Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Self-Made Envelope Making

Here is a little neon coloured, Kawaii-pop themed self-made envelope collection I have been working on.
Materials used include; pretty papers, Tokyo maps, Japanese magazine cut-outs, mt washi tape, self-made/alphabet stamps, paper scraps and used postage stamps.
As usual I wanted to include lots of polka dots and cut & paste collage elements.

More crafty projects are on the way!

Glossy Love: Yen

Issue 52 of Yen magazine is HOT HOT HOT with technicolour fashion that jumps of the pages, interview with my recent fave actor Emma Stone, pastel watercolour artworks, profile on Melbourne based Japanese zakka/book store Mr Kitly (it's on my 'must visit' list) and a feature on Zine making and distros + much more!
I love picking up Yen for it's fresh fashion page layouts that always give me lots of great colour inspiration and their interesting features on creative peeps.


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Crafty Book Goodness

As requested by some of my lovely readers, some inside pictures of my latest Amazon Japan craft book buys!
1. 女の子の大好きをたくさん集めた 乙女なコラージュBOOK (Girl Collage). This has to be my favourite book at the moment as it includes some of my most loved Japanese collage artists; Wool Cube Wool and Bleu Blanche. Learn how to make collage; bookmarks, cards, boxes, envelopes and journal pages using materials such as; mt washi tape, lace, doilies, postage stamps, pretty papers etc. It also has a downloadable collage section containing pictures of macaroons, bunnies, bakery goods and pink and white stripe backgrounds!
As mentioned on my last post I have been experimenting with different ways to use photos, so I just had to get this book.
2. 手づくりおしゃれなフォト雑貨 ―J'adore!photoZAKKA; Learn how to make zakka and gifts using photo's, also includes some collage techniques.
3. As well as Japan craft books I have a bit of a Japanese travel book/mag collection. Yes I can't read it but I love looking at the illustrations and travel mementos on the pages. Some of the shops featured include store names and links in English though.
だれかとどこかへ―東京お散歩案内 (Tokyo strolling Guide)Have a walk together through Ginza, Asakusa and Shinjuku etc.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

カメラ日和 Life With Camera + Neko Love

One of the lovely things in this weeks Amazon Japan package included an issue of J-mag カメラ日和 Life with Camera. This issue is dedicated to taking pictures of cats! (Neko in Japanese). The magazine is packed full of kawaii pictures of cats, photographic techniques and photobook making ideas. I've started to make my own photobook of my cat Salem (Yes, named after the cat from 'Sabrina the Teenage witch'- my family's idea). However unlike the cats in the book Salem is a bit more anti-social than the other cats in the mag, so it was hard to get some different posed shots.
My beautiful boy Salem.

Some pictures from カメラ日和 Life with Camera
This last shot is so Salem - always trying to sit in the highest place possible in the house.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hello Mr Letterbox!

Incoming Mail - Some of the lovely things in my letterbox from the past two weeks. 1. Amazon Japan! Like it's box I had a big grimace on my face when my new Japanese craft books arrived. Will share some inside pix of them soon! 2. Little tags found in my Japanese books, I think they are used for cataloging books 3. Package from Crafty Japan which included....4. Latest washi tape purchases!!! Eeep! new mixed colour and pattern range! 5. Package from Sandy (Cookie Cutter) her travel zine Run of the Mill was inside 6. When Beebee sent me her latest zine she also included this hoard of kawaii letter pages/envelopes..and wax paper! Thanks Beebee! 7. Obsessed with MMMG stationery, had to by this letter set, love the simple use of shapes in the design. 8. Latest issue of Frankie magazine, jam (pun to come) packed with inspirational creative peeps. This issue comes with 'Jam' sticker labels illustrated by Dawn Tan and Amy Borrell.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Colour Coded

Here are some of my latest 'colour-coded' buys, makes and eats;
1. Always a sucker for buying pretty wrapping paper, neon green catches my eye, 2. 消しゴムはんこのちょこっとアイデア by Mizutama; A cute Japanese book on stamp carving. Let me know if you want to see inside! 3. Blue/white cross washi tape, 4. My new android smartphone - in white! 5. A little self-made notebook 6. Fujiya Peko Milky chocolate bar. Peko is my favourite mascot in Japan.I love collecting Milky chocolate boxes as the packaging is oh so pretty! 

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Blog Love: Bonjour Johanna

Bonjour Johanna is a collection of daily updates about the work & life of french artist Johanna Tagada, who currently resides in Zurich Berlin. Looking at her inspirational blog it is clear we share a love for many of the same things; pretty packaging and incoming mail, Japan, Polka dots, stationery, pink, circle stickers, mt taping trinkets to the walls and mixed typography title headers.

Her latest works and projects include; illustrated pink dot poetry art prints, Pink Kiwi ceramics, We love tote bag workshop, urban street art and a photobooth zine project.

Johanna, you are wonderful!
Here are some images from Bonjour Johanna blog.

A mini-documentary on Johanna's street art; Monstrous friends.
I can really relate to the part where she talks about having 'no money, but ideas'- sums up the life of a creative.