixture of; live action, animation, science, documentary, drama, music etc. Also starred that fat crazy curly blonde quiz show host, who starred in every kids show like; Round the twist, Ship to shore and Genie down under(now playing on ABC3 along with fave teen drama Heartbreak High). These being my ultimate fave show along with; Wayne Manifesto! Please bring this back ABC3! Wayne was played by (Bronson) Jeffrey Walker from Round the twist centered around 12-yr old Wayne and how he wishes the world was like Vs how it really is. It shone light over the hard adolescent times that we all face.

Last but not least....sigh Aussie game shows! Amazing competitive school team sports, figure out the answer to a riddle, write it out on the big keyboard, look for the letters of the word in the jungle, toy shop, treasure chest, near the penguins. If you found a key you got extra prizes! Double Dare was similar included physical challenges, lots of older age version was It's a knockout for the smart geeks we had Now you see it which was a quiz show that featured science, maths and word puzzles. Prizes where normally a computer or educational books. For the romantics there was Blind date, for the sport crazy, Gladiators!

Phew! I could go on, what were your most loved Aussie 80's-90's shows?

Blossom is back!!

 Mayim Bialik who played Blossom in the 90's teen comedy-drama of the same name is back on our TV screens! Not only is Blossom seasons 1-2 available to buy now on DVD, but the star of Blossom herself has made a small screen comeback! She can be seen in American teen drama The Secret Life of the American Teenager as a highschool guidance counselor and has also been spotted on the set of The Big Bang Theory playing OCD-nerd Sheldon Cooper's potential girlfriend! (Can't wait for that one!)

Who can forget the lovable Blossom! Blossom explored all of our teen worries in the 90's. The series began with her mother abandoning her family, leaving Blossom to look for guidance from others like her fast-talking best friend Six (Jenna Von Oy) and every girl of the 90's dream heartthrob Joey Russo (Joseph Lawrence) a dim-witted baseball player who often uttered the catchphrase "Whoa"!

While cringe-worthy now, I loved the fashion; Rimmed hats with big yellow flowers in the middle, coloured and patterned leggings & stockings, overall jeans, floral dresses, stripy vests and big earrings! Blossom was the classy version of Punky Brewster!

 Channeling Degrassi's Stephanie Kaye !

Degrassi's Stephanie Kaye was my favourite character of the 90's teen drama. Like most teen girls of the early 90's I wanted to be and dress like her, in Degrassi language she was 'so cool and totally dynamic'! The Degrassi junior high series begins with Stephanie being the shy, plain and quite girl with a crush on the super sweet blonde curly-haired nerd 'Wheels'. When Stephanie begins campaigning for president she undergoes transformation. In a average Degrassi episode, we would see Stephanie arrive at school in baggy plaid shirts then shortly after, entering the Degrassi 'washroom' to change into something more over-sexed ...colourful and 80's inspired.

Stephanie's look was all about teased locks, blue eye shadow, pink lipstick, off-the shoulder or boob tube tops, faded denim jeans, colourful leggings, pink hooped earrings, big bangles, long beaded necklaces and the must have 'Stephanie Kaye' item; blue white polka dot shoulder bag! Stephanie Kaye was the 'girly' version of Grease's Sandy!

Many hours in my local shopping centre in the 90's was spent looking for a blue, white polka dot bag like Stephanie Kayes but I have had no luck until now!

 Stephanie Kaye Retail Therapy

  • Degrassi DVDs: Degrassi Junior and high series are available now on DVD as well as 'The Kids of Degrassi street' and 'Schools out' special movie episode. Check out the first season of 'Degrassi Junior high' to get some 'Stephanie' fashion inspiration.

  • Degrassi Novels: A series of Degrassi novels were released back in the early 90's based on Degrassi episodes and characters. I looked in my local second hand book stores, markets and garage sales to get copies of the 'Stephanie Kaye' and 'Exit stage left' editions.

  • The official history of Degrassi Generations: Includes character and creator bio's, episode guide, Degrassi issues explored in episodes, Degrassi location guide, where are they now? and a look at all the Degrassi generations over the years.

  • Sassy magazine: I bet Stephanie would have read Sassy magazine. Some episodes do refer to her reading Miss Teen magazine though. It is not easy getting hold of copies of Sassy magazine, some are available on EBay but cost a few hundred dollars. Anyone want to donate some copies??

  • Notebook: Big fan of the black/white dot American style notebook. Stephanie would have used hers to write about how much she loved 'Wheels'!

  • Flower hair pin: a Diva cram flower, black polka dot hair pin would look great in a Stephanie Kaye teased hairdo!

  • Mac lipstick in Viva Glam Cyndi Lauper: To get a bold pink lip!

  • 'The' Blue/white polka dot bag: The closest I got to a replica of the Stephanie Kaye bag was the Cath Kidston 'Spot saddle satchel' and 'spot oilcloth book bag'. 

  • Marc Jacobs limited edition 'Daisy Garland' perfume: Delicious flower scent. If I had to choose another scent it would of been my 'first' ever perfume by Australis...can't quite remember the name though.

  • Cyndi Lauper 'She's so Unusual' album: Hello! 'Girls just wanna have fun'!

  • Big statement rings and colourful bangles: Love these Juicy Couture belt-style bangles. It's like a modern version of the 80's bangles and belts combined!

  • Colourful and patterned leggings: Every chain-store sell these now.

  • Ankle combat boots: from Sportsgirl.

  • Love heart glasses: Dotti sells these!

Wake up in the morning, feeling shy and lonely,
gee I gotta go to school,
I don't think I can make it, don't think I can take it,
I wonder what I'm gonna do.
But when I look around and see,
that someone is smiling at me,
wait, that someone's talkin' to me, hey, I got a new friend,
Everybody can succeed, all you need it to believe,
let's be honest with yourself, forget your fears and doubts,
come on give us a try a Degrassi Junior High!

Say Hello to my Friends......Babysitters Club!

Now 26, It appears that I am still reading Ann M. Martins Babysitters Club books and eating through packets of Oreo's. The 176 million selling series Author not long ago decided to release...and rehash some of the first Babysitters Club titles. Not only is the first book of the series Kristy's Great idea available in novel form, but has also been released as a graphic novel by scholastic- not a fan of the modernised covers though!

What made Babysitters club popular among readers was that each teen could relate or want to aspire to be like one of it's main characters. Stacey and Mary-Ann were my favourite characters; I enjoyed Stacey McGills New York life ramblings and thought she was super stylish with her big blonde curly hair tied up to the side with scrunchies. Mary-Ann Spier was giving, friendly and shy and dated Logan, she was also able to stand up to bullies the 'three brunettes' which include the mean 'queen bee' Marcy.
Kristy Thomas; a tomboy and fearless leader of the Babysitters club was a bit pushy, bossy and outspoken, but was the heart of the babysitters club. Dawn Schafer the 'hippie do-gooder' of the group and a vegetarian from California who became Mary-Ann's step sister. Claudia Kishi the artist of the group who was addicted to candy and not really good at things like maths. Teens needed Claudia, to show that just because you may not be good at maths doesn't mean that you aren't smart and that being good at creative subjects was a smart talent too.
Mallory Pike and Jessi Ramsey were the junior members of the club; Jessi was the ballerina of the group who enjoyed speaking 'pig Latin' and Mallory was a bookworm from a family of gingers.

As well as following the book series I played the boardgame and watched the 1990 American series; which consisted of 13, 30 minute episodes. I have been collecting these on VHS tapes found at second hand stores and garage sales. Fave episodes included; Mary-Ann and the Brunettes, Stacey's big break (She becomes a model) and Claudia and the secret passage.
I did prefer some of the Babysitters actors in the TV series over the full-length 1995 full-length film. This was always my no.1 video to rent and loved it just as much as the series. It focused on the Babysitters Club setting up a day camp for their child clients in the American summer holidays. Starring Rachel Leigh Cook (She's all that) as Mary-Ann and Larissa Oleynick (Secret world of Alex Mack, 10 things I hate about you) as Dawn.

Deciding to open up my Babysitters Club horizons this month I read Ann M. Martins latest Babysitters Club release 'The Summer before' to find out how it all began!
The novel focuses on the main characters Kristy, Mary-Ann, Stacey and Claudia, with each chapter written from a different character point of view. Kristy is hoping her father will return for her next birthday whilst dealing with the prospect of having a new family (aka Karen- Little Sister books). Mary-Ann is trying to prove that she is no longer a little girl to her strict father. Stacey is leaving her New York city life for Stoneybrook and wonders if she will be able to adapt and make new friends, while Claudia feels like she is growing up faster then the rest of the girls and gets her first boyfriend. It's worth the read to find out how the Babysitters Club formed.

Note:Accessories and books on cork board available from Fred flare; Peanut butter and Jelly wallet, Floral glasses, books; Bike Snob, Whoopie pies and The Satorlist.

Loving Lisa Loeb & her eyewear!

Why many may remember Lisa Loeb for her intimate and vulnerable acoustic tunes like the Reality Bites movie tune Stay. However she is probably just as well known for her 1920's inspired cat-eye glasses. Now 42, married and pregnant, Lisa Loeb is about to release her very own eyewear 'The LL Collection'. Working with Classique Eyewear Lisa has designed pieces she would wear and love that can be worn both day and night. Loeb states that her collection will be "classic and stylish, think sexy librarian not retro grandma". Each design is made to frame every face for any occasion featuring frames in black, tortoise shell, with signature accents such as temple designs, etchings and rhinestones. That's not all! Each frame will be named after one of her songs! I don't need or wear glasses, but this makes me want too!

It was Lisa Loebs music that got me through those awkward 'boy pining' high school days.
I would sing and play along to her Cd's on my acoustic guitar, while relating her songs back to my life- it was a comfort. Her songs seemed to sum up every relationship scenario. If I had a question or was looking for some understanding, Lisa would always know and have the answer. My most cherished albums of the Lisa Loeb collection are Tails (1995), Firecraker (1997), Cake and Pie (2002) and The Way it really is (2004).
Tails told me that Lisa was a cat lover (like me), if it's over It's Over, she asked me Do I sleep? She comforts me by telling me 'I'm not too tired for this life, and it doesn't matter if you fall down twice (Snow Day) but is she pulling Taffy? Not all the love songs have been written, each love is unique (Sandalwood) however sometimes you can't make them Stay.

Firecracker let me know that it's ok do be tired, done with thinking, done with crying - I do, I will be Falling in love with a boy with clear blue eyes-I did, live Truthfully and you will be finding 'your' finally,  don't be afraid to ask why or How, be careful of Furious Rose, don't let people stop or stand in the way of your Wishing Heart.

Playing Lisa's Cake & Pie you will find out The Way it really is, that she to has been the Underdog, I too don't want to be standing the last in line Everyday, maybe someday I will be noticed and become Someone you should know, I just need a Kickstart... Oh and the song We could still belong together is really catchy!

Growing Up With Judy Blume

Jennifer O' Connell, Editor of Everything I needed to know about being a girl, I learned from Judy Blume (Pocket Books) wonders "if Judy Blume really knows how many girls' lives she affected and how her books made a grown woman feel like she'd been a normal girl all along". Judy Blume is known for her young adult, poignant coming-of -age stories, that centered around teen puberty, sex education and other controversial matters like masturbation, divorce, bullying and teen sex. Her most popular novels having been released in the early 70's were so controversial in content (to some) were even banned! (Forever). For teen girls in the 70's, Judy Blume was their sex education teacher. Anyone who owned a Judy Blume book became part of a 'secret girls' club who hid their Blume books under bed mattresses, in wardrobes or high school lockers, it was the 'girl' version of Playboy but only visual in word description.

Everything I needed to know about being a girl I learned from Judy Blume is an anthology of essays written by twenty-four female authors. Each story is a tribute to Judy Blume and one of her books and how they helped these once young writers navigate their way through childhood and adolescence. Megan McCafferty's Then.Now.Forver tells us how Forever was known as 'The Sex Book', which details first time sex and how the book helped her make her own relationship dicisions, defining what 'forever' means to her. 
Megan Crane's A long time ago, we used to be friends essay talks about best friend break-ups and how it can make you feel like there has been a death, her essay focuses on her own BFF troubles that relates to Judy Blumes Just as long as we're together, while Meg Cabot's Cry, Linda, cry looks back on Blubber and school yard bullying. I also enjoyed Shanna Swendson's; Freak, geeks and adolescent revenge fantasies as she writes from a different perspective on the 'perfect' main character Deenie.
Jennifer O'Connel essay reflects back on her 'Judy Blume moments' at slumber partys (Deenie) and first times "A Judy Blume moment is realising that even as we get older, even as our lives snd people around us are changing- even as we're changing- we'll always be the girls who play in waves and giggle with our friends. Judy Blume moments are the experiences we know we're supposed to commit to memory, the days we're taught to believe are pivatol-our first kiss, our sweet sixteen, the first time we thought we were in love, and the inevitable first time our hearts break in two".

After reading Everything I need to know about being a girl I learned from Judy Blume, I decided to head to my local library in search for some Blume books, to read and reflect back on my own teenage journey and take a look at how her novels left a mark on me. At the young adult section I picked up copies of Forever and Are you there God? It’s me Margret. Reading through the contents of Forever it got me thinking; if Forever was first released now, people wouldn't even blink at its contents, with the way media has sexualized everything nowadays. While Judy Blume helped and informed teens about sex, making them feel comfortable with their own personal relationship developments, I think media and magazines makes it out to be more scary and degrading.....this doesn’t seem to have stopped teens from 'doin it' however.

I wish I had a copy of Are you there God? It’s me Margret back in high school as it would have helped with the 'puberty blues'. I must admit I never really read or was aware of Judy Blumes novels when I was a young teen. I only really knew about Tales of the fifth grade nothing, as it was read to us in Primary school library class. Maybe they also thought that the other Blume books like Forever and Deenie were too controversial as well.
I guess I didn't feel the need to fill the sex education void like teen girls did in the 70's. Born in the 80's and growing up in the 90's I had Degrassi and Dolly Doctor and Anais Nin in my older years to help feed me the info I needed-while the new generations have the internet, Cosmo and Sex & the City. I also had a somewhat askew boys perspective on the matter by playing Sierria's 1980's PC Adventure game series Leisure Suit Larry. While yes it was about a 40year old Leisure suit wearing, bolding dork 'loser' type character Larry Laffer on a mission to find love and seduce women it did teach me a thing or to about sex eduacation (what a condom was) and at least to be aware and never date men wearing leisure suits using cheesy pick-up lines!

According to Katherine in Forever though I was part of the 'nice' girl group; "In the old days girls were divided into two groups-those who did and those who didn't....Nice girls didn't, naturally. They were the ones the boys wanted to marry". (Yes I'm married now, to my real 'forever'). I guess I wasn't ready to go all out...and 'around the block' like some girls did. I was instead waiting for the 'one', I enjoyed playing my own made-up 'rom-com's senarios through my mind. I dreamed for a fairytale romance and I looked up to characters in books like Anne of Green Gables Anne Shirley, Jane Austen's Emma and Little Women's Jo March. I also read my fair share of mags like; Girlfriend and books like Sweet Valley High, The Babysitters Club and Emily Rodda's Teen Power inc.

The Gobbledok is back!

The beauty of Judy Blume is that no matter what age you read her books she gives you the comfort of relateing and recollecting some of the most delicate and life-altering moments in young womans life....Thank you Judy Blume....just for being there.

One good reason not leave your TV screens during the ad breaks is that the Gobbledok is back! The Gobbledok is the Smith Chips mascot that became popular from a series of 'Gobbledok' adventure ads that played between the 1980's to mid 1990's. The Gobbledok was a pale brownish fury alien that looked across between a troll doll and Alf! He was addicted to Smith Chips....which made sense because he comes from the 'Potato Planet' Dok. Some of the Gobbledoks many adventures included; crashing his spaceship into a supermarket to steal chips, disguising himself as a guest in a suit at a steal more chips, Hiding a truck full of Potatoes, stealing chips from a lounging couple or from a granny sleeping in her couch in front of the fire and moving in with a Potato farmer who teaches him the 'best way to eat a Smith's Chip'! Each ad would end with the Gobbledok munching on Smiths Chips saying his famous catchphrase "mmm chippies"!

The original Gobbledok was the brainchild of writer John Finklesen, while the famous Aussie Character was bought to life and designed by special effects director Warren Beaton (who lived in my small Blue Mountains hometown when I was at Primary School!). I remember on one special School occasion I got to meet the Gobbledok in person alien!

Due to it's once popularity it's no surprise that Smiths decided to bring back their much loved Aussie mascot icon. Once a puppet that resembled something from Jim Henson's; The Labyrinth and Dark Crystal- The Gobbledok as been given a 'new generation' reworking and has now gone CGI with one of the Gobbledok original adventures also getting a remake.

The 80's are back! At the Powerhouse Museum Sydney

Being a fan and collector of all things nostalgia, I just had to pay a visit to the Sydney Powerhouse museum to check out their latest exhibit 'The 80's Are Back'! The 80's are back features 80's memorabilia of fads & toys, fashion, design, images, movies, TV, music, politics and audio-visuals of the best of the 80's, neon-80's (now) and other Australian history events of this iconic time. Maybe the Powerhouse museum curator Peter Cox, should of contacted me, as I have heaps of memorabilia...mainly toys & TV shows from the 80's that he could of included in the exhibit. While it is imperative that you check out The 80's are back yourself, I thought I would share with you my experience and some of my favourite things from the exhibition.

Walking into the Powerhouse museum foyer you are greeted with a big hanging white t-shirt saying The 80's are back! As you enter the exhibit you walk through a fluro tube playing famous 80's music video clips. First I spot a poster of the 1988 Yahoo Serious movie Young Einstein (why is this not available on DVD in Australia yet?) and his guitar!
A tribute to other iconic Aussie TV shows are also included; Neighbours soap show memorabilia posters, TV Guides, costumes, audio-visuals of the scene where Charlene (Kylie Minogue gets proposed to by Scott (Jason Donovan). Walls are emblazed with Aussie movie posters of Crocodile Dundee, Mad Max and Puberty Blues etc. Standouts for me was the Young talent time yo yo, Hey Hey it's Saturday book and collectibles from the Comedy Company; Con and Kylie Mole dolls!!! I'm sorry I didn't mention the Comedy Company in my Aussie 80's-90's TV at it's Best blog! I was obsessed with Kylie Mole! I had her cassette tape single of her 1988 chart hit So Excellent as well as her gum range and a Kylie Mole school folder! I also dressed up as her for a dress-up party, she was the Aussie version of a St Trinian and wore dress-up out-fits that would make Lady Ga Ga jealous! To make up for my fail of mention- here's a music video clip of Kylie Moles So Excellent and a picture of me wearing my Kylie Mole T-Shirt!

The Pac man stickers pathway will lead you to the main exhibit floor; there is a wall covered with 80's music records, a section dedicated to vintage gaming- mostly focusing on the Commodore 64. There are also arcade tables to play the original Space Invaders and Pac man games, you can purchase your own tables similar to these from Arcade Tables.

Mannequins fill the room wearing outfits and costumes of 80's music genres & fashion fads as well as iconic music, movie & TV garb like, Micheal Jackson's silver glove and Boy Georges' jumpsuit/trench.

I went crazy for the 80's toys! Rainbow Brite and Cabbage Patch dolls, Teddy Ruxpin, Storytelling Robot, Barbie & the Rockers, Strawberry Shortcake, Voltron, Trivial Pursuit board game, Rubik Cube, Hologram puzzle, Alf, Popples and the Inspector Gadget doll! (I always went to my neighbours house to play with this, and his Thunderbirds collection!)
There is also a giant  Rubik's Cube light- good for a photo op!

I was is awe of the 80's teen bedroom that featured an 80's pink bedspread, cassette player with tapes and a poster covered wall of teen 80's movies like, Dirty Dancing, The Breakfast Club, The Labyrinth and Flashdance etc.

Couldn't stop laughing a the 'yuppie' collectibles either with it's massive brick-like mobile phone (my dad had one the same!), American express card and even a Yuppie Newsweek magazine and a book called The Official Australian Yuppie Handbook by Janies Beaumont that includes words and slogans...that the yuppie community would use like; portfolio, state of the art, megabuck- gotta get this book, hilarious!

As well as pop-culture and entertainment a look at 80's politics and Aussie events also feature in the exhibit. Like Aussie fashion brand Mambo, caricature sculptures of Bob Hawke and Paul Keating.

The 80's are back also takes a look at present 80's culture in fashion, magazines, music and movies today as well as a look at Kitsch/camp nostalgia that was still around in the 90's. I loved seeing Sarah Blasko's mix-tape in the line-up!

Let me know  your thoughts on the 80's exhibit or what some of your fave things from the 80's were ?

To find out more and about tix details head to the official The 80's are back Powerhouse Museum website.