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There were so many things I loved about Japan that made coming home from my trip very dismal. Lucky I have found some of my favourite Japanese things to buy in my nearest city- Sydney!

1. Japanese Magazines: Kinokuniya bookstores are in all of Japan's major cities. It is the destination for Japanese books, stationary and magazines. There's a Kinokuniya in Sydney City in the Galeries Victoria- across the road from the QVB. As well as selling English books, the back of the store is Japan heaven selling; books in Japanese (Kanji) craft and interior decorating books are the best! They also sell most Japanese magazines my faves being Popteen, Kera, Zipper, Cutie, Jelly and travel mag Rurubu (Closer look at these titles coming soon).
2. Morning Glory: These gift stores are scattered all around Chinatown found at Market City, Hay and Dixon Street. They sell everything from; Kawaii notebooks, stationary, bags, mobile charms, clocks, homewares all covered in popular Japanese characters like Cinnamonroll, Hello Kitty, Totoro (Studio Ghibli characters) and the 'Morning glory' mascot blue bear.

3. Breadtop: Many people may not know how amazing the Patisseries in Japan are (Better then Paris!). Breadtop is a bread and pastries paradise selling unique, quirky savoury and sweet items that would make anyone drool some include; red bean buns, sausage bun, tarco toast, mousse/ cheesecakes, chocolate marble bites and my fave crepes! The crepes come in all sorts of flavours; mango, blueberry and strawberry ( a cream, sponge cake, fruit wrapped in a crepe). Breadtop is similar to the other 'on-the-go' bread stores of Japan and can be found in any town. Sydney's Breadtops can be found on Sussex street Chinatown and in the World Square building on George street.

4. Miracle Supermarkets: Asian supermarket offering everything from sweets, chips, drinks, noodles, sauces, meats, fresh food. All items are imported from Asian countries like Japan! The sweet and chocolate section is the place to be where you will find treats like pocky, kit-kats with unique flavours like strawberry and Jasmine tea! I always go here to get my Hello Panda's -biscuit treat with chocolate or strawberry cream inside. The Sydney Miracle supermarket is also located in World Square on George street, Breadtop is actually connected to the store! Bonus!

More Japan related blogs coming soon...

Glossy Love: Krasco

A current obsession of mine is looking at the Felissimo's Japan online magazines. My faves include Krasco, Minnk Journal, Syrup, Coutuier and Ecolor. I was lucky enough to pick up a hardcopy of Krasco from Kinokuniya. Krasco magazine includes Japan interior, Zakka (homeware) goods, fashion, Stationary and paper making ideas. Which pretty much makes this the Japan homeware shopping bible. As much as I love everything that is in it , also going crazy over its simplistic, yet Kawaii crafty layouts and typography.

As you could see by my below post- Krasco is where I became inspired to Kawaii decor my own study. I thought I would share with you some more scans from may fave Japan interior magazine.

Loving the MT Tape inspired contents page

Maybe I should Kawaii my kitchen like this next!!
At home bento plates

These are Japan's Rice Onigiri sandwich holders....ooo I want!
These bento makers remind me of the Mickey Mouse pancakes I had at Tokyo Disneyland

This really puts the fun into a simple Jam on toast!

Loving this Alice in Wonderland inspired spread!

Alice cookie making!

These lunch bag holders remind me of the 'Lunch Pail' trees in the movie Return to Oz!

Again I am in typography heaven!

Kids decor, looks like a room you would find in a Paumes book

Must haves for my zine and scrapbook making kits!

Good for the Japan scrapbook

Some more great decor ideas! Charms in shot glasses with water and dye...I will have to try this!

The Japanese are never without their face masks. They wear these everywhere to stop the spread of colds and flu's...and to avoid them. Wish Australia did this! Should of bought a box back! You can buy them in all the 100 Yen and combi's like Lawsons, which are all over Japan.

Japan Glossy Love: MINNK JOURNAL

Hi all! Sorry I haven't posted for a week! I have been struck down with a terrible flu...it hasn't been good- I still have it :(
So just a quick post to say, I'm still here and to share with you some scans of another fave Japan magazine of mine; Minnk Journal. Like Krasco I love it's crafty layouts!!

Kawaii Gift wrapping

Also found this other online Japan fashion mag; Made In Girl

 Japan & The City: Part 2

 Here are a few more of my favourite Japan haunts  found in Sydney City!

The best way for getting around Kyoto is by bikes! Like Amsterdam it is the bikes and mopeds that rule the paths and streets. Thanks to Tokyo Bikes in Sydney city, we have a new way of getting around the city! I have my eye on the SS Limited edition as it reminds me of the bike I rode around Kyoto Japan.

SS Limited Edition
Me riding in Kyoto, Japan with my Kawaii bag & ear muffs
It was spring 'Cherry blossom' season, but it was freezing! Hence the reason for all the layered clothes!

Picked up these cool rubbers from the Powerhouse Museum Shop.
Japan is obsessed with food miniatures! I also love unique rubbers, when I was in primary school one of my friends had a huge rubber collection. We would look at them for hours!

Like Miracle Supermarket, Market City's IGA is Japan food heaven!
I could of spent hours in their candy and chocolate aisle. I picked up these yummy chocolate & sesame burger biscuits.

Love the detail they put in their packaging

mmmm...biscuit goodness!

Zakka House is one of my fave gift, homeware novelty store, located in Chinatowns Sussex street centre.

Just had to get these 'Rabbit Baby' stickers as they remind me of my first childhood doll!


I visited as many patisseries I could in Japan. The Rocks La Renaissance patisserie is yummy yum amazing! Had a chicken baguette with sun dried tomatoes and some of my husbands ham & cheese croissant. I have to say it was the best 'melt in the mouth' croissant I have ever had! Also had some dessert...

white & dark chocolate mousse on a bed of choc brownie cake, covered in a milk chocolate box!

smooth and delectable cheesecake with strawberries

I Kawaii Decor my study!

With a little help from online interior magazine Krasco and other Japan decor books, I have kawaii'ed my study!! It's taken a while to find supplies...as this is not Japan but Australia. However with a little help from our version of the 100 Yen stores (Hot Dollar) and Ikea etc. I think I have done a pretty good job :) What do you think??

Now for the inspiration: Images from my Krasco hard copy mag!

I couldn't find any of this polka dot lining anywhere...in OZ! So I decided to search for some Polka dot wrapping paper instead and use scrapbook sticky dots to secure it on my Ikea shelves. Looks kind of similar:)

It was even hard to find polka dot paper...I guess I could of even made my own!

Just love these little vases with coloured gels in them. This was the next thing I wanted to replicate. Looked at second hand stores for vintage vases, then found some coloured garden gems in a $2.00 store.
Equipment needed and used to Japan Kawaii my study shelves; fake flowers (Cherry Blossoms), German Ikea shelf, Japan Kawaii toys and trinkets, unique vases, wrapping paper.

The finished product!!

Now for some close up shots of each shelf! I have set up my shelf like how Japan Kiddyland levels are; Blythe level, Studio Ghibli/Peko, Cinnamoroll/Hello Kitty, Astro boy, Otaku gadgets and miniature food. Which one is your fave?

Blythe...and lots of Blythe books, doll, DVD, miniatures, Paris statue from friend, Buttercup from Toy Story 3.

My Studio Ghibi museum trinkets as well as some of Ghibi finds found all over Tokyo. Also has some of my Peko collection on here as well; tins and gachapon.

Cinnomoroll/ Hello Kitty, Make-up miniature, Harajuku Girls Perfume, 80's Littlest Pet shop hamsters, Rilakkuma box figure, Yeoy Pawka Kewpie doll pen.
Astro Boy bag from Akihabara, Tokyu Hands Disney food Mickeys cafe miniatures, Harajuku station sign keyring, Snoopy & Sucia vending machine drink and free toys, NamajaTown treat box, Mario power-up sound keyring from Nakano Broadway.

Some of my Japan related books & papercraft from Upon a fold

My fave Tokyo zines, mags and Japan Disney park books

Kirsten Dunst is 'Turning Japanese'!

Kirsten Dunst has been spotted on the streets of 'Electric town' in Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan. She is starring in the pop-artist director-extraordinaire, Takashi Murakami's new project, a music video titled 'Akihabara Majokko Princess' which features Kirsten Dunst as the famous animation Princess. In the clip Kirsten is seen dancing and singing a redux of the popular 80's song by The Vapors, 'Turning Japanese'. Murakami co-directed the clip with pop-promo Hollywood director McG, who is known for his cartoon-visual style as seen in the movie 'Charlie's Angels'. Dunst can be seen rocking a blue wig, a white pink and yellow midriff sailor shirt, pink tutu, Knee high blue/white checkered leggings and sparkly pink high heels whilst holding a fairy wand!

Glossy Talk: The Super-Kawaii Japanese Glossy Scene (Guest Post) As seen published on: http://girlwithasatchel.blogspot.com

I've spent the most part of today listening to Husband's crazy China adventures, like being propositioned by prostitutes at business dinners (gifts for the Aussie blokes!) and seeing a dead body by the roadside (no one blinked an eye).He came home with a faux Prada purse gift (bless, he does not know I loathe counterfeit goodies) and whacked on The Karate Kid to keep the Asian cultural experience kicking (yes, I know Mr Miyagi was not Chinese, but Okinawan).
To end the day on a similar cross-cultural note, GWAS guest contributor Jenna Templeton recently returned from Japan, where she bagged a bunch of local glossies. Below is her overview of the cutesy titles, where bubblegum-pop reigns supreme. If anyone would like to add further illumination with regard to the status of feminism in Japan, please do so in the comments section!

Vibrant, crowded, super-kawaii layouts with text running horizontally, vertically or both. Girls sporting bubble-gum-coloured pop garb with long ‘bronde’ tousled curls, smiling as they hand-gesture peace-signs. I might not be able to read the Japanese Kanji, but this doesn’t stop me buying and obsessing over Japanese magazines!

On a recent trip to Japan, I bought as many of them as I could stuff into my luggage (and my husband's), unable to resist the pull of their stellar covermounts (toys, cosmetic purses, Disney merchandise, Cath Kidston bags, Hello Kitty hair-clips and anime inspired things) and pop-culture uniqueness (similarly, I bought a bunch of Blythe dolls!). Here are some of my most interesting finds...

Popteen and Cutie
Readers: 16-24yrs
Known for its teen ‘Gyaru’ fashion and explosive candy-glitter covers, Popteen is known for its use of readers-as-models. Fashion spreads include models sporting faux-animal hoodies with ears set in an Alice In Wonderland themed park playing with ‘Kewpie’ dolls. Bright coloured prep-school jumpers with the letters S-E-X (health education fashion?), long tousled ‘Bronde’ locks, Mickey Mouse T-shirts, over-sized big-bow headbands, bobble-knit beanies, rimmed coloured specs and girlie, bubble-gum prints seem to be the look du jour. The travel section includes snaps of teens eating candy treats and shopping at popular Tokyo haunts. Cutie, like Popteen but marketed more towards the ‘independent girl’, includes a wide array of fashion articles and chick-lit manga cartoons, as well as full-page pictorial spreads (accompanied by small captions) of everything from decorated rooms, craft ideas, clothing, toys and comic art, to fashion and cultural trends from Japan. Beauty how-tos include getting hair like kittens, Blythe dolls and even Furby’s!

Zipper and Kera
Readers: 16-26yrs
Zipper and Kera are both known for their trendy Tokyo street fashion spreads. Zipper is popular for its preppy urban wear and shopping-store guides, while Kera holds rank as Japan’s ‘ultimate’ street fashion bible glossy. Kera integrates Japanese street fashion in the same manner as the popular FRUiTS books focusing on Japan's biggest sub-cultures: punk, gothic, Lolita, ogal and kawaii fashion. At first only focusing on Harajuku, Kera now includes international and other Tokyo street snaps. Kera’s popularity inspired other spin-off fashion titles such as Kera Maniax and The Gothic Lolita Bible (styles based on 19th Century Victorian and Edwardian aesthetics).

Jelly, JJ, Can Cam and Vivi
Readers: 18-26yrs
These titles are all geared towards modern and stylish fashion and beauty editorial. fashion includes floral prints dresses, jumpsuits, skirts and prairie-girl looks; JellyJJ features both Japanese and international celebrities, giving readers a serving of high-fashion with odd baking tutorials! CanCam’s name derives from "I Can Campus", because girls who read it are expected to become "campus leaders", and also big consumers of fashion, of course: as such, it offers the latest information on fashion, makeup, bags and accessories. You will find a copy of Vivi in the hands of most female collage students.

るるぶ (aka Rurubu)
Japan’s most popular travel magazine! Every major city/state in Japan is covered in this essential magazine, which includes maps, the top 10 places to go and see in the area, shopping guides with drawings and pictures of each shopping street and popular stores, the best purchases in each destination, as well as food reviews and restaurant guides. Rurubu is a real insider's guide. Just looking at the pictures makes you feel like you are already there!

Yours truly,
Jenna@ Girl with a Satchel

Studio Ghibli Film makers and the Gaming World unite!

So excited!!! Just found out that the famed animation company Studio Ghibli (peeps behind Hayao Miyazaki's animation films Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro etc.) have united with the gaming world collaborating with Fukoka game developer Level-5 to produce the 'Studio Ghibli' 2D animation game titled Ni No Kuni. Ni No Kuni will first be released on PS3 then Nintendo DS shortly after. This is very exciting news for lovers of Studio Ghibli animation and gaming! Just looking at the screenshots, the main character shares resemblance to other Level-5 game characters from the Professor Layton series.
Love the little yellow bean looking guy- So Ghibli! Check out the game trailer below!

I decided to celebrate the news by finally cracking open my Studio Ghibli cookies I got from the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka, Tokyo. hmmm it got me thinking....can food become a collectors item?
Love the detail in the packaging!
How cool is the big Studio Ghibli crest and Spirited Away Soot-Sprite cookies?

On a Studio Ghibli food note. Look at this amazing Bento Totoro made by Anna The Red!

Eliose Rapps: My Tokyo Zine

For the last week I have been devouring over Eloise Rapp's My Tokyo Zine!
If your traveling to Tokyo soon and your into high and vintage fashion as well as art and design you must get a copy Eloise's zine! You can purchase a copy of My Tokyo: a fashion & design shopping guide from her Etsy Catkin and Teasel Emporium.
It's even a treat getting it in the mail! Mine was beautifully wrapped in brown paper and sealed with stripey Japan MT Tape! (you know I love my MT Tape!)- It even came with a free Japan postcard!

Rapp's My Tokyo Zine guide covers what Eloise believes are some of the most unique fashion, design, and art spots in Tokyo. Covering the neighbourhoods; Daikanyama, Nakameguro, Shibuya, Harajuku, Aoyama, Ebisu, Kiyosumi, Roppongi, Shimokitazawa, Shirokandai and Yoyogi. Each shop/ gallery covered in the zine includes a small summary of shop contents, website, address and map references to make them simple to locate....looks like Eloise has done all the hard work for us!

Love the MT Tape titles on each page and shop picture 'Key' system that includes places to go for; Femmes, Dudes, Vintage, Furniture & Interiors, Music, Books, Variety, Textiles & Craft and Galleries. My 'must' places to visit next time in Tokyo...thanks to Eloise are; Cow Books, Greenscape (gotta get one of those 'Kokedama' plants!), Opening Ceremony, Totodo, Tower Records, Bunkaya Zakkaten, Goocy and NADiff....man who am I kidding? I want to go to them all!!

Eloise Rapp is a textile and graphic designer based in Sydney and Tokyo, she designs prints for women's fashion ranges and more. Check out her blog Catkin and Teasel, which covers her loves; fashion, design, art and crafts.

See also:
My Zine Making Kit
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Waku Waku It's La Carmina!!

The word Kawaii, meaning cute became prominent in Japan in the 1970's brought upon by Japanese childlike fashion and Hello Kitty. Now Kawaii has spread into every aspect of living- including food! I was so Waku (excited) to get an exclusive interview with Cute Yummy Time author La Carmina and chat with her about all things Kawaii.

La Carmina describes herself as an 'undead Queen Victoria, crossed with Hello Kitty, and mother to the world's kawaii Scottish fold cat; Basil Farrow...who even has his own blog
La Carmina is also the author of three books on J-pop culture and food, Cute Yummy Time, Crazy Wacky Theme Restaurants: Tokyo and The Cosmos in a Carrot. She also runs her own clothing line inspired by Tim Burton and Marie Antoinette, and blogs obsessively about Harajuku street style, goth fashion, Japan subcultures and her daily photos and adventures. La Carmina has even hosted segments on The Today Show (US), CNN and Bizarre foods with Andrew Zimmern for the Travel Channel....is there anything that La Carmina doesn't do???

Jenna: Tell us about your books
La Carmina: Cute Yummy Time: 70 recipes for the cutest food you'll ever eat (Perigee/Penguin USA) is a “kawaii” (think Hello Kitty) cookbook based on the Japanese trend of decorating bento boxes to look like cute characters. Using familiar and nutritious ingredients, I show you how to easily turn even the most mundane meal into a squeal-worthy sensation: pancakes become adorable koalas, grilled cheese sandwiches become hippos, and lemon tarts look like puppies.
As well as the writing, La Carmina does all the designs and cool illustrations in her books!

Crazy Wacky Theme Restaurants: Tokyo (Mark Batty/Random House). Theme restaurants are big in Japan, and no experience is complete without monster attacks, sneaky ninja waiters, or French maids that offer to clean your ears. In this book I takes you on a tour of Tokyo’s most outrageous dining establishments, with jaw-dropping photos of the costumes and interiors. My adventures include a haunted jail, Dracula’s lair, Wonderland, Little Hong Kong, and cafes where women are served by waiters dressed as schoolboys.

Jenna: Your fave Kawaii things?
La Carmina: I have a collection of cute animal rings, such as panda and teddy bear faces. I write to friends on kawaii stationery, and sometimes wear Japanese stuffed toys like Miffy with my outfits. But to me, the King of Kawaii is my fat yellow earless kitty, Basil Farrow!

Jenna: What Japan restaurants and cafes can we go to that sells Kawaii decoration food?
La Carmina: The Alice in Wonderland café has Cheshire Cat ice cream sundaes and sushi decorated like a caterpillar. Maid cafes will draw adorable creatures on your omelette-rice using ketchup, or they’ll brew a latte with a kitty-face on it.

Jenna: Living in Australia (even other countries) it's hard to find sandwich cutters, bento decorations and other Kawaii treat making equipment (like the ones featured in your book). What are some great places or websites we can visit, to make our own Yummy Time food? I noticed you sell some great kawaii equipment on your own bento store!
La Carmina: Absolutely! You can find heaps of Kawaii inspired bento and food accessories like; sushi, ice-cream and sandwich stamp molds in various shapes and characters via my own personal bento store. I also sell other Kawaii products like an Hello Kitty toaster (toasts a Hello Kitty face on your bread!), J-pop character bento boxes, aprons and lots more including my books of course! However, there’s no need to have any special equipment in order to make kawaii food. In my book Cute Yummy Time I demonstrate how you can use anything from a cup rim to the end of a straw to cut out and combine shapes - so get creative!

Jenna: Have you been to Australia before?
La Carmina: I haven’t… I’d love to visit one day. I have some friends in Australia, and it’s not far from Japan.

Jenna: Fave places to shop in Japan?
La Carmina: I spend most of my wardrobe budget at Closet Child, the secondhand store that stocks brand-name Gothic Lolita Punk clothing (such as Moi-meme-Moitie, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Alice and the Pirates and more). There are store locations are in Ikebukuro, Harajuku and Shinjuku. La Carmina also has her own Tim Burton inspired fashion line that includes T-Shirts and hoodies. Which has her own illustrated pictures of herself and her cat Basil Farrow on them!

Jenna: What new projects are you working on at the moment?
La Carmina: I’m excited about upcoming TV projects… I’m also currently writing for CNNGo.com (an Asia travel/lifestyle website), blogging daily, writing a column for Lip Service Webzine, and working on other things that I can’t announce yet!

Jenna: What inspires you?
La Carmina: My friends are so creative and daring -- they inspire me to reach for the same heights. And I love my blog readers for sending me messages and links… often, I discover something inspiring through them.

Jenna: I’m a big cat lover/ owner myself and I just read on your blog that your cat Basil Farrow was on a TV Show! How did that come about? He seems to be a celebrity himself!
La Carmina: Basil Farrow grew up in a movie star family: Mia Farrow is his grandma, and Ronan Farrow is his dad! Now he lives with his mom (me), and I often put up videos of Basil’s cute antics on our YouTube channel. They got a lot of views, and Discovery Channel took notice... A producer for Animal Planet/Discovery’s “Cats 101” TV show contacted us. Basil Farrow will be in the “Fat Cats” episode, airing this fall or early next year!

Jenna: One of the things I loved about Japan are their cat cafes! For those who have not travelled to Japan, What can we find in a Cat Cafe?
La Carmina: You’ll always find a Scottish Fold (fold-eared cat) in Japanese cat cafes. They’re very popular for obvious cuteness reasons! Many residents can’t keep pets at home, so they come to these cafes to pet and play with dozens of cats… and have a drink or snack at the same time. It’s the one place where you can’t complain about finding cat hairs in your food!

For more about La Carmina’s cute cooking and fashion adventures, check out her blog below. Note: all images and illustrations are from La Carmina's official website/blog. Header picture layout arrangement by My Life as a Magazine.

                                            La Carmina Gothic Lolita Punk blog. Harajuku Japan fashion.

How to make a Mori Girl: Lesson 2

My order at Kinokuniya arrived the other day- a Japan e-mook (a book/magazine that comes with a free 'present'/ gift which is normally a special brand bag, purse or jewellery) on Mori Girls: Lesson 2. Like Gothic, Lolita etc. Mori Girls is another Japan fashion subculture which I would describe as 'forest girls' who live amongst cedar pine trees (Mori means 'forest' in Japanese). Mori girls look could be described across between Little Red Riding hood, Alice in Wonderland, Anne of Green Gables and any other pastoral fantasy characters you can think of! According to the Mori Girls blog, Mori Girls are; fairytale forest wanderers in loose dresses, vintage prints and quaint accessories. Mori girls choose to live their lives on their own terms, stopping to appreciate the little things that others overlook amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life.

The Mori Girls: Lesson 2 e-mook teaches you all about the Mori Girl, how to be one and how a Mori girl dresses, where she shops and Mori Girl activities. This issue came with a cute Alpaca (love Alpacas!) Marble Sub bag that says "Quete Vaya Bien" in Spanish this means "hope all is well for you". In true Mori Girls enviro fashion, the pages look to be recyclable, layouts include Polaroids and quaint pictures of Mori Girls in forests, page boarders have Paisley patterns, dots and even Japan MT Tape! A Mori Girls pet...apart from the Alpaca would have to be Rabbits as they are included on most pages.

The How to make a Mori Girl lift out teaches you about Mori Girl beauty and style, giving you visual step by step lessons on how to plait and curl your hair, adding the right flower hair accessories, how to team boots/flats with long slouchy print socks and flower stockings, different ways to wear woolly scarfs (a Mori Girl key piece!).
Here are some more lessons I learned from reading visually observing the pages of the Mori Girl: lesson 2 e-mook;

- A Mori Girl wears loose dresses, skirts with vintage, flower, paisley etc. prints, blouses that look like smocks, favours natural colours like dark blue, brown or green, looks warm and comfy with over sized woolly scarfs, long ruffled socks, print stockings, knitwear, ear- muffs, fluffy or french inspired straw hats, ponchos, boleros a leather bag or pochette to carry her trinkets, likes gold or vintage jewellery with large motifs or animal/food/character inspired necklaces and rings, while flats, clogs, sandals or boots are the choice for footwear.

-Mori Girls shop at; ConocotoColkinikha, Mother  Super Hakka for vintage and other fashion pieces, Ooso and Q-pot for accessories, Tabio for footwear/socks, On Travelling, Sunui, Hiroko Hayashi, Ponia-pon, Marble SUD for handmade things, eating and relaxing at Scai Bathhouse, Go Slow, Too-Ticki and buys her craft supplies from Pin-dot.

-A Mori Girl loves all things handmade and can be found doing many crafty things like candle making as seen on pg. 78-79, which includes a cupcake candle making lesson with Vida Feliz, loves to read Spoon, Jasmine Zine, Syrup  and Murmur magazine, always carries a good camera to capture special moments, to later put in her scrapbook or journal.

Here's a Mori Girl inspired picture I found in an issue of Aussie Cosmo...I think, has one of my fave models Mariana in it!
In Japan I visited Nara, which is known for it's famous hall of the 'Great Buddha'- It's also the place to see deers! They roam around free through the town, you can even pat them, so well natured. I got a few pics that look like a scene out of the Disney movie Bambi. A true Mori Girl location!

I mentioned I loved Alpaca's earlier...so here are some pics I took at Hartley while on holiday up in the Blue Mountains. How cute are the ones romancing with their necks together!

Yummy Treats and Kawaii Buys!
Went shopping at North Ryde and got some yummy treats from Top Rydes Yen Yen Supermarket and new patisserie Hello Happy!

This biscuit choc dip treat is from Singapore, it reminds me of the Yin yang treats that I normally find at Miracle Supermarkets...except they don't come with sprinkles. The Panda is another Meiji chocolate from Okashi-Land. Meiji is like the Japan version of Cadbury- good chocolate!

Peko is my fave character mascot in Japan, she stands at the front of confectioner/ Patisserie cafe Fujiya. I visited many of these over in Japan. I was ecstatic to find these choc lolly pops of Peko-Chan and her boyfriend Poko-Chan. I will blog more about Peko soon!

Ive been eating Hello Panda's since I was little, my mum worked near Sydney's China Town and ever so often she would buy my sister & I Hello Pandas...or even the Koala ones. I prefer the choc filling ones over strawberry and vanilla. So a visit to any Asian supermarket isn't complete without a Hello Panda purchase. Couldnt believe it when I found this 450gm bucket of them! Hello Pandas started my love for Meiji chocolate.Will be able to keep some other trinkets in it when I'm done :)

Always happy to find new patisseries!!! Found Hello Happy at the new Top Ryde Shopping centre. As well as coffee and hot chocs they do a great selection of cream sponges, berry tarts and mousse cakes. I got this yummy choc mousse with a macaroon.

Kawaii + Cats = best nail clippers E.V.E.R!

I spent weeks hovering in the toy shop, trying to decide if I should buy Buttercup, the sweet unicorn from Toy Story 3...her Kawaii cuteness was just too much so I had to get her!! Doesn't she look lovely on my bookshelf ??

Japan Scrapbooking

Just a quick post to say hello, and I'm still here :) I've been struck down with a bad flu and I also took some time off from blogging to focus on Zine making and my Japan trip scrapbook that I have been meaning to get done since last year!! I might eventually make it into a zine...however I have some other zine ideas I'm working on at the mo, so it will have to wait.
This is just a little teaser post as I'm working on a long blog on Japan decor (took some good pix of my study, photoshoping them is taking some time!- because I have a crap camera).

Souvenir and brochures from the 2009 Anime Fair!

Maps, photos, shopping tags

One of the first pages of my scrapbook...my writing so messy..might type it out later.

Retail Thearapy: Officeworks Kawaii Buys

Everyone has buying weaknesses with mine being; magazines, DVDs, anything Japan or Kawaii related, stationary and art supplies! As you can see below I couldn't stop myself from these Kawaii purchases at Officeworks today!
It's not proper Japan MT Tape...but close, plus it has Kawaii cats, clouds, ghosts and love hearts on them!

Goes with the tape! I will be using this as a scrapbook to write out my Japan trip :)

Could Sudoku beeeee anymore cuter?

Spring is here!

Thought I would celebrate the first day of Aussie Spring with this beautiful recipe from this months Notebook magazine and some holiday pictures from my trip to Japan during their famous 'Hanami' Cherry Blossom season in March-August.

Cherry Blossoms at Uneo park budding and blossoming! Uneo Park is known for having special Hanami picnic festivals during spring as seen in this last picture.


Philosopher's Walk in Kyoto is a must visit during Cherry Blossom season. I also had Cherry Blossom ice-cream here!

Flowers outside of the Kyoto, Imperial Palace grounds

Looking through the Cherry Blossoms at Himeji Castle, Kyoto

Our Japan trip started with the Cherry Blossoms budding and as we left the Cherry Blossoms where just starting to fall as seen on this Ginza Street.