Thursday, October 20, 2011

Queen Of Crafts

I first heard about Jazz Domino Holly's 'Queen of Crafts: Modern girl's guide to knitting, sewing, quilting, baking, preserving and kitchen gardening' from her monthly DIY column in one of my fave UK magazines' Company. I must say it is the BEST craft book I have read (in English) for a long time. It really is a great read and Jazz puts a 'new generation' spin on each crafting genre. The book design alone is oh so wonderful with cute squiggles, illustrations and chic, arty typography. Fave projects include; knitted bows, pincushion cakes, Thunderbird quilt, button biscuits and 'Make Tea Not War' tablecloth. It also covers all the basics on knitting, sewing etc. and includes how to's on organizing your own craft clubs, crafternoons and quilting bees. Jazz will you be my new craft BFF?

I will let Jazz tell you a bit about her wonderful book..



  1. how cute is she i will have to look into this book thanks for another recommendation jenna

  2. i'm surprised that you mentioned about jazz! because she's friend of my friend kiki who is organising "tokyo sisters" (craft/sawing/tea meeting) in tokyo! :-)

  3. Awesome! I'm definitely getting this! Thanks for the recommendation!

  4. Kelly - Great to hear you like it x

    Makiko - What a small world! I wish I could meet you and Kiki and be part of the 'Tokyo Sisters' sounds like a crafty delight :)

    Kit - Hours of crafty fun in this book, I thought you might love the bows xo