Saturday, July 9, 2011

Workshop Zine

I met the lovely Beebee through my blog a few months or so ago, since then we have bonded over our same love for kawaii crafts and mt tape. So I was super excited to receive a copy of her new zine Workshop, in the mail. It felt like a celebration un-wrapping it as little glitter stars feel out as I was carefully opening it - not to rip the mt strips.
Beebee also included a lovely message and a 'I Love Mt tape' poster she had made.

Workshop is 16 pages filled with craft inspiration for gift wrapping, washi tape crafts and kawaii craft tools. My fave is her DIY confetti.

A must buy for kawaii craft lovers!


  1. Oh my! Jenna you are too sweet! Thank you so much for posting this!! You have made my year!

  2. Beebee - Happy to hear it made your year! Wonderful things should be shared xx
    Never stop kawaii crafting :)

  3. I love Beebee's zine too!!! It is so fantastic!!! Share the crafty love I say the more the merrier!!

  4. oohhh too cute!! cuteness overloaded!:D