Thursday, December 8, 2011

White Christmas

Here it is! My White Christmas tree decorated with my self-made and designed cute-pop Xmas decorations. I have been making a pom pom and mt tape bunting to wrap around it and have yet to add my xmas gifts under the tree.
I decorated the bottom of the tree using shredded pink tissue and colourful streamers.


  1. It looks amazing! I haven't put mine up yet, can't decide if I want a white or a green tree...

  2. Now I also want a white christmas tree, lovely decorations! (:

  3. Memtree - Your always so lovely x

    Kitiya - Did you know you can even get trees in pink and silver? Ha! Do a 'pretty in pink' tree x

    Astrid - Thanks for popping by and saying hello, a white tree does add a bit more fun to xmas!

  4. white christmas trees are fun! its easier to match decorations on a white tree instead of green ! :D <3 as you know, i love your handmade decorations