My Tokyo Cafe blackboard menu

Saturday, February 26, 2011 1 Comments A+ a-

Another thing I love about Japan cafes are their chalk blackboard menus. Something so simple becomes that much more interesting and kawaii (cute). If they are not illustrated with chalk they have paper picture cut-outs alongside chalked hiragana & Kanji text or the usual...plastic food.

Inspired by the look and design of these Tokyo cafe menus, I decided to create my very own 'cafe menu' using chalk and black cardboard! On my menu so far; macarons, omu-rice (egg omelette filled with rice, topped tomato sauce with side of lettuce ), Strawberry shortcake sponge, Club sandwich...with chips and a coffee with a cat chocolate sprinkle face.

Feeling a bit hungry now...


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i love chalkboard menu style too. Yours is so pretty and yummy!