Japan & The City: Part 2

Saturday, June 12, 2010 0 Comments A+ a-

  Here are a few more of my favourite Japan haunts  found in Sydney City!

The best way for getting around Kyoto is by bikes! Like Amsterdam it is the bikes and mopeds that rule the paths and streets. Thanks to Tokyo Bikes in Sydney city, we have a new way of getting around the city! I have my eye on the SS Limited edition as it reminds me of the bike I rode around Kyoto Japan.

SS Limited Edition
Me riding in Kyoto, Japan with my Kawaii bag & ear muffs
It was spring 'Cherry blossom' season, but it was freezing! Hence the reason for all the layered clothes!

Picked up these cool rubbers from the Powerhouse Museum Shop.
Japan is obsessed with food miniatures! I also love unique rubbers, when I was in primary school one of my friends had a huge rubber collection. We would look at them for hours!

Like Miracle Supermarket, Market City's IGA is Japan food heaven!
I could of spent hours in their candy and chocolate aisle. I picked up these yummy chocolate & sesame burger biscuits.

Love the detail they put in their packaging

mmmm...biscuit goodness!

Zakka House is one of my fave gift, homeware novelty store, located in Chinatowns Sussex street centre.

Just had to get these 'Rabbit Baby' stickers as they remind me of my first childhood doll!


I visited as many patisseries I could in Japan. The Rocks La Renaissance patisserie is yummy yum amazing! Had a chicken baguette with sun dried tomatoes and some of my husbands ham & cheese croissant. I have to say it was the best 'melt in the mouth' croissant I have ever had! Also had some dessert...

white & dark chocolate mousse on a bed of choc brownie cake, covered in a milk chocolate box!

smooth and delectable cheesecake with strawberries