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I love October Cleo's Drawn to it page, which features some great illustrators. I'm thinking about contributing to what I wore drawings in the future, where anyone can send in illustrations of their outfits -I really like Cindy Mangomini's drawings (See below)

I love how Kate Macleod uses found materials like paper, fabrics and incorporates them into her illustrations. She has also done designs for some wonderful people and companies like; Dotti, Bloom, Michi Girl, Clare Bowditch' s The Moon Hooked on album and the 5th edition of VA compilation So Frenchy!
These pictures from
Janelle Burger's fashion & celebrity illustrations are as good as looking at the real thing!
I love this one of Audrey Hepburn on her tumblr site.

You have probably seen many of Kelly Smith's delicate pencil illustrations of models, celebrities in many magazines and most recently in Portmans shop windows, for their 2010 Spring campaign. (Picture from Kelly Smith Bird & Me website)

Amazing stuff!!


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