Loving Lisa Loeb and her Eyewear

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Why many may remember Lisa Loeb for her intimate and vulnerable acoustic tunes like the Reality Bites movie tune Stay. However she is probably just as well known for her 1920's inspired cat-eye glasses. Now 42, married and pregnant, Lisa Loeb is about to release her very own eyewear 'The LL Collection'. Working with Classique Eyewear Lisa has designed pieces she would wear and love that can be worn both day and night. Loeb states that her collection will be "classic and stylish, think sexy librarian not retro grandma". Each design is made to frame every face for any occasion featuring frames in black, tortoise shell, with signature accents such as temple designs, etchings and rhinestones. That's not all! Each frame will be named after one of her songs! I don't need or wear glasses, but this makes me want too!

It was Lisa Loebs music that got me through those awkward 'boy pining' high school days.
I would sing and play along to her Cd's on my acoustic guitar, while relating her songs back to my life- it was a comfort. Her songs seemed to sum up every relationship scenario. If I had a question or was looking for some understanding, Lisa would always know and have the answer. My most cherished albums of the Lisa Loeb collection are Tails (1995), Firecraker (1997), Cake and Pie (2002) and The Way it really is (2004).
Tails told me that Lisa was a cat lover (like me), if it's over It's Over, she asked me Do I sleep? She comforts me by telling me 'I'm not too tired for this life, and it doesn't matter if you fall down twice (Snow Day) but is she pulling Taffy? Not all the love songs have been written, each love is unique (Sandalwood) however sometimes you can't make them Stay.

Firecracker let me know that it's ok do be tired, done with thinking, done with crying - I do, I will be Falling in love with a boy with clear blue eyes-I did, live Truthfully and you will be finding 'your' finally,  don't be afraid to ask why or How, be careful of Furious Rose, don't let people stop or stand in the way of your Wishing Heart.

Playing Lisa's Cake & Pie you will find out The Way it really is, that she to has been the Underdog, I too don't want to be standing the last in line Everyday, maybe someday I will be noticed and become Someone you should know, I just need a Kickstart... Oh and the song We could still belong together is really catchy!


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