My Toy Story

Friday, June 25, 2010 0 Comments A+ a-

Like it's first and second installment Toy Story 3 doesn't disappoint. Toy Story 3 gives you laughs, new toys and sentimental moments that will pull at your heart strings (pun intended!). By the movie end I was bawling my eyes out (the other cinema goers would of mistaken me for a baby- it is a family movie). It made me feel proud that I have kept to this day my most beloved toys which are still in good condition- I was no Sid, but like Andy and Bonnie who you will meet in the new movie- they loved and took care of their toys. Toy Story 3 will get you thinking about your own toy make-believe games and those special toys you couldn't get to sleep without, the ones that helped you stopped crying and put up with your nervous chewing- they were our best friends after all. My toys even played boardgames with me....and yes sometimes I even would let them win!

In Toy Story 3 Andy is seventeen and about to leave for collage. Andy's toys fearful of being forgotten and put in the attic or worse the trash, volunteer themselves to be taken to Sunnyside daycare. At Sunnyside daycare Woody, Buzz, Mr & Mrs Potato head, Slinky, Hamm, Rex, Jessie, Bullseye, Barbie and the squeeze toy aliens meet the new toys; Ken, Lots 'o'-huggin bear (who turns out to be evil like Stinky Pete), Chatter telephone, Big Baby etc. However when Woody is taken home by the lovable toddler Bonnie (so cute) he finds out from her Toys that there is some bad toy hierarchy going on, so in Woody style he must go back to save his toy pals. Stand out scenes include; interactions between Barbie and Ken (very camp ken), Woody round-up adventure at the start that includes the 'evil Hamm porkchop spaceship and the beautiful toy playing scene between Andy and Bonnie towards the end.

My favourite new toys are probably most of the ones at Bonnie's house; Mr Pricklepants, Trixie (who get's on well with other dinosaur Rex), Chuckles the clown, Kawaii unicorn Buttercup and even Hayao Miyazaki's Totoro from Studio Ghibli film My Neighbor Totoro makes an appearance- watch closely at the end to see him grimace!

After seeing Toy Story 3 it will probably make you run out and purchase some of it's amazing merchandise like the official Woody and Buzz Lightyear dolls that come in the same boxes as seen in the film that chant their catchphrases from a pull of a string or press of a button. So tempted to buy these and the Toy Story Lego as well as the Hamm spaceship!

Feeling a bit peckish or creative by the films end why not have a go at making Bakerella's Mr Potato head and Hamm cake pops!

Or Disney's Woody Sheriff Badge and Jessie cowgirl hat cookies, which I watched being made on last Saturday's- Saturday Disney.