The Gobbledok is back!!

Tuesday, June 08, 2010 0 Comments A+ a-

One good reason not leave your TV screens during the ad breaks is that the Gobbledok is back! The Gobbledok is the Smith Chips mascot that became popular from a series of 'Gobbledok' adventure ads that played between the 1980's to mid 1990's. The Gobbledok was a pale brownish fury alien that looked across between a troll doll and Alf! He was addicted to Smith Chips....which made sense because he comes from the 'Potato Planet' Dok. Some of the Gobbledoks many adventures included; crashing his spaceship into a supermarket to steal chips, disguising himself as a guest in a suit at a steal more chips, Hiding a truck full of Potatoes, stealing chips from a lounging couple or from a granny sleeping in her couch in front of the fire and moving in with a Potato farmer who teaches him the 'best way to eat a Smith's Chip'! Each ad would end with the Gobbledok munching on Smiths Chips saying his famous catchphrase "mmm chippies"!

The original Gobbledok was the brainchild of writer John Finklesen, while the famous Aussie Character was bought to life and designed by special effects director Warren Beaton (who lived in my small Blue Mountains hometown when I was at Primary School!). I remember on one special School occasion I got to meet the Gobbledok in person alien!

Due to it's once popularity it's no surprise that Smiths decided to bring back their much loved Aussie mascot icon. Once a puppet that resembled something from Jim Henson's; The Labyrinth and Dark Crystal- The Gobbledok as been given a 'new generation' reworking and has now gone CGI with one of the Gobbledok original adventures also getting a remake.