Curvy 2010

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I headed down to 'The Galeries' in Sydney to check out this years Curvy exhibition- I was super excited to see it as I have been a long time fan of French graffiti artist Fafi for some time. This years Curvy is extra special for Fafi fans as Fafi co-curated this years gallery publication!
Curvy is a special event that occurs every year in Australia to celebrate and bring together the most exciting female graphic artists and illustrators in the world.
Curvy runs until January 9th 2011

The Galeries in Sydney have some of these amazing artists work on display in cabinets. It was a super hot sunny day when I visited so sorry about the glare in the photos.

Fafi is known for her sexy love heart cheek, lollypop licking Fafinette girls who cuddle up to Hmilo's.
Fafi books, t-shirts, drawings and featured magazine covers

Fafi's Adidas shoe range. Fafi has also collaborated with LeSportSac

Fafi's collaboration products with MAC cosmetics

Fafinette figurines- I really want one!

Noferin Kawaii wooden creatures & prints are so kawaii! They are called Jibibuts!

Noferin creators Candy & Nick have created a whimsical world called Carrara Island, which are inhabited by their Japanese character inspired 'jibibut' creatures.

Brisbane artist Courtney Brims amazing wooden, photo and trinket Christmas tree!
Courtney's illustrations are of dreamy worlds of lost girls and bewildering woodland creatures. Working with pencils alone she likes to focus on the beauty of nature and it's dominance over time.

Curvy's 2010 publication which showcases 80 female artists.
You can buy copies from selected shops & Sydney's Kinokuniya