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While reading Gisele Scanlon's The Goddess Guide (Harper Collins) I felt, in the words of fashion designer Alex Perry, "expensive". Gisele has created in a hard bound felt embossed book- a guide for all our inner goddesses; home, office, earth, luxurious, urban, sex and style. Each page is like looking at a scrapbook which includes souvenirs, photographs and Gisele's very own illustrations and magazine cut-out creations.
The Goddess Guide covers high-end and vintage fashion, best places to buy lingerie, denim, shoes, coats etc. Also includes interviews with designers and illustrators; Christian Louboutin, Nathalie Lecroc and even Miss Piggy and Kermit the frog!

Gisele lives in Europe so most of the shops and markets suggested are situated in London. However you will find shopping guides on New York, Barcelona, Paris and Dublin in here too!
Gisele also gives us some great tips on traveling and home decorating and household tips for the domestic goddess. Here are a few scans of my fave pages:

Paris Shopping Guide:
I would love to get my hands on these wonderful Paris valentine heart stamps!

Ive been watching Heston Blumenthal's mind-blowing storybook cooking series Heston Feats on SBS so I was pretty happy to see the recipe for his famous 'Popping Chocolate cake' along with an interview with the 'Willy Wonka' like chef.

A DIY home creation guide

Kermit speaks about being green and Miss Piggys obsessive affections towards him...

I am in awe of Nathalie Lecroc's handbag drawings. I can't wait until she releases a book!


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Wow, those are great illustrations. Thanks for introducing us to her work. :-)

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Hi Sakie & Thomas
I am currently reading Giseles second book- 'The Goddess experience'. This book talks more about her life and about her work as an illustrator. I will post a review with some page scans after I have finished it for you. You are soooo lucky! you live in Japan- I would love to travel there again or live there for a bit. Love your Japan photo blog! As you can see by my blog I'm a bit obsessed with Japan :)