iPad ignites the rise of the 'Blogazine'

Friday, May 28, 2010 0 Comments A+ a-

The release of the iPad today, introduces the possibility of blogs reaching a more wider audience than ever before. This is where blogs will now become 'movable' magazines, which will be now known as a 'Blogazine'. The custom digital creations iPad app 'Blogazine', will let you virtually flip through blog articles in chronological order (This app will also be available on the iPhone soon)- Now you can read 'My life as a Magazine' on the iPad!

All is not lost when it comes to magazines either. Digital magazine distributor Zinio (term must of been coined from self-publishing 'Zine' industry title) has introduced an iPad application which will provide readers with easy to access magazine digital subscriptions- like an online 'newsstand'! Some magazines already available include; US Paper, US Rolling stone, US Ok, UK SFX, Blender, UK Hello, Billboard, Milk, Seventeen, Nylon Guys, Nylon, Martha Stewart Living, US Marie Claire, US Elle,US Cosmopolitan, O- The Oprah magazine and even the Aussie indie mag Frankie!
This makes great access reading for those not able to get their hands on international magazines. Digital subscription prices range from 50-90% off normal newsstand prices!
You can get 12 digital issues of Seventeen magazine for $10.82 AU, 12 issues of Martha Stewart Living $30.28 AU, 12 issues US Marie Claire $8.65 AU same price for US Elle too! Oprah magazine also goes for a cheap $19.47AU for 12 digital issues! With cheap subscription numbers like these, it stakes up to be better value then one magazine alone on an Aussie newsstand!

It's not just the cost and international accessibility that makes the digital magazine different from a regular glossy. Some also include other content like videos and downloadable music!

While I would hate to see print magazines become obsolete (I don't enjoy long extensive reading from a computer screen), It's great to see the publishing world expand to help those talented but (un-paid) self-publishers create a wider audience.