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I went to the ever popular Finders Keepers: indie design & art markets yesterday, which was held at Sydney's Carriageworks. As usual I took some photo's of my fave stores-hope you enjoy them!

First up I visited the Frankie store where they were selling Frankie magazines, vintage handmade photo albums, Frankie calendars, diaries, sweet treat recipe and photo books as well as their new book creation SPACES! Love the wall display!

I feel in love with Made by White & The Storybook Rabbit earlier this year at the Gaffa Gallery, so it was wonderful to see them at Finders Keepers.

Storybook Rabbit illustrated vintage plate decals & brooches so sweet!
I got to meet Storybook Rabbit creator Kelly, who was kind enough to give me some Storybook Rabbit bunting for free! Thanks Kelly!

Candy Stripe Cloud were also sharing the stall selling their Apple & pear shadow boxes, that were adorned with Miffy & kewpie dolls!

Made by White is known for their perspex necklaces and brooches of animals, flowers & other cute woodland creatures! The crochet bunting was made by Made by White's mum!

Leeloo is an online community that sells unique treasures from designers and artists.

Recent new label at Leeloo- Hungry Designs, who make retro themed accessories with old school type writers, Polaroid camera's and roller girls!

Leeloo was also running an 'On the wall' exhibit which featured artworks from some of our most loved emerging artists.

I was in stationery and Mt Tape heaven at Bespoke Letterpress store! Gift cards, twine, unique themed cards for thank you's, birthdays & Christmas, prints and much more!

Catrabbit's Owls are so Kawaii !! Wanted to pick them up and kiss them! Their brooches also reminded me of an high class English school badge- love!

These paper planes & vines were surrounding the Finders Keepers music stage.

Paperdoll goodness at TMOD

There was this guy dressed painted up to look like one of the Terracotta army statues from China. They will be at the NSW Art Gallery this season, which I will be going too!

I also attended some of the Paper Convention Collective workshops while at Finders Keepers. I will be dedicating a whole post to it this week!


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December 10, 2010 at 9:33 PM delete

Looks like you found some cool stuff at Finders Keepers! I went to the Melbourne one which was good but it looks like you found a lots more cool stuff!
I think the exhibition at the NSW Art Gallery would be worth flying up for - amazing!

December 11, 2010 at 8:52 AM delete

Hi Lauren!
Thanks for both of your comments :) Your interior design blog is wonderful! I saw some pictures for the Melbourne Finders Keepers & that looked amazing, so I wish I was in Melbourne for that! You also get sooo many great exhibitions- I would really like to see the Disney one at ACMI