Sunday, February 6, 2011

Design Love: Ana Serrano

After falling in love with Mexican American born designer Ana Serrano's building installation Cartonlandia that features on the cover of contemporary art/design book Juxtapoz Handmade- I just had to share with you some of her other amazing works.

Ana's buildings are created using; milk cartons, paper, cardboard, drawing and collage of other materials. Ana's interests in customs, beliefs, architecture and fashion, combined with references to low socialeconmic positions are an ongoing theme in her work.

Below are some buildings from her collection.

Kawaii creative!

Caritas characters, also available on iPhone covers!

It's not hard to see why Ana Serrano's work is often featured in all the latest design/art magazines like; Juxtapoze,Lantino Grafico , IDN magazine, Illustration Play 2 and Lamano magazine ..just to name a few.


  1. Wow, I just love these!! The colours, the cute details, the very concept of a Happy Monday!! ^-^

  2. Thanks for the comment Ri- Love your Japan blogs, so jealous you live there!! :)

  3. Wonderful installations! Amazed at the details. They remind me a little of art and craft class in primary school (of couse my work was nothing close). We used to do these things but got busy along the way. I need to find that creativity again!