Saturday, December 3, 2011

Cute-pop Xmas Decorations

Having been one who usually likes to keep to the xmas colour tradition of green and red, this year I wanted to do something a bit different and more -fun! For my Christmas tree this year it's all about colour and cheer - so I hand and digitally made my own cute-pop character and collage xmas decorations out of paper.

Cute-pop decorations are of 'dolly wolly' (little green rabbit thing) a little character I created, j-mag clippings on tissue paper balls, my cat (neko) Salem on a polka dot ball with bow, Rudolph girl wreath, bon bon, lama in stripes, some of my rosettes and gift wrapping have also been turned into decorations along with tissue paper bows, Peko, Omurice, star biscuit and my fave, Peko sweets and squiggles that has been made to look like a purse!
I can't wait to share with you my Christmas tree! Here's a sneak peek, yes! it's WHITE!


  1. Oh yeah rocking the white tree Nice!!! I will hopefully put my tree up today some time!!

  2. so colourful! definitely brightens up the tree :)

  3. oh wow your christmas ornaments are just bursting with color! :) i love it! i want that green dolly wolly (how cute)! hehe, your decorations are so inspiring.. i feel like making my own now <3<3 i have a mini white Christmas tree too, got it on sale when borders was closing ;) i definitely love nontraditional colors this year

  4. Kelly - Thanks, look forward to seeing it.

    Memtree - I always like to add colour x

    Pinksugarichigo - Shucks! Thanks, glad to hear you like my 'dolly wolly'. You should make your own decorations, it's lot of fun. Looking forward to seeing how you decorate your tree too x

    Star - Hello, thanks for stopping by and commenting, love your flickr pictures :)