Going Postal For.....

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Postage stamp collecting and collaging!
While doing some 'almost' Spring cleaning I came across my Stamp Gang Collecting kit that was a hobby of mine back in the 90's. It brought back some great memories of stamp collecting and attending stamp month. It has also inspired me now years later, to use postage stamps for my new craft love - collaging.
Below are some of my Stamp Gang Explorer monthly magazines from the 90's and my favourite Japanese collage books that incorporate postage stamps in collages and for making gifts and self-made zakka and stationery.



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Oh how I love pretty postage. I think it's an excellent idea to use them in collaging. Please do share your projects when you create something :) I'd love to see it. And if you have time to share a few pages from your craft books incorporating them, I would definitely wanna see those too :)

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Thanks Merissa! Yes I will have to share more inside pictures of my Japanese craft books! So many to choose from :)