Christmas viewing greats!

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Like my Rankin/Bass Christmas classic collection there are a few other Christmas movies & TV shows that I just HAVE to view every year!

The animated 'The Nutcracker Prince' (1990) tells the famous tale of a boy called Hans who has been turned into a toy nutcracker by the Mouse King. The nutcracker needs to win the heart of a girl called Clara for the spell to be broken. This is the best 'Nutcracker' movie I have watched as it has a romantic Disney feel to it.

This 1987 TV version of the 'Little Match Girl' is very hard to come by. I watched it every year at Christmas in the 80's-90's. My nan had a copy of it on VHS, I would also watch it when she was minding me if I was sick during my primary school days. Love the bit where she makes a snow angel! I remember pretending to be sick sometimes, just so I could get the day off and watch it....shhh don't tell!

The Muppets Christmas Carol (1992)- MUST WATCH! I can never get sick of this. I love all versions of 'The Christmas Carol' but this is by far the best. I always cry at the 'Tiny Tim' part. Love the mice, especially the little jokes between narrators 'Gonzo & Rizzo'- "light the lamp not the rat, light the lamp not the rat"!!

I am a big fan of British comedy. My dad is from England so I have been educated well when it comes to British comedy shows. Love all of Mr Bean's episodes, it's something that you can laugh at over & over again. The Mr Bean Christmas episode is called 'Merry Christmas Mr Bean (1992)- lots of laughs as he messes up a department store, gets his girlfriend the wrong Christmas present (advertised picture of a ring....instead of the 'actual' ring) and when he gets the big Turkey stuck on his head.

Keeping up appearances- another British fave! My mum can be just like Hyacinth at times- she even does high teas like Hyacinth's 'candlelight suppers' & bosses my dad around (like Richard) about how & where to drive!

Vicar of Dibley-(1994-2007) ah! I love Dawn French and the crazy, weird and unique country folk of Dibley!

Home Alone 1 & 2 are classics everyone should own! It shows snowy America & New York at Christmas. I have always wanted to go to 'Duncan's Toy Chest' not sure if it actually exists though. It's sad they don't make movies like these now- love John Hughes movies.

The Santa Claus (1994)- Best movie that shows the North Pole! Magical family fun!
Bridget Jones's Diary- my fave movie/book of 2001- starring Colin Firth too in a Rudolph jumper- great romantic Christmas movie.

More romantic Christmas movies...

The Holiday (2006)  I learnt what a 'meet Q' in movies are from watching 'The Holiday' (when the main character first meets their soulmate).

Love Actually (2003)

Every year my mum, sister & I have a 'Anne of Green Gables' (1985) movie marathon.

What are some of your Christmas movie or TV show faves?? Would love to hear!