Say Hello to my friend....Babysitters Club

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Now 26, It appears that I am still reading Ann M. Martins Babysitters Club books and eating through packets of Oreo's. The 176 million selling series Author not long ago decided to release...and rehash some of the first Babysitters Club titles. Not only is the first book of the series Kristy's Great idea available in novel form, but has also been released as a graphic novel by scholastic- not a fan of the modernised covers though!

What made Babysitters club popular among readers was that each teen could relate or want to aspire to be like one of it's main characters. Stacey and Mary-Ann were my favourite characters; I enjoyed Stacey McGills New York life ramblings and thought she was super stylish with her big blonde curly hair tied up to the side with scrunchies. Mary-Ann Spier was giving, friendly and shy and dated Logan, she was also able to stand up to bullies the 'three brunettes' which include the mean 'queen bee' Marcy.
Kristy Thomas; a tomboy and fearless leader of the Babysitters club was a bit pushy, bossy and outspoken, but was the heart of the babysitters club. Dawn Schafer the 'hippie do-gooder' of the group and a vegetarian from California who became Mary-Ann's step sister. Claudia Kishi the artist of the group who was addicted to candy and not really good at things like maths. Teens needed Claudia, to show that just because you may not be good at maths doesn't mean that you aren't smart and that being good at creative subjects was a smart talent too.
Mallory Pike and Jessi Ramsey were the junior members of the club; Jessi was the ballerina of the group who enjoyed speaking 'pig Latin' and Mallory was a bookworm from a family of gingers.

As well as following the book series I played the boardgame and watched the 1990 American series; which consisted of 13, 30 minute episodes. I have been collecting these on VHS tapes found at second hand stores and garage sales. Fave episodes included; Mary-Ann and the Brunettes, Stacey's big break (She becomes a model) and Claudia and the secret passage.
I did prefer some of the Babysitters actors in the TV series over the full-length 1995 full-length film. This was always my no.1 video to rent and loved it just as much as the series. It focused on the Babysitters Club setting up a day camp for their child clients in the American summer holidays. Starring Rachel Leigh Cook (She's all that) as Mary-Ann and Larissa Oleynick (Secret world of Alex Mack, 10 things I hate about you) as Dawn.

Deciding to open up my Babysitters Club horizons this month I read Ann M. Martins latest Babysitters Club release 'The Summer before' to find out how it all began!
The novel focuses on the main characters Kristy, Mary-Ann, Stacey and Claudia, with each chapter written from a different character point of view. Kristy is hoping her father will return for her next birthday whilst dealing with the prospect of having a new family (aka Karen- Little Sister books). Mary-Ann is trying to prove that she is no longer a little girl to her strict father. Stacey is leaving her New York city life for Stoneybrook and wonders if she will be able to adapt and make new friends, while Claudia feels like she is growing up faster then the rest of the girls and gets her first boyfriend. It's worth the read to find out how the Babysitters Club formed.

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