Happy Geek Pride Day! From one Geek to the other!

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May 25th is the day for celebrating the rights and the responsibilities of being a Geek or Nerd! Some Geek rights include; the right to show of your geekiness, the right to hate sports, the right to not leave your room, the right to have only a small group of friends, the right to be out of style. While Geek responsibilities include; to save and protect geeky material, always give your opinion, attend every nerdy movie opening, take over the world! etc. Wikipedia defines Geek as being ' a peculiar or otherwise odd person, who is perceived to be overly obsessed with one or more things'. While nerd is a more of a stereotype term and is referred to someone who is 'a loner by peers, who avidly pursues intellectual activities'. The term Geek community has now grown to become more accepted in society hence the new term Geek Chic. Geek Chic is about embracing the stereotypically unpopular geek characteristics and likes. I'm am proud to say I'm a Geek Chic, so to mark this day of Geek pride, I'm going to share with you a 'few of my favourtie Geeky things'!

Big Bang Theory, where has this show been my whole life? It's characters summarises what it means to be a Geek! Sheldon Cooper epitomes what it means to be a nerd, he is obsessive compulsive, is a genius but doesn't understand basic society interactions. His room mate Leonard is the most normal of the bunch and dates Penny from across the hall. Howard Wolowitz is the nerdy womanizer who still lives at home with his Jewish mother- always love the pop-culture belt buckles he wears; a Nintendo controller. He always tends to wear loud, vintage 1960 outfits and tight turtlenecks. Rajesh is from India and is so shy with girls, he can't even speak when they are around. Each episode is filmed in Sheldon's apartment, the comic bookstore, the university or their walks up the flight of stairs leading to their apartment. The lift has been out of order since the first episode. This was due to a rocket that Leonard accidentally fired off!

Chuck is a spy action-comedy series, a geeky comedy version of James Bond. Chuck works as an computer whiz in the 'nerd herd' at the Buy More (electronics chain store) by day, then as a spy by night. The Nerd herd is the computer and electronics technical support division of the Buy More. The 'herders' include Chuck, his best bud since childhood Morgan, Anna Wu, Jeff and Lester.

Dr who is the sci-fi show I have grown up watching. My fave Doctors and Dr fashions have been; Tom Baker (Long block coloured scarf), Jon Pertwee (also fan of his role as Worzel Gummidge) David Tennant as the 10th Doctor, this is when the Doctor became a more snappy dresser, wearing vintage business suits with Chuck Taylor's. David Tennant was the most handsome of the bunch including the new 11th Doctor played by Matt Smith. Bringing on a new writer and director for the 11th Doctor series, you will see the Doctor as never seen before- more affectionate towards companions. I love the Dalecks too! they are meant to be scary, but when the roll about and yell 'Extermintae! Exterminate!' I can't help but laugh! 

Freaks and Geeks was one of the first spawns of crass teen comedy writer Judd Apatow. It was a short series that aired between 1999-2000. The show centered on a 'Daria' like teen Lindsay and her nerdy brother Sam at high school in the 1980's. Their friends and acquaintances consisted of both freaks and Geeks.....obviously! The series featured a young James Franco and Seth Rogen.

My most loved geeky films include; Star Wars, The Matrix, Back to the Future, The Goonies, Juno (Michael Cera), Napoleon Dynamite and John Hughes classics; Revenge of the nerds, Weird Science, Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles and Ferris Buellers Day off etc.

Japan Geek culture; like the Japanese 'Otaku' (Japan term for people who have obsessive interests.) I'm obsessed with many Japan related things like; retro gaming, Anime- fave being any of the Studio Ghibli collection, collecting toys (mainly from the 80's-90's), Blythe Dolls, comics and other movie collectibles. Some of my fave haunts in Japan was Osaka's Den Den town and Tokyo's Nakano Broadway.

Vintage Gaming; I still play and collect games and gaming units of Amiga, Sega Mega Drive, and Nintendo 64. My favourite gaming genre is Adventure point 'n' click. In the early 90's and even now (thanks to PC Dos emulators) I often play games from the Serria Discovery series; Eco Quest, Incredible machine, Peppers Adventures in time, Kings Quest. Lucas arts; Maniac Mansion, Day of the tentacle, Leisure Suit Larry, Monkey Island, Indiana Jones. My all time fave game has to be, The Adventures of Willy Beamish. I have played these games over and over again, and till this day. My no.1 modern console today is the Nintendo DS, their format is now known for it's new voluminous selection of 'point 'n' click adventures' such as; Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Runaway and Professor Layton...just to name a few. 

My all time favourite geek has to be Family Matters; Steve Urkel. I would often treat family members to my impersonations of Urkel. I would even go as far as wearing jean pants with braces, pig snort and say "did I dooooo That' and call people my "macadamia nut".

This is a picture of me 'Geek Chic-ing' out.I have my Japan flannie on that I got from Uniqlo (in the guys section). The glasses are my hubbies (don't need glasses yet though. If i did I would get a Lisa Loeb pair!)

Hope you have all enjoyed some of my 'favourite Geeky things'. What are some of yours?