Notable May DVD Releases

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US Releases
The day has finally arrived!! MTV cult animation classic Daria: The complete series, has finally been released on DVD!! Now we can relive Daria Morgendorffers, Lawndale high school moments through the eyes of a 90's sarcastic teen cynic. Who could forget her eccentric, artistic BFF Jane, Jane's Brother Trent (Daria's long-time crush) and her oversexed, self -absorbed sister Quinn. It's about time!

Leap Year; an Irish themed rom-com starring the lovable Amy Adams (Enchanted, Julie & Julia). Inspired by the Irish tradition that allows women to propose to men on 'Leap Day' influences Anna (Amy Adams) to propose to her boyfriend of four years. Like all rom-coms, this creates an obstacle that will lead Anna on an unexpected path to love.

Aussie Releases

Whitney Port's The City season 1: New job, new friends and New York. Standouts of the season included; behind the scenes look into Olivia Palermo's accessories Editor role at Elle Magazine ( Love her fashion sense, but she can come across as ungrateful and snobby at times), Whitney starts to realise her dream of becoming a 'fashion designer' (don't trust that Roxy girl though)- Love how this season focuses on 'creative industry jobs' over boys and relationships. 

Up in the air; Jason Reitman, and Oscar nominated director of Juno, adapts Walter Kim's novel about corporate downsizing and the cherished and isolating life of a frequent flyer. Reitman's films make you feel like you are watching a 'everyday' persons life unfolding, just meters an observer in a park, playground or airport.

Did you hear about the Morgans; A rom-com would not be complete without Hugh Grant! Like Sex & the City Sarah Jessica Parker plays a successful career woman in New York city, trying to come to terms with a falling relationship (marriage). After witnessing a murder Parker's character and her cheating husband (Grant) are taken into the Witness Protection Program....located in the middle of nowhere....with bears. Was not worth seeing at the movies, but makes for a 'good curl up rainy day' viewing.

Other notable releases include; Sherlock Holmes, Heath Ledgers last role in The imagination of Dr Parmassus and Bran Nue Dae.