My Zine Making Kit

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I've been planning on making my own zines for sometime now, so I thought I would share with you my zine making kit! Since I couldn't get to the Canberra Zine Fair today- Booo! I thought what better day to dedicate to some quality zine making!

First up I have a cutting board, a green Space Fly one - they can be found at any craft store, I got mine cheap at a $2 store. If your planing on making a cut & paste zine (most zines are made like this) then you will obviously need a good pair of scissors and glue. OMG I am completely obsessed with Japan MT Tape! I purchased some the other day from Pretty Tape on Etsy! You can also get it from here and here. Japan MT Tape is masking tape that comes in a variety of colours and patterns. You can use it for wrapping, interior, collage, journals, scrapbooking and of course zine making! MT Tape has been around for over 80 years- it's adhesive so you can stick it on things and peel it off! They also have just the right degree of transparency so you can write things on them for labeling etc. Great for writing on with a Sharpie! Check out some of these MT Tapes.. 
The MT Tape I bought from pretty tape!
What MT Tape looks like
Picture from the official MT Tape Website- Some examples from their gallery below

As you can see...I'm a little bit obsessed with the MT Tape!
Ok. So my art supplies include black Sharpie pens and I also like the Artline 200 Fine 0.4 for drawing and writing. I've also got Derwent watercolour pencils, Faber-Castell markers, Crayola Twistable coloured pencils -They come in 24 brilliant and pastel colours, you just twist them to you don't need a sharpner! I also have my Cray-pas Junior artist oil pastels- I like these as the smell reminds me of art time in primary school-good times!


Got some cool coloured paper and Kawaii patterned sticker cut out sets too!

The most important things I will be using are my sketch book! In love  this one I got that has lots of food illustrated drawings on it. How cute are the Chips Ahoy & Oreo biscuit packs? Really been getting into the food illustration lately!
Will be making a draft of my zines using these little math square notebooks too..

Happy zine Making!!


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