Lazy Oaf

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I love re-discovering past travel mementos! One of my most loved items include these amazing kawaii buys and souvenirs from Lazy Oaf a store I stumbled upon on Carnaby Street in London when I was there in 2007. Hearts, stripes, character typography, polka dots....what's not to love about their cut & paste feel designs.

They also sell little trinkets like milk bottle character toys, felt tape cassette plushies, shape stationery, jewellery and badges with unique and funny slogans. To this day I still use my Twinkie the kid wallet that I got there!
For inspiration I often refer to the Lazy Oaf postcard and fashion brochure, which reminds me of Japanese fashion magazine spreads. 


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The best thing I ever did was visit Carnaby Street last weekend when I was in London for a show. I came across Lazy Oaf and couldn't believe my eyes!
Actually amazing!

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Strawcherry - lazy oaf is so good hey! Lots of great stores on Carnaby Street. Thanks for stopping by to comment on my blog :)