Friday, October 28, 2011

Paper Peko + Friends

It's no surprise that I just love paper and Kawaii Japan characters! These are my latest paper creations for a little upcoming project - Japan Patisserie and confectionery Fujiya mascot Peko-chan, a ketchup smiley face 'Omu-raisu' aka Omurice a Japanese omelette filled with rice and meat and decorated with cute ketchup faces served with lettuce! They are famous at
The last one is an 'alphebet soup spoon' decorated in yes - washi tape! Ah paper fun!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

We Love Mail

Yes I love mail, receiving it or making pretty packages to send.
That's why I was happy and inspired when I heard about Newspaper Taxi's 'We Love Mail' project! All you have to do is send a letter to them with a little loved stationery treat inside. All the mail will be displayed in their shop window and you also go in the draw to win the WHOLE stationery loot at the end of the project! Oh my!

I really wanted to make something special so I designed a little 'Kawaii stationery' themed pack that includes some of my fave Japanese and Korean stationery; note paper,stickers, Marks polka dot clip, duck D-clips etc. I also put some washi strips in there and designed my own polka dot cat note paper and mini envelope.
Hope the lucky winner will enjoy it!
Learn more about the project and see submissions here and here.

What's the best thing you have ever received in the mail?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Queen Of Crafts

I first heard about Jazz Domino Holly's 'Queen of Crafts: Modern girl's guide to knitting, sewing, quilting, baking, preserving and kitchen gardening' from her monthly DIY column in one of my fave UK magazines' Company. I must say it is the BEST craft book I have read (in English) for a long time. It really is a great read and Jazz puts a 'new generation' spin on each crafting genre. The book design alone is oh so wonderful with cute squiggles, illustrations and chic, arty typography. Fave projects include; knitted bows, pincushion cakes, Thunderbird quilt, button biscuits and 'Make Tea Not War' tablecloth. It also covers all the basics on knitting, sewing etc. and includes how to's on organizing your own craft clubs, crafternoons and quilting bees. Jazz will you be my new craft BFF?

I will let Jazz tell you a bit about her wonderful book..


Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I really enjoy arranging and styling things. Here is a little collection of some of the wonderful things Kit has in her Mini Mart craft corner; pattern paper, polka dot bows, coloured straws, self-made pom poms, felt shapes, party toy trinkets, neon thread and lolly containers. I like how some of the things remind me of the crafty times that Kit and I have shared together.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


There was lots of crafty Kawaii fun going on yesterday at the Mini Mart for my Kawaii Pop Rosette Workshop! Thank you to the talented lovelies who attended - big hugs.
The workshop began with a little introduction to their DIY Kits that included some self-made confetti paper (more on this soon), Kawaii Pop collage sticker set, How to DIY and some pattern masking tape that I made. Off course I also talked a bit about my fave craft tool - washi tape.

As you can see workshop peeps Mira (love her Miffy shirt!) and Kit made some pretty things, our creations seemed to be themed around polka dots and Neko's (cat's). After we made some rosettes we also got crafty making self-made envelopes, gift tags and decorations, while we ate Peko milky sweets and french lavender mints.

A little video of the day, music by Lullatone, the song is also called polka dots!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fairy Bread Cards

These are my Fairy Bread Cards! I made these last month and they have been on sale in the Mini Mart Pop-Up Shop. They are all individually handmade out of cardboard and paper and say 'Happy Birthday With Sprinkles On Top' inside the card. I also designed and printed my very own sprinkle pattern envelopes, they are see through as I wanted the Fairy Bread card to look like it was wrapped in sandwich wrap. I had lots of fun making and designing these and hope they make a very special birthday gift.
I am looking to sell them in my online store after Mini Mart.

I have a little guest post on the Paper Runway blog too, this week - Yay!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Mini Mart Launch

We had an overwhelming response from the crafty and creative community for the launch of the Mini-Mart Pop-Up shop on Wednesday night. For those who attend a big thank you for coming and supporting us, it was a great night and so lovely to meet and chat with some of you about Japan and crafty things!
Thanks must also go to Fbi Radio and the Rocks Pop-Up Project team for hosting the event!

Our Workshops kick of from Saturday 15th, so not long left to book a place for my KAWAII POP ROSETTE WORKSHOP, that comes with an exclusive specially designed DIY Kit for workshop participants - Yay!

My little Kawaii-Pop themed gallery/ shop space!
Kit's Cat-tastic zines and felt creations
Kit's friend Claire makes these sweet crochet mushroom, heart necklaces, bow ties and knitted rings.
The nights 'Make Something' craft table.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Kawaii Pop Roesette Workshop!

Exciting news!! Next week (Saturday 15th October) I will be hosting a Kawaii Pop Rosette making workshop at the Mini Mart Pop-up shop! Eeeep! It would be lovely if some of you could attend. Each workshop participant will get one of these specially designed for the day Kawaii Pop DIY Kits, which includes all the materials need to make your very own Kawaii-Pop themed rosettes!
Spots are limited, so get in quick if you want to attend this crafty celebration xo

Monday, October 3, 2011

Mini Mart Pop-Up Shop

The day has finally come! Eeeep! The official launch for the Mini Mart Pop-up shop! Hosted by The Rocks Pop-up Project and FBi.94.5FM. The launch kicks of on Wednesday 5th of October (this week!) at 6pm. So please if you can, do come say hi, have a drink and check out some of the self-made stationery, party goods and zines we have on sale. I also made some little goodie bags that come with a free Japanese gift for the lovely peeps who purchase our handmade wares!

For my little space within Kit's Mini Mart I have a Kawaii Pop gallery wall that includes my; Snap Tokyo Girls Bunting, self-made paper food in gift packaging, collage envelopes and bags, polka pop themed jewellery and Kawaii Pop rosettes, washi tape words and my Kawaii decor; dreamcatcher and Polish chandelier.

I will also be selling copies of my zines; Little book of mt masking tape, Japan in a collection as well as illustrated biscuit/tea gift tags and fairy bread cards!! (eep! more on these soon).

In my next post I will let you all know about the craft workshop I will be hosting - so excited!!

Kit has turned the Pop-up shop Mini Mart into a little home away from home. Paper fruit and shapes line the walls, pinatas hang from the roofs, surprise balls and confetti bon bons in baskets, ceramic cats and jungle plants, sit down and read a vintage craft book, check out Kit's Party Craft Zine, felt skull and cat decorations, jewellery and colour block fabric bags!

RSVP for launch is essential!
Book here
Mini Mart Pop-Up Shop
23 Nurses Walk,
The Rocks, Sydney