MCA 2011 Zine Fair

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The MCA Zine festival is 'the ultimate' zine event of the year, so as a zine lover and maker it's not to be missed! Like always there was so much to choose from! Here are a few pictures of the day and some of the lovely zines I purchased. I also took with me a couple of copies my new zine to sell; Little Book Of Mt Masking Tape'. Was also super excited to see Susy from distro Bird in the Hand selling copies of my first zine; 'My Life In Biscuits' on her stall.  

I already had Hiki's Tokyo photobook and 'Inside Garden Plant' zine on my list of 'must' purchase as I am a regular reader of her Jollygoo blog and shopper at her online Japan stationary/zakka goods store UGUiSU. Hiki takes beautiful photo's that capture her life and travels in Tokyo. Just love the strawberry store in the above picture - Only in Japan!

Lee Tran Lam's 'Speak-easy #12 Food issue' zine was the perfect accompaniment to my warm hot chocolate and sit down at the Rocks Guylian Belgian Chocolate cafe in Sydney. Filled with top chef interviews, quotes, reviews and observations on restaurants from around the world make a 'foodie' must read. Its the little extras that come with Lee's zine that make it special like; stamped post-its and original photographs that are mt taped to the pages. How cute is this paper sandwich (above) made by Grace Lee.

For me a zine festival would not be complete without a copy of the latest issue of 'Spoonful'. Created by the delightful Thea, Spoonful is a happiness companion which puts the spotlight on unique crafters, writers and illustrators. I always enjoy reading the 'spilt milk' feature which is always an up-lifting story about failure. Issue #4 also includes elephants and musings on tea.

I have an on-going 'blog-crush' on Japan's Polkaros. Ros a lifestyle product designer based in Tokyo has made her first zine dedicated to traditional Japanese crafts. It was so popular that it sold out in the first hour of the fair! It's a 28 page zine filled with photos, illustrations, motifs/patterns, a make your own Hyottoko and Otafuku face masks and it's pages have hand-stitched binding. See here for a page by page video.

The Bird in The Hand zine store! Susy was lovely enough to sell my zine 'My Life In Biscuits' and made me feel extra special by giving me a shout-out in the MCA Zine Fair program - Thanks Susy!

Had a great chat to long-time friend Katerina Valentina who makes her own accessories and lingerie at her Salon Chaton stall. There was also some great zines found on the Beef Knuckles, Michelle. b,  Erin Space and John DC table. 


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May 27, 2011 at 3:40 PM delete

so many interesting zines!! what a lovely fair! They should have one here in Perth too! :D

May 31, 2011 at 3:47 AM delete

Oh my, I feel like my life would be so much better if I lived in a pumpkin house...
I did a long ghibli-crafty post recently. If you want to see it, here it is...

May 31, 2011 at 11:22 AM delete

Hi Lil - yes they should have a zine fair in Perth!

Hi Hanna - I would love to live in a pumpkin house too, just had a look at your ghibli post and it is wonderful! :)