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Hello with cheery smiles! It's been quite a busy few months creating lots of fun crafty projects for my new craft website DIY Kiosk. Thanks to everyone who has been popping over to say hey. I have also been selling some of my publications and new makes in the KIOSK as well.

Since we last spoke there have been many crafternoons making fairy bread piƱatas, experimenting with gift wrapping techniques (getting ready for Christmas) and off course dedicating any free time I have to penning letters to friends and decorating snail mail. How many DIY Kiosk projects can you spot in the above photo?
Like I mentioned in the last post this blog is still very important to me, so I will still be here posting regularly and it will act as more of a creative journal - like a 'behind-the-scenes of my crafty life. I also like to post snapshots via Instagram too, so please pop by and say hey.
Another way to keep up to date on my latest craft makes is via my monthly DIY Kiosk Newsletter. Feel free to sign-up HERE.
To say an extra happy hello I have also given this blog a little mini makeover. Fingers crossed you like it!
You may not already know but when I'm not working on personal projects and the DIY Kiosk I work part-time at CHILD Mags where I look after the digital content and their social media.
My friends and team-pals Karen, Bron and myself just recently finished designing and producing the new child mags blog that launched a few months agoIt is dedicated to all things Motherhood + Creativity. I'm fortunate enough to be able to interview, meet and write about so many amazing and inspiring people on a daily basis.
There is a little profile post on me HERE on the child mags blog where I chat about my journey into working in mags, how my childhood inspired my love for craft and some of biggest career-related challenges.
 Cheery - see you soon,
Jenna xx


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Congrats on all of these awesome developments! Your paper creations never fail to put a smile on my face. :)