Monday, October 3, 2011

Mini Mart Pop-Up Shop

The day has finally come! Eeeep! The official launch for the Mini Mart Pop-up shop! Hosted by The Rocks Pop-up Project and FBi.94.5FM. The launch kicks of on Wednesday 5th of October (this week!) at 6pm. So please if you can, do come say hi, have a drink and check out some of the self-made stationery, party goods and zines we have on sale. I also made some little goodie bags that come with a free Japanese gift for the lovely peeps who purchase our handmade wares!

For my little space within Kit's Mini Mart I have a Kawaii Pop gallery wall that includes my; Snap Tokyo Girls Bunting, self-made paper food in gift packaging, collage envelopes and bags, polka pop themed jewellery and Kawaii Pop rosettes, washi tape words and my Kawaii decor; dreamcatcher and Polish chandelier.

I will also be selling copies of my zines; Little book of mt masking tape, Japan in a collection as well as illustrated biscuit/tea gift tags and fairy bread cards!! (eep! more on these soon).

In my next post I will let you all know about the craft workshop I will be hosting - so excited!!

Kit has turned the Pop-up shop Mini Mart into a little home away from home. Paper fruit and shapes line the walls, pinatas hang from the roofs, surprise balls and confetti bon bons in baskets, ceramic cats and jungle plants, sit down and read a vintage craft book, check out Kit's Party Craft Zine, felt skull and cat decorations, jewellery and colour block fabric bags!

RSVP for launch is essential!
Book here
Mini Mart Pop-Up Shop
23 Nurses Walk,
The Rocks, Sydney


  1. This looks incredible! Oh my.. I am amazed!!I think I'll want one of everything. ^_^ I will have to come down for the launch, it cannot be missed! it would be lovely to meet you too! so inspiring.


  2. I am soo happy for you guys it looks awesome I wish I could be there.

  3. Emmie - oh it would be wonderful if you did as I would love to meet you too :) Im also going to be hosting a craft workshop soon so hope you come to that too xx

    Kelly - Wish you could be here too :)

  4. Jenna, this is so wonderful!!!! Congrats!!! Looks beautiful, super sad I can't see it person.

  5. Thank you so much for your comment on my blog! I LOVE YOUR site and thats the reason why I posted a link on my blog... I am addicted to your site! thanks again :)

  6. Jannese - Oh Thanks so much, shucks

    Ambiesch - Thanks for the lovely comment and stopping by again :)

  7. I'm so glad you're part of Mini Mart Jenna! x