Breakfast Club's Molly Ringwald & Little House on the Prairie star memoirs

Tuesday, May 04, 2010 0 Comments A+ a-

80's teen movie icon Molly Ringwald of John Hughes 'brat pack' classics Sixteen Candles, Pretty in pink and The Breakfast Club,has just released a book in the US. 'Getting the pretty back: friendship, family and finding the perfect lipstick, a self-help book about feeling good in your 40's and the definition of 'pretty' in society as we age. Molly now a wife, mother of three and star on current hit teen drama The Secret life of the American teenager shares with us personal anecdotes and entertaining insights about the struggle to get through murky milestones and identity issues that crop up long after the prom ends. Discussing everything from sex, beauty, personal style, travel, entertaining, motherhood, friendship, reminding us that 'prettiness' is a state of mind and off course finding the perfect lipstick!
Ringwald may be forty now, but she will forever remain sixteen to me!

It must be the month for teen/child star memoirs. Alison Arngrim who played the devious, rich-snotty-nosed 'Goldilock'-haired bully Nellie Oleson in the 1974 family series Little House on the Prairie, also released a memoir titled; Confessions of a Prairie Bitch: How I survived Nellie Oleson and learned to love being hated. Which includes behind-the-scenes stories from the set of Little house on the prairie, tales from her bohemian upbringing in West Hollywood and her advocacy work on behalf of HIV awareness and child abuse. It was her character Nellie, who taught her to be bold, daring and determined helping Arngrim through her own personal life challenges and struggles.