Monday, May 30, 2011

Snap Tokyo Girls Bunting DIY Kit + Zine

The A4 Paper Convention Collective festival begins tomorrow night! The opening will be held at Sydney's Paper Mill from 6pm. Along with Kit I will be helping at the A4 zine stall selling zines from some of Australia's most loved zine makers and artists. I too will be selling some handmade wares like my new 'Little Book Of Mt Masking Tape' Zine as well as a special 'Snap Tokyo Girls Bunting DIY Kit' that I have designed and made just for the night!

The 'Snap Tokyo Girls Bunting DIY Kit' includes an how to instruction sheet as well as Tokyo Girls stickers, Fluro coloured pieces of cardboard, twine as well as Washi (mt) tape - all to help make your 'Snap Tokyo Girls Bunting'!

I thought this would be a nice project for Tokyo fashion lovers to make, that will also pretty up the place and bring a little sense of Tokyo home!


  1. I wish I could buy it online! So kawaii!!

  2. Thanks Jo_annie, and for stopping by to comment

    Hi Beebee - Agh! Your blog is awesome! I'm going to bookmark it, looks like we have lots in common. I can see you love mt tape too, did you see I had a zine on it? I was thinking of putting my Tokyo Girls bunting up for sale if I have any left after the Paper Festival ends at the end of the month, however I am happy to make up a special order for you if you like?
    Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  3. I would love to make an order for the tokyo girls bunting! Thank you for the comment on my blog! I am so happy to know that you like it! I always love viewing your photos!

  4. Hi Beebee,

    I will be adding my left-over Snap Tokyo Girls bunting to my Etsy store next weekend, so you will be able to purchase it from there then. I will send you a link when it's up :)