Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fairy Bread Cards

These are my Fairy Bread Cards! I made these last month and they have been on sale in the Mini Mart Pop-Up Shop. They are all individually handmade out of cardboard and paper and say 'Happy Birthday With Sprinkles On Top' inside the card. I also designed and printed my very own sprinkle pattern envelopes, they are see through as I wanted the Fairy Bread card to look like it was wrapped in sandwich wrap. I had lots of fun making and designing these and hope they make a very special birthday gift.
I am looking to sell them in my online store after Mini Mart.

I have a little guest post on the Paper Runway blog too, this week - Yay!


  1. gah, these are so adorable! was really hard not to buy them at the mini mart but i must save for japan! LOVE the zine by the way. i have the collage page on my wall hehe.

    also, im kicking myself as i cannot come to your workshop on the weekend? waaaa ~~~ i have been trying to get out of something work related but its been confirmed i cannot. sulk. :(

  2. These are too die for cute Jenna, oh I love them

  3. omg! super cute! I love the sprinkles on the envelope. oh! I got my zine last night, thanks so much, it's wonderful!

  4. So cute Jenna! The envelopes are adorable! I love everything you create!

    Camila Faria

  5. Emmie - So jealous you are going to Japan! Sorry you couldn't make the workshop as it was a wonderful kawaii crafting day!

    Kelly - They were lots of fun to make, hope it makes a b'day special :)

    Jannese - Yay! So glad to hear you got my zine, thanks so much for the awesome blog post you did on it xx

    Camila - That's so nice of you to say! Thanks so much x

  6. These are so super cute! I've included them in a little post I wrote on my blog -

    Vixie x

  7. Vixie - Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hello. So thrilled to hear my Fairy Bread cards are part of your favourite things this week - thanks for including me and for the little mention, made me feel special x