Friday, December 16, 2011

Colour-Pop Xmas Wrap: Part 1

My lounge room was a colour blast of paper, tape, ribbon, tissue and stickers when I spent last weekend doing my Christmas gift wrapping. I find myself buying extra gifts for loved ones just so I can have fun wrapping them up! Like my tree and decorations, this year I have gone non-traditional and using all colours to decorate and wrap my gifts in. I will be able to use my left over paper all year round too!
1. Japanese craft book fans are probably already familiar with this cute triangle present (looks like an Onigiri) style and rosette bow fans seen in most craft magazines as of late. 2. This was actually a B'day present for Kit, like me she loves polka dots and made a ruffled rainbow bow topper with multi-coloured tissue paper 3. Love gingham! So was excited to find red gingham paper, added a gold doily and bobble green ribbon to frame the top  4. Colourful Christmas tree paper topped with a rainbow tissue paper flower 5. A gift wrapped in gold paper, covered in pink sticky dots and polka dot rosette fan 6. Pretty green wrap has been sealed with white paper and covered with pink polka-dot cellophane and yellow bobble ribbon 7.Plain white paper is decorated with sticky dots with and flower made from cupcake patties and pom pom 8.Pink stripe paper seal topped with white polka-dot cellophane another cupcake pattie flower finishes it off 9.Had a little genius idea to make my own colourful paper shaving to add to boxed baked treats or gift packs. All you need is paper in different colours....and a paper shredder! 

Coming up...My first knitted project and more colour-pop Xmas wrap!


  1. what a lovely way to brighten up christmas :)

  2. Beautiful!!! So many fun color combos. Your tree must look amazing!

  3. cute christmas wrapping! :D i honestly think this year it's much more fun to wrap gifts than receive them hehe.. i really like the idea of using the paper shredder to make your own colorful paper shredding, im going to have purchase some colorful pink neon colors! thanks for the ideas! <3

  4. Oh Jenna I really love the lime green and white patterned papaer do you mind sharing where you found it?

  5. I love the little pom poms! So cute!! Envious of those lucky folks who'll be receiving your pretty gifts :)

  6. memtree - Hope it brightens up your day.

    Jannese - Hope you have a wonderful Christmas in snowy NY!

    Pinksugarichigo - Have fun paper shredding with colours! x

    Kelly - Sure, I got this one from Dymocks. The one near my work has a big stationery section and even sell washi tape :)

    Cookie Cutter - Thanks Sandy, I have made also handmade some pom poms, will be in my next xmas wrap post x

  7. LOVE!!! Id find it really hard to give away presents that look that awesome....but then i'd love the look on the face of the person getting it! xx

  8. Love all of your amazing wrapping! It remind me of my childhood day. When New Year came, we all had to busy find cute paper then wrap it for our dear friends. Read your blog made me wanna wrap some gifts again! ^__^